Westfalia Parts

Rocky Mountain Westy - Great shop & Subaru engine parts

Van Cafe - VW Van Specialists in Santa Cruz, CA

         - Custom Fuel Tank Reseal Kits

Small Car Performance - Tacoma, WA

GoWesty - One of the leaders in OEM and aftermarket westfalia parts

         - Go Westy 1980 - 1991 Vanagon Parts

         - Go Westy Rebuilt Engines

         - Go Westy Rebuilt Transmissions (yes, a 5 speed!)

Frank Condelli & Assc. - Great technical resource and parts store

AATransaxle - Quality Reputable Rebuilt Vanagon Transmissions

German Transaxle - More Great Transmissions in the PNW

eBay - Always loads of Westy & Vanagon parts for sale on eBay

Van Again - Vanagon Parts On The East Coast

Bus Depot - Vanagon and bus parts!

CamperVanCulture - Random Accessories

Rhino Design Studios - Cool Custom Cabinets & Consoles

8 thoughts on “Westfalia Parts

  1. I have a 1971 Westaflia camper pop top bus im looking for the canvas top rail that hold down the canvas to the top? anyone know where i can buy this piece?

  2. I’m looking for a 1973 Westfalia hinge for the sink cover to complete my restoration. Does anyone know where I might find this – or a substitute?

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for this part and it seems that is hard to get!
    Part number: 025121121A
    I would described it as a lower thermostat housing cover with a connection for a hose.
    vanagon ’83,
    1.9, gasoline
    I can buy a used one, thanks

  4. Larry Gooss, III

    Is there a reason you don’t show BusDepot.com as a site for Westy parts?

    They seem to have great prices and a broad selection of Westy & other VW parts. They also respond quickly to queries.

    They’re located in central Penn. between Philadelphia & Reading.

    Thanks for all the great information. Especially for the shout out for my Dad’s Westy 1987 on eBay. The mileage one.

    Larry III

    (PS – Now my wife and I are convinced we need a Westy too!)

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