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Do you have a Westy for sale you'd like to share?  Add the details and link in the comments below.  If I feel it is interesting enough, I will reach out for more information or I'll post it on the blog. Don't forget to leave the links and/or a way for others to contact you.  Posting on craigslist is the best means as you can keep your email private.  Please however share the craigslist link in your submission so users can contact you.

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  1. RARE – 1982 VW Westfalia with a Passat Turbo Diesel
    129,000 miles, over $24k invested in the past 8-months with receipts and 10k-mile/1yr warranty
    All work done by the highly reputable VW specialists – Cory Motors in Santa Barbara, California

    Just 3,000 miles on the rebuilt Passat Turbo Diesel Engine – 24 mpg average
    Complete rebuild of Engine – 1997 Passat Diesel 1.9 TDI
    Water Cooled
    Exhaust system overhaul
    Rebuild Transmission and geared for highway driving
    New Brakes
    New Clutch
    Overhaul turbo charger
    C.V. Joints replaced
    Rebuild injector pump
    Install EGT exhaust temperature gauge
    ALL NEW: battery hold down system, replace battery, new timing belt cover, oil dipstick, water pump, thermostat, A/C compressor, headlights, shifter bushing, and many other engine related parts.

    The camper is in great shape with a new sink pump, new upper pop-top canvas, and has a propane heater, swivel seats, 3-way fridge, stove, Dometic awning, and a new front end bra. Tires are in great shape. No smog needed on this older model. Also comes with connecting tent and bike rack!

    The main reason we are selling is that my wife had a knee injury and can no longer drive a clutch. We were setting this van up to be our long term adventure camper and spared no expense in the complete mechanical overhaul.

    A unique collector’s westfalia and with this rare Passat turbo diesel conversion with low miles for the year. Clear title, registered until April, 2020.
    $30k OBO – Cash or trade?

    Link to Craigslist:

  2. 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Van adventure wagon
    Price: $18500

    This has been our adventure wagon. We drove all over on numerous camping trips, and more. When we got it, you could tell that the previous owner spared no expense to make it the best running, and best camping, Westy out there. It’s solid, reliable, and comfortable. From the stroked engine that cruises easily at 70 MPH to the solar-powered refrigerator that’ll keeps ice cream solid and ready, to the memory foam mattress… this is a great van that continued to keep us happy campers for years.

    The van has had a number of upgrades/work completed:
    – Engine overhauled and stroked to 2.2 liters, lets you keep highway speeds going up the passes.
    – Transmission replaced with a completely rebuilt unit.
    – Fuel, clutch and brake lines replaced with new (very important to prevent your nice van from going up in flames).
    – Complete coolant system (radiator, hose, fittings) replaced with new (no overheating problems here).
    – Front and rear brakes serviced (pads, drums and calipers).
    – Rear wheel bearings replaced.
    – Front upper ball joints and control bushings replaced.

    Plus some work to keep this van in great running condition:
    – Shifter bushings replaced in late 2012
    – Fuel tank replaced in 2013
    – Rear shocks replaced with Konis in 2013
    – Muffler replaced in 2013
    – Fuel pump replaced and fuel filter converted to late-model large-style filter in 2013
    – Air flow meter replaced in 2013
    – Engine re-ringed in 2014
    – Front shocks replaced with Konis in 2014
    – New ignition system – mid-2019; starts right up.
    – Four brand new tires mid-2019

    And some perks to make it even better in the out and about:
    – Pop top tent replaced with a GoWesty heavy synthetic tent (although since then a couple of small holes have worn through)
    – Yakima roof rack, with a basket for extra hauling
    – Pop top lift assist struts, to help you lift it when you load up the roof
    – GoWesty “Wasser-Stopper” pop top rainfly
    – Upper bed foam replaced with memory foam
    – Interior wood floor, pops out for easy cleaning
    – TruckFridge 49 low-power electric fridge
    – Fresh water pump replaced in 2013
    – Sink faucet replaced in 2013
    – Grey water holding tank, so that you can camp in all parks and not dump water on the ground
    – Propane tank replaced in 2012
    – Camper hook-ups (water and shore power) replaced in 2012
    – GoWesty plate steel bumpers
    – GoWesty “no flop” side-view mirrors
    – SkyLight and seals replaced in 2013

    The electrics on this van are pretty sweet, as well:
    – 100W roof-mounted solar panel
    – 30-amp MPPT solar power charge controller
    – 1000W inverter to power AC devices from battery
    – 45-amp power converter to charge batteries and operate fridge from shore power
    – All interior and marker lights replaced with LEDs
    – Multi-color LED lights with remote
    – SRM4D deep cycle battery, go for a week off grid with no problem

    A few things you should be aware of:
    – The new pop top had a couple of small holes (less than 1/4″) worn through it from the bolts where the roof rack mounts. There are now iron-on patches in matching materials, that I’ve never gotten around to putting on.
    – There are quite a few rock dings and beauty marks, especially on the front hood.
    – There is a little seam rust. The driver’s side has been expertly restored by a local van shop, but there’s also some seam rust on some of the other body panels.
    – The window washer pump doesn’t work. I’ve tried the simple things, but it hasn’t been a big enough deal for me to get super bothered by it.
    – The high beam indicator lamp doesn’t work. The high beams are plenty bright, though.
    – 265,900 miles

    With all of that, this is still a fantastic bargain for a great Westy, that will keep you running for a good long while. Every major mechanical system on this van has been replaced or overhauled, using high quality components and the best shops in the area. You’ll really love this Westy.

