Westfalia Campers

The Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Camper is the most sought after of all Vanagons and Westfalias. The full camper features the fiberglass Westfalia pop top with upstairs bed, along with a Dometic 3 way fridge, two burner propane stove, full functioning sink with a 10 gallon water tank along with a variety of cabinets and storage space. The full camper also has external RV hookups for shore power, city water and water tank filling. One of the main drawbacks of the campers are they ‘usually’ only have seat belts for 4 passengers, unless you have one of the extra jump seats. They are also heavier due to all of the equipment and therefore don’t get quite as good of gas mileage as a Weekender or regular Vanagon. Since all of the weight from the equipment is on the driver’s side of the vehicle, campers also tend to get a left “lean” if the shocks and springs are older.