Why Westfalias?

Updated: June 2019 - Owning those Westys is one of the most amazing adventures in life. I'm 6'4" 230lbs, and am at a point where I just don't feel like the Vanagon cab is comfortable for someone of my size. So, in fall of 2020 I sold Juanita to someone locally here in Humboldt County. With that being said, I'm open to selling this website and domain. READ MORE HERE

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I'm a novice at this, but trying my best to absorb as much as I can every day.  I've only been a Westy owner since June of 2012.  I don't guarantee information on this site is 100% accurate, but I'm hoping it will be relatively close to accurate.  So here's my story...

My very first Westy. A 1986 Full Camper that looked like it had once rolled down a hillside, but she ran great. Sold her to a guy from the Bay Area back in December of 2012.

My very first Westy. A 1986 Full Camper that looked like it had once rolled down a hillside, but she ran great. Sold her to a guy from the Bay Area back in December of 2012.

While I had long since been aware of VW buses and vans, I was never on a mission to seek one out for my own.  However, in the spring of 2012 I was trying to lean up my finances and spending, and deleting a $500/mo car payment from my balance sheet was a big piece of that equation.  At the time I had a 2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen with a 6 speed manual.  For those who know, TDI Sportwagens are just all around bad ass, 45 MPG on the highway, tons of cargo space and fast. However, it had to go, and so it was sold.

My neighbors had recently purchased a low mileage Eurovan Winnebago camper and were selling their 1986 Westfalia full camper.  We had taken care of their Westy while they were out of town, and I knew they traveled with it quite a lot when they were state side.  While well maintained mechanically, cosmetically it wasn't in the best shape, in fact, it looked like it had rolled down a hillside. I needed a cheap vehicle, and rather than risk buying something for a few grand off a car lot, I figured I've give their Westy a try.  We went back and forth on the price a couple of times, and after 6 months of ownership, in so many ways I feel I got the better end of the deal.

Way back in June of 2012 I really had no idea how much fun this van was going to be.  Since then, my excitement about owning one of these seems to increase a little more every day.  Surfing, camping, hauling, chauffeuring, groceries, chilling, partying, it's all there and more.  The fact that our fridge still runs on propane is a huge plus, as we can hit up farmers markets or pick up other perishables and not have to head home for the fridge there.

In December of 2012 I found this Westy from a nice local family, her name is Juanita.  I then sold my 1986 to someone in the SF bay area and I haven't seen her since.  Over Christmas and New Years in 2013, we took Juanita on a journey down and back up the coast of California, epic.

I'm now to the point that a VW Westfalia camper van is something I'm going to try and own for the rest of my life.   There are quite a few places you can find Westfalias for sale online, and I find myself looking at a lot of "westy porn" as my sweetheart calls it.  While I'm not in position to acquire another Westy anytime soon, I figured I'd post some of my favorite finds when I see them.

There's no indication that VW is going to be bringing the Eurovan back to the states, let alone a T2 VW.  The supply of these vehicles will continue to dwindle in the coming years and prices are going up, better get your hands on one soon!  I built this page as a bookmark resource to various places online where you can find Westys for sale. Enjoy!

As a disclaimer, some of the links on this site (like eBay) will give me a cut of certain sales, but so far these links and all other advertising revenue have totaled less than $2,000/yr.  This is more of a hobby than anything at the moment.

21 thoughts on “Why Westfalias?

  1. I bought my first VW Van in Morrocco in 1974. Drove it for 3 months, throughout Europe and up to Amsterdam where it was originally registered. Sold it for $200 more than I paid for it.

    I bought another one, 84 I think with a pop top but not a Westphalia. Kept it for about 5 years but then the kids got too busy for us to be able to go away on weekends.

    Now, going into retirement, I’m looking for another, in a camper configuration. Your thoughts as to model would be appreciated.

    Also, are there any definitive price resources that you might recommend?

  2. Hi,
    I live in Palmer alaska and have been in alaska most of my life. In my years growing up I had vw bugs, buses and my favorate VW campers.
    I m now retired and want to get into a used one for summer camping and fishing. They are very hard to find up here and your wondewrfull site has opened up the possibility to own one again. Can you give me any information about how I can bid, buy, have someone check it out or go down to say Seattle and maybe drive one back I would buy or ship it to Anchorage. Any help or info you
    could give me would be greatly appriciated. (907) 745-1116

  3. I live in Arcata and am looking for a hightop vanagon, but they seem very hard to come by these days. My ideal would be a diesel adventurewagen. Any tips on finding one would be appreciated. Thanks! Mark

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for this website!
    I would gladly support you in staying with it as I use it everyday.
    Since you changed the site and I now need to go to every city to see what is for sale…is there anyway to let me view all locations with one button. I check this site every day and what use to,take me minutes is now taking hours.
    I am willing to go across country to find the van I want. I had my dream van, the one I took such good care of I would have passed it onto my kids. But I had an accident and was forced to sell ,y van or lose my house. So I am in better shape now, almost fully recovered and my van, one like it needs to come home. I am a senior lady, on my own and need the open road for my days left on the planet. Thanks

    • Hi Jo, thanks for the kind words. I’m in the process of a redesign which should help make things easier. Currently I’ve also been given a manual penalty by Google because someone thinks this website is spam, so until I can get that penalty removed, I pretty much make $0 running this site, so I can’t afford to spend too much time on it. On a good month I used to make $500, which was definitely worth a few hours a week. Sign up for the email list, and I’ll notify you when the new features are live!

