WTF? Chevy V8 Powered 1982 Westfalia Camper – Auction in Agoura Hills, CA

Chevy V8 Powered 1982 Westfalia Camper - Auction in Agoura Hills

Chevy V8 Powered 1982 Westfalia Camper – Auction in Agoura Hills, California

Updated! 2/26 9am PST – After 2 bids from 2 bidders, the auction closed at only $14,100.  Quite a deal if this thing is legit. Wonder if they’ll follow through the transaction?

UPDATED! 2/19 12pm.  It didn’t sell at the $20k mark, now this V8 Chevy Westy has a starting bid of $14k. (eBay Link) This auction ends Thursday, February 26th at 5am PST.  Who does that?

UPDATED! 2/10 8:20 am.  See comments below from seller!

Wait, what the?…. So this thing showed up on eBay yesterday and most of us are jonsing for more pictures, especially of the engine bay, how did they do this?  This van is a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 107k miles on the odometer, and 20k miles on a Chevy V8 engine.  The VIN the seller provided is for a Dodge, so that’s a bit weird, and for the massive upgrades this van has seen, there are little details provided, I’m almost thinking it’s an elaborate scam?  They do say the van passed a CARB referee and has the sticker, so it’s legit in California, amazing. I’m going to email the seller and get the full scoop, if they’re willing to provide it. They might be an aerospace engineer, but it’s ovoius they’ve never sold anything like this before, at least on the open market or on eBay.  The bidding starts at $20k and the auction ends on Sunday February 15th at 9:15pm.  eBay Link

So just after I posted this, it appears the seller uploaded more photos of the eBay listing, including one of the engine, sort of. As of this afternoon, the seller updated their craigslist post as well with an asking price of $25,000.

Have you seen this van before? Do you know anything about it? Have any thoughts or wisdom to share?  Leave a comment below or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

  1. Hi Mike, this V8 Vanagon is now parked in my driveway, DOA. My stepson owns it but can’t drive it due to constant overheating. The coolant boils within minutes of startup. I’m trying to comprehend the two radiator system and how it could possibly get so hot. Any ideas? I changed the thermostat (a 180 degree), but bleeding the system is difficult. Hopefully it’s not a head gasket. Thanks for any advice or knowledge on how to cool this 350 V8.

    • Wow, cool to see you post here Scott. Sorry for the issues you’re having, wish I knew more. Is there a way to do a compression test?

      • After some minor changes to the radiator hose plumbing and expansion tank, the V8 seems to be running okay at about 180-200 degrees. Austin (stepson) doesn’t have time for it so he has put it up for sale. Since he has no parking in Hermosa Beach it resides with me in Riverside, CA. I think he wants $14,000 OBO if you know anyone looking for a running V8 project.

  2. Hey Mike,

    I’d love some information on your Vanagon build. I’m in Canada so smog regulations are not a concern.


  3. I’m looking for a westy, s yours still for sale? Call 805 368-8938

  4. Reply
    Mike Francis at

    This will probability be the last legal V8 Vanagon in California. During the process of getting all the emission smog items installed the guy from the BAR that gave me the OK retired. The new management didn’t want to allow it, but as I had started they let me finish. It took me over two year to get all the 80’s smog pump, air feed header etc installed. I must have visited the referee 20 times. I never gave up.
    During the down time the exterior and interior were updated. The V8 engine has two radiators and a huge expansion tank to soak up all that coolant when it expands.
    Yes it’s been a challenge but satisfying. Now I got the bugs figured out its time to move on. The van is really cool but we want something bigger with a bathroom.
    Stop by and check the van out e are in Alhambra CA(Los Angeles)

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