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Westfalia.org - Westfalia Blog

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VW Vanagons Blogspot - A Westfalia Site with resources

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3 thoughts on “Westfalia Resources & Discussions

  1. Just bought a 1984 Westy with a Tiico “Jetta” conversion. My Vanagon mechanic doesn’t work on these, so looking for someone who does in the Denver/Front Range area (Colo Spgs and Ft. Collins are too far).

    Recommendations, anyone?

    It’s running fine now, but want to be ready if needs attention right away.

    • Mike at Rocky Mountain Westy probably knows someone who would, if you haven’t called them already. If it’s the South African engine, some of the parts are not readily available in the US, like the fuel injection components. Otherwise, GREAT engine swap.

  2. 84 VW WESTFALIA CAMPER VAN – $4800 (Naples ME.)
    Posted yesterday *3.6) on Craigslist.
    Wish I had some cash but maybe someone else does.
    Keep up the good work!

    Old Bro

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