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  • This Page has links to various Westfalias I've found for sale on craigslist.


The Samba

Go Westy

Cap City Motorsports


Cars . com

Lemon Free



Buy Classic Volks

VW Vortex


West Coast Samba

California Westys

Transporter Works

25 thoughts on “Find Westys For Sale

  1. Still looking? Call Jonathan at 949-662-8816, Southern California the most incredible, beautiful, outstanding Westfalia I’ve seen in a long long time. Go to the or gowesty classifieds whoever buys this Westy is one lucky person.

  2. Hi!
    I am looking for a manual transmission Westy for sale in good condition, hopefully near Durango, Colorado. Thanks, Zhena

  3. Long time VW Westfalia owner, like 30 years. Where does the time go? I’m looking for a sprinter airstream westfalia, 2004-2006 for sale. Anyone here of one please let me know.
    Cheers, Brennan

    • They’re around every now and again. Just keep an eye on Craigslist and The Samba. Start by doing your homework on who on the Big Island knows how to work on vanagons. Basically, find the most trust worthy shop/mechanic, and ask them to keep you in mind if one of the customer’s vans comes up for sale.

  4. Hi…I am trying to help a friend out who is wanting to sell a 1972 gold Westy camper van. She has no idea what it’s worth or what to ask for it. It has approximately 85,000 miles on it. She said the 8 did have a 0 in front of it, so possible original miles?

    Pros: In average to good condition for it’s age. It has a pancake motor, jumpseat, new canvas in top, good tires.

    Cons: Wiring needs attention; A few small places of rust

    I’m sure there’s other things that you Westy fans would know to ask. Is there anybody here that could “guesstimate” a general starting asking price?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Really love the story of the westy found in his back yard…
    Just when ya gonna give up you get blessed with the best of the best.
    I am still praying as I lost my 1991 Syncro Westy four years ago and now am in need of a van, been looking for a van, a VW van, just a nice 1988-1991 van so I can care for my sister.
    Looking for connections to answer a prayer.

  6. SO I’ve been using to stalk the nation for the best Westy for me. I could swing the high $teens (plus shipping)for one but that would strap me. Thus my 3 months of multiple daily visits to this site. I had pretty much backed off as my Family and I had decided to buy a Volvo wagon this weekend and then down the line I would resume my hunt. On Thursday as a last ditch effort I checked here at 7am. Much to my surprise was a very well kept 90 right here in my back yard-Austin! It was a 2 owner 2nd car garage stored beauty for $14,950. I called immediately and I now own it. Interior is an easy 9+ with the exterior about an 8. THANK YOU guys so much for doing what you do!!

    • Check out craigslist austin auto parts Vw vanagon
      Theres a listing for a bunch of new gowesty parts for cheap all for 500$
      SS brake line bundle
      fuel line kit
      high outpit headlight kit
      rear drum brake overhall kit
      rear bearings kit
      front bearings kit
      2 brembo front rotors

      Just a thought since your in austin

  7. I am looking for a spare tire carrier that mounts on the back of a Eurovan Syncro. Can you advertise this as a wanting to buy? thanks

  8. Hi-

    I’ve got a 1991 one owner West I want to sell.

    How can I get an ad on your website.

    Thanks for any info.

    • I’ve never looked into renting a westy before, some places exist but I’m not sure about the midwest. If you have the coin and want one for more than a few months, you may want to consider buying one, then immediately listing it for sale on, explaining that it will be up for sale once your adventure is over.

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