Westfalia Weekenders

The Volkswagen Westfalia Weekender is the lighter leaner cousin of the full camper. While it still maintains the upstairs bunk and fiberglass pop top, it lacks most of the storage cabinets, kitchen and other amenities. However many fans prefer the weekender over the camper due to the fact it has more room downstairs, usually has five stock seatbelts and is a bit lighter overall. The Weekenders usually come with the Wolfsburg trim package as well.

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  1. Hi there:
    I have a white 1993 Westfalia Weekender that has 233.000 miles on her. She is not in great condition, but I love her anyway. I am ready to sell her, and I would like advise on how to price her appropriately, considering she will need body work and some mechanical issues. We just came back from a camping trip in Central Ontario, and it had rained heavily there. She started up ok for the ride home, but we had a couple of hick-ups on the ride back to Toronto Ontario. We made it home safely!

  2. Andy Hospodor, PhD

    I have a 2002 Eurovan Weekender Westfalia with 124,000 miles on it. AXK 201 HP engine. Transmission rebuilt by United Transmissions in Burlingame, CA still under warranty, new Nokian 2 tires all around, interior is complete, all curtains, all lights work, the underseat cooler works, has two jump seats, top has no tears, kiddie catcher net, compete manuals and service records. It needs a new heater core, and the body has some dents, normal rust around the windshield. Don’t have the time to put her in the queue at GoWesty, would like to sell her, or trade her towards a ready-to-camp 2001-2005 Eurovan Weekender Westfalia or Eurovan Winnebago Camper.

  3. Hi Will, I have a 2003 weekender is perfect shape. We had the transmission rebuilt last year. Just did all the brakes last month. We’re thinking of selling this summer would sort of like to camp in it one more time. Interior is perfect. We never took the plastic off the rugs. All curtains and screens perfect. We had a CD player installed when we purchased it in 2003, everything works. Asking $24,000. We live in the Baltimore area. 150,000 miles.

  4. I’m currently looking for a Westfalia Weekender and I love this website for offering resources to help find it. I noticed that the Craigslist page is very active, updating every time a Westfalia is placed on Craigslist. I was wondering if this page is active as well? All these postings of Weekenders are expired.

    If not, I’d love some advice finding one as it seems whoever I’m speaking to has quite the knowledge about locating these wonderful vans.

    – Will

    • Hi Will,
      I have a 2001 westfalia weekender with 123k miles, located in northern New Jersey.

      Deep wine red color, automatic, heated seats , excellent condition inside and out and under, all screens and curtains, upgraded stereo and speakers, trailer hitch (though I never used it for towing)
      transmission replaced at 84,000 miles, and top end of the engine (timing chain on up) done at 105,000 miles.

      I am the second owner, purchased from VW dealer under warranty in 2003.

      Asking $23,000. Will send pictures on request.


    • I have an ‘86 Weekender with 153,000 mi., 2.1 l motor that runs flawlessly, for sale in Austin, TX. If you are still in pursuit of one, find it listed on Duluth c/l site. Think my price might be too high given some minor interior flaws, so i’m open to serious inquiry and info share.

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