    We have the clear title in hand, all mechanical and work records back to 2004, and are not interested in trades.

  3. buttercup westy

    $11,500 OBO

    1984 water-cooled engine
    Engine overhauled at 109,000
    Regular services from Peace Vans (I have all of my mechanical records)
    Replaced idle control unit 4/16
    New radiator 1/20/17
    New coolant expansion tank 1/20/17
    New R &R water pump 1/20/17
    New fuel lines 6/3/16
    New coolant hoses 6/9/17
    New battery 2018
    Regular oil changes

    Breaks need to be replaced soon
    Right breaklight is out
    Muffler needs to be replaced soon

    Right stove burner works
    Sink pump needs to be replaced
    Fridge works when plugged in but I haven’t figured out how to work it on propane
    All original interior, nothing has been replaced or altered
    No rips in canvas, comes with a brand new canvas from North Westy w/ 3 windows

    No rust
    Paint is a bit faded
    Right side door has a scrape
    Left back bumber is dented

    219,000 miles / overhauled at 109,000
    she is the perfect adventure van!
    email or call with questions


  4. “Ruby Jean” 1988 Westy Camper

    MAKE AN OFFER – we’ll sell to a good home. We bought her for $17K and we put in a $5000 new transmission last year. She needs work on her cooling system and possibly her engine, but she’s worth it.

    For more pics check out:

    For more info please call or email Jess. We are willing to part with Ruby Jean for good offer. She has a new transmission, has had regular oil changes and maintenance. She’s an automatic with approx 160K miles on her and we’re only her third owner?? She was shipped stateside from a serviceman in Germany, hence the sweet EU plates. She’s crushed some major coast-to-coast and then-some road trips: Alaska to Arizona; Arizona to Wyoming; Wyoming to Norway House, Manitoba, to New York back to Wyoming; Jackson Hole to Southern California; and then last summer Wyoming to New York, up around Lake Superior and back to our Jackson Hole home! She’s a trooper and will provide you with amazing journeys, and we are sad that we can no longer give her the love she needs. She’s served us well and we will miss her. WE WILL MISS HER. We have maintained her and made some improvements to her: three windowed canopy, safari headlights, hardwood floors etc! But it just doesn’t make sense for us to keep her in such a cold climate. We can only take her out in the summer months and she’ll need work done on her coolant system and potentially her engine. We also have a new metal coolant package purchased from GoWesty that we’ll throw in with the deal – it’ll be worth it to install. We will give you a screaming deal SO MAKE AN OFFER. SERIOUSLY. We can possibly transport as well. Let’s talk. If you’re really psyched about her we really will make the price right.

    Venmo, Cash, and other money sending apps will likely be ok for sale too.

  5. 1991 VW Vanagon, Westfalia Weekender. $22,000


    This is a van in solid mechanical shape, single owner has been in my Family for nearly 30yrs. This van has been well cared for with regular maintenance and all feature are functional. Interior is clean with industrial carpets and recently fully detailed. Pop top has rack and lift struts installed to help with lift weight. Tent fabric is original and in good shape on small tear at pinch point in back, can be patched. Top bunk and pads are clean and in good shape. Van is located in Hood River, OR and I’m happy to take it to a mechanic of your choosing for an inspection. I have detailed maintenance records and paper receipts that I will include in the sale along with roof rack, and all camping shades/screens.

    Serious offers only!! The pictures will show this quality of this Westy.

    Please contact by email.

    -216k miles on chassis (60k on motor-see below)
    -4-speed Manual
    -Power steering
    -Power windows
    -Rear AC functional
    -Front and rear heaters
    -Pop-top Westfalia Weekender: sleeps 4 adults (and 1 kid on a cot across the front)
    -Tiico engine conversion to Getta/Golf 2.0l inline 4 engine installed in 2005 at 160k miles. Motor has 60k now. Replaced Transition with the motor upgrade.
    -2016 installed new engine mounts, vibration isolation, exhaust, injectors, spring F/R, struts F/R, bushings and upgraded ECU.
    -14″ steel rims with full-size spare and studded winter tires within about 1k miles
    -Brass ball-valve to prevent “hot foot” syndrome
    -Upgraded front blower control and replaced motor
    -Fully painted in 2005, recently painted front and small accident repair.
    -Complete maintenance records available upon request

    Note: this vehicle is listed elsewhere, and I reserve the right to sell through alternate means. I will take the posting down as soon
    as it’s sold. Thanks for reading!



