VW Vanagon Westfalias For Sale In Nevada

4 thoughts on “VW Vanagon Westfalias For Sale In Nevada

  1. Hi I bought a 87 vanagon gl. three months ago. Overall pretty clean with abouve average original apolstry. The trouble is its a subaru 2.2 conversion that someone did here in CA with no thouoght to it passing smog. It won’t here in CA. But it runs very well. I don’t know what to do. I was told there are many districts in NV where smog is not required. I need to sell it as temporary tags will run out by the end of this month. I paid 15k, the seller was a con artist so I’m on my own. Any sugjestions. Would be glad to place on consignment.Gary petersen in Red Bluff. 530 527 8287 or 530 736 2040

  2. Reginald Palm

    Have owned 74 green Weatfalua in the ’80s…”Das Toad”. Loved that van! want a newer, hassle free camper van and , need a traveler. This one caught my eye!

    Can you tell me if this van is still available?
    Please call, email or text. Luve in Reno and available to travel now. Thanks! Reggie

  3. what is the price ? is there rust anywhere on the body or underneath ? can you list all the mechanic updates ? what color is it ?

  4. Hi, do you accept VW Westfalias at your geographic location? We are moving to Henderson but will not have a place to keep it until it sells. It is a 1986 with only 25,000 miles on rebuilt engine and transmission. Lots of additional upgrades.

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