Westfalia Engine Conversions

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  1. Anastasia Marchese

    Hey! A long while ago now you bought our Westy when we lived in Berthoud. The transmission was shot but the vans inside was pristine. I am a Blairstown NJ native and we have moved back. I love NJ but still wish I had fixed our Westy instead of selling it.
    We have 6 children now thoygh and i am wondering if there is a way to make them seat 8. I am lookig at a 2000 eurovan and the bucket seats for the second row are rear facing. so cool!
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Anastasia, I have 5 kids and an 87 Westy Camper Syncro. I installed a middle row seat with 2 seat belts, installed a third seat belt in the rear bench, and that got me to 7 belted seats (3 for narrower sized people). Added a seat belt in the floor for to put a child’s car seat between the front seats. I am up the road in Fort Collins 97O69O3543

  2. You missed maybe the best Subaru conversion house in the US:

    Metric Motors

    480 N 1000 W
    Centerville, UT 84014

    (801) 295-6999

  3. Please add 523 Rods! Felipe the owner was formerly the chief tech at The Buslab. Great guy who started his own shop a few years ago. He is pricing Subaru conversions at about 25% plus less than retail. See his Facebook page. He is based out of Richmond, CA.

    • Added, don’t know much about them, but if they can do a professional quality EJ22 swap for 25% less than BusLab, they’re worth checking out. On that note, BusLab does amazing work from what I’ve heard, however $16k is a hard price for most of us to swallow, even with a warranty.

  4. I don’t know much about Bostig Ztec, other than people outside of California love them. I’ve heard they are a good match of price/performance/reliability. The only way to have one in California is to have a van that is already registered as a diesel, then you don’t have to smog it. As long as you never tell the DMV you switched it back to gas, you are good to go, and you can usually sell it / transfer the title too. Another thing to consider is that Westys fetch a higher than average price in California, so if you live out of state and have a Bostig Ztec, you can’t sell it to someone in California.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Enjoying your site as I look for a westy. (Liking the silver one you posted on Jan 6 alot) Wondering if you know anything of the bostig zetec conversions. This is MA so it might not reach you much in CA?

    Let me know what you’ve heard please.
    Kyle J. Schroeder

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