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Here's a list of recent VW Vanagon Westfalias I've found for sale recently on craigslist. While I'm personally a fan of Vanagons, there will also occasionally be links in here for VW Buses, Dokas, Eurovans and even non VW stuff like Sprinters, Sportwagons, Element eCamers, etc.

20 thoughts on “Westfalias On Craigslist

  1. I’m new here and looking to buy my first Westy. I saw a post on craigslist that looks great from RI but doesn’t have a title. Owner says prefer to sell to RI resident to avoid DMV headaches. Does this sound fishy? Have anyone dealt with no title before?

  2. Theres a 78′ green bus listed for 11k in 4-5 different states, with only 1 pic
    OBVIOUSLY another scummy person running a scam

  3. Gretchen Oubre

    Thanks for the heads up on the 1975 vw camper in green/white! Sold on eBay for $19,600… we almost were super serious about it, but found out it is a scam. Too good to be true is right! $5400. Did not seem possible. Awful that someone is pretending to be a military personnel!

    • I I bought one on ebay once, it was a POS. guy sold boats, had a perfect record. No idea why he pulled that. Never buy a car you can’t see in person

  4. Beware of 1987 White Camper on Ebay from Nexttime619. Just bought a van from her that she said was “ready to cruise” and had to spend over $3000 just to get it to pass NH inspection. Closed sale outside of Ebay so could not leave feedback….maybe the reason she has 100% positive feedback……

  5. Oregon and Orange county CA have the same exact orange and white transporter for sale!. It is amazing that these identical twins were separated at birth, they even share the same exact California license plate. The ad in Oregon states cash on delivery only leaving the state. The orange county CA ad has a more elaborate ad. I will pass on the twins. Buyer beware

  6. The multiple listings on CraigsList for the dark green and white 1975 Westfalia for $7000-$7500 are scams. This bus was sold in September 2015 on Ebay for $19000. All of the pictures of this bus were scraped from the ebay listing.

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