VW Vanagon Westfalias For Sale In New Mexico

Below is a list of various VW Vanagon Westfalia vans for sale in New Mexico that I've posted about on the Daily Westys portion of this website.

2 thoughts on “VW Vanagon Westfalias For Sale In New Mexico

    Owner of a Green & Cream Vanagon 1960-1969 which had New Mexico in 1969. Wsa seen in NJ in minor accident in Northfield, NJ in June 1969.
    Need owner at that time or new owner to call.

  2. Dr. wAYNE l. mILLER

    Club Members, I need your help in a Missing Person Case:
    See Internet story : Parkway Murders 1969 (outside of Somers Point. onm NJ Garden State Parkway mile post 31 North ino June 1969 2 college girls murdered.
    I am searching for a Light Green & Cream VW Vanagon that was involved in a minor rear end accident 8 hours before their murder in
    northfield ,NJ 3 mikles from the murder secene..
    50 years ago is a long time , the drivers of this VW was then appx
    21, now would be 71. He was either a college student with a male friend or in the air force in New Mexico on leave, in Ocean City/Somers Point, NJ (June 1969) I need to speak to him, if this vehicle rings a bell as NOW
    Dr. Wayne Miller,Criminal Profiler @ National cold Case Missing Persons 609-927-0846 Email: psychdr176@yahoo.com

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