  5. I love your website. 21 years ago i took a 3 month trip out west with two of my buddies in an 86 westy. We all learned to prefer sleeping in the Westy as opposed to someone’s couch or floor. My wife and I are now serious about purchasing a Westy. Do you know of any reseller or car auction in the DE Valley (philadelpia area) that focuses on Westy’s?


    • I’m not sure about Philly, definitely check out The Vanagon Rescue Squad. If you’ve got some coin to spend on a super nice Westy, check out CC Motor Sports in Ohio, they do some nice looking rebuilds, but with pretty steep prices. I don’t know of anyone closer to you off the top of my head. The Samba will have lots of good info too! Good luck in your quest, and thanks for the kind words!

  6. Keep up the good work here. Reading the comments of others I can see you are helping many of us make the pilgrimage to Westy ownership. Like the rest, I rely on both your site and insight immensely. Thanks.

  7. I love this website. I’m also a westy porn addict and soon some day to own my own westy and hit the road and become a professional musician one day! This will help me fine a van and look at them and dream and plan!! Thank-you

  8. I am in the market for my first Westy. Feeling like a teenage boy who just hit puberty. I must have one!! Thanks for the blog!

  9. well, a westy is not a car, its a cult…
    i just purchased my second full camper westy. i am the erica kane of camper owners. in the last 5-6 years i have gone from a 1984 wolfsburg westy to a 1957 canned ham trailer to a 1957 flying cloud airstream to a 2002 eurovan and now back to a 1985 westy full camper. i discovered that i really miss the full camper . great storage, and the ability to make coffee in bed and the quirky fun community. i got a great deal on a well cared for van so am thrilled.

  10. Dang it, Kansa!
    Like I need ANOTHER thing to obsess over.

    I had a diesel Jetta back before people gave a rip about gas miliage, and routinely got 45+mpg… often a touch over 50mpg.
    It was BUTT UGLY, and I hated it, since I had to sell my Jeep in order to qualify for the loan on our first house. The Jetta was the cheap replacement basic transport that I drove to work every day, sobbing openly for the first 2 weeks.
    I also LOVED coaxing every last mpg out of it. It was an interesting challenge.
    Haven’t thought about that car in years and I can honestly say that I still very passionately HATE/LOVE it.

    Anyhow, funny how VWs grow on you. I suspect that there is a Westy, or something similar in my future. Just not sure what or when, as the 3 kids and big dog all seem to want someplace to sit on trips, and to take clothes and other baggage with them (their mother spoils them).
    Love the utilitarian practicality. Not a fan of the price.
    And not sure I can sell the wife on the idea…
    But if I try, it will be your fault!

  11. Yeah. Porn. I’ve become obsessed too. Owned several Westys back in the ’70’s and traveled to some amazing places in them. Just found a clean ’87 for $5,000 and am looking forward to getting back on the road once it gets out of the shop and the weather warms a bit.

    Thanks for your site. I’ve bookmarked it.

  12. Nice website!

    I have an ’85 Westy full camper like yours; UPS brown (literally; same dupont color as OE VW paint code). Totally fun vehicle; its my “fish car” (robert traver)

    Mine now has a 3.3L subaru flat six, regeared 4sp transaxle (70 mph is 2850 rpm), audi brakes, mercedes wheels, modified suspension (for better handling). Makes a great traveling vehicle. I also installed dual AC (dash and rear evaporators; underbody second condenser); very comfortable. Plus, lots of sound insulation. Pop top headliner esp made a big difference

    Let me know your email if you’d like some pics. I live in the NC blue ridge area.

    regards, john

    • Thanks John. Love your van specs. How long have you had the Audi brakes? Where did you find the newer spindles to put them on? I think I want to do brakes on mine soon, just need to track down some of those ’86+ spindles at a reasonable price. Super cool you matched the original paint code. I think they only made these in brown for 1 or 2 years.

  13. Brian Schaffner

    I appreciate your site. I to am a Westy Porn addict. I daily search The Samba, GoWesty Classifieds, Ebay and use CL search engines to fill my addiction. I also check this site and routinely fine vans that I agree are good deals and did not run across myself. I have been at it for 5 years and plan to purchase or build a Bostig/Turbo Diesel Synco Westfalia when my son turns 16 in 2 years and I hand him my old Volvo. It is hard to describe the community of happy owners willing to help each other out that is available to you when you own one of these gems. Thanks again for sharing.

  14. Westy Porn..LOL. I’m an addict. I’m sure that someday (hopefully sooner than later) I will buy, but for now I just look and read and look and look and look. Happy to find this site. I mostly look on EBay, Samba and GoWesty and am delighted to cast a larger net. I’m also delighted to find someone who is of the opinion that getting a 20year old vehicle is not only not crazy but a good thing. Thanks for posting.

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