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  1. Hello,

    I am posting this comment to express how trying to purchase a Westfalia has been the single most frustrating experience of my life.

    Buying a house etc – have all been much easier.

    I’ve been trying to buy a basic 1980s Westy for my son with AC and automatic transmission since Nov 2014 for under $ 7,000 and have always been an hour or day late reaching the Seller – or been lured in to scams where no Westy exists.

    I’m starting to find some descent East Coast and Midwest basic 1980s Westys with people asking CA pricing or Syncro pricing – which is just crazy – and trying to bring one in to the US from Canada sounds like torture to me.

    These $15k and $20k and $25k Midwest and East Coast Westys that have 100k and 150k miles just aren’t selling at West Coast prices after 3 months and longer – but that does not dampen the enthusiasm of the Seller.

    I’m hoping common sense will return to the Midwest and East Coast for Westy pricing – as my patience is wearing out.

    Thank you.

    Jeff H
    Pittsburgh, PA

    • A far as importing from Canada, we currently have a VERY favorable exchange rate! I don’t know the exact process, but I don’t think it’s too hard. Anything older than 25 years (to the month) doesn’t have to be run through an importer. Just keep up the search and be ready with cash!

    • Looks like it was sold. Did you buy it??? Looked really clean though. One thing about the USA imports is it will have the USA headlights that aren’t as good as the H4 lights. I think most of the Westfalias were very similar in design. I have seen some poptops and hightops in that price range that are the same condition on other European selling sites.

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