    It is a sad day, but it is time for my Westy to find a new home. She has been lovingly cared for and on many many fine adventures, but the time has come. I am only selling because I have reached a “seasoned” point in life and purchased a slightly larger camper trailer with indoor plumbing. Over the 12 years I have owned her, I have made many improvements and completed many repairs on her. Almost every system on her has been replaced, improved or rebuilt, including the engine, fuel system, suspension system, axles, camping system and brakes. She has all LED lights inside, is an automatic, a 50 AH house battery, corrected wiring to increase headlight brightness, upgraded GW faucet, GW mats all around and 5 new tires. I also have a bus depot awning that is included. She may have the only original refrigerator that will make ice and will easily start on propane. All camping equipment works, the canvas has no holes or tears, the carpet, upholstery and paint are in great shape for a 30 year old girl. She has normal wear and tear that would be expected for a 30 year old vehicle. I am the third owner and have all maintenance records from the original owner since the van was purchased. At one point I had the original window sticker, but can’t seem to find that. If I do find it, it will be included. Still have the original two ice trays for the refrigerator.

    Maintenance History Since I purchased her:
    –I originally purchased this van in 07/2007 with 90,457 miles. When she was purchased I replaced multiple gaskets and seals to eliminate a few oil leaks. Replaced the rusted propane tank. Replaced the entire exhaust system and O2 and cat converter. Replaced the leaking rear heater core. Replaced the power steering pump.
    –2008 added GoWesty rubber mats all around and replaced antenna. Added Alpine stereo and Infinity speakers.
    –2009 replaced fuel pump and hoses from tank to injectors and cleaned injectors.
    –2010 replaced fuel tank due to a “patch” in original tank. Replaced fuel level sensor and GoWesty tank reseal kit.
    –2012 engine rebuild: new heads, main bearings, rod bearings, connecting rods-straightened, balanced and no stretch bolts, piston rings, push rods, push rod tubes, lifters, water pump, engine gasket kit. Mic’d all parts and components at machine shop and honed cylinders. Hot tank case. Added headlight relay kit. Replaced battery. Replaced final drive to engine O-ring. Replaced water tank level sensor. Replaced faucet with GoWesty Shurflo Faucet Kit and replaced all water lines.
    –2013 replaced all interior lamps with LED. Replaced hub caps with chrome set. Rebuilt suspension system: new Bilstein shocks, replaced all bushing (control arm, sway bars, lower control arm), replaced springs with GoWesty progressive springs, replaced tie rods and replaced ball joints. Added spare 50 amp-hour “house” battery and GoWesty charging system.
    –2014 replaced speedometer cable and replaced front brakes (pads and rotors) and replaced front wheel bearings. Replaced water tank pump.
    –2015 rebuilt/refurbished starter. Replaced hook up box system with GoWesty system.
    –2016 rebuilt fridge and added GoWesty cooling fan. Corrected two design flaws and one installation flaw. Replaced ignitor. Replaced rear axles, bearings and brakes. Replaced all five tires with 14” load class C tires.
    –2017 replaced water tank level sensor.

    Annually: oil/filter change, replaced plugs, cap and rotor, check and adjust timing.
    Every 3 years: replaced coolant and changed transmission filter and fluid.

    Currently at 132,883 miles (about 3,500 miles per year)
    Many extra and original parts are included including, original pioneer tape deck, rear heater (removed as I never used it), extra set of new axles, original heads (still good), push rod tubes and too many others to mention.
    She is located in Fort Collins Colorado
    Asking $31,500, serious only please as I will not entertain low offers or even want to discuss low offers

  7. Sadly the time has come to sell my baby. She is a one of a kind 1982 2.0 L fuel injected air-cooled VW Westfalia with SO much love put into her. There seriously isn’t another one like her anywhere. Engine runs strong. Stove and fridge both work well. It has been well maintained with folders of all repair work done. It’s ready for YOUR next adventure

    Some details:

    Immaculate Custom interior with Russian Birch instead of the standard VW. – hand built by me. More storage than standard. You have to see it to really understand HOW different and beautiful it is.

    Custom re-upholstered front seats

    Re-painted pop-top and body with original colors

    Vinyl Hardwood flooring

    70’s MBZ hubcaps

    New Tent from GoWesty

    New Cylinder heads

    New Starter

    DC Power outlet with auxiliary deep cycle battery for off the grid camping.

    187k miles

    Rebuilt AT transmission with only 150 miles on it.

    I can deliver it anywhere in the Western United States.

    Email me and I can send some more pics and we can chat. 🙂


  8. We’re selling our beloved Westy. It’s in great condition inside and out. Well maintained and deeply loved. 196,000 miles. $29,000 cash. 3rd owner. Westy lived in Arizona about 20 years, dry interior SW Oregon: Grants Pass OR (about 8 years), outside of Ashland OR (almost 4 years), in garage, under carport, or covered with van cover. All driving done on West Coast and interior Rockies, Southwest and wonderful round trip to southern Baja. The full camper includes upper bed in pop-up tent, lower bed when sofa folds down; kitchen with propane stove, sink with 12 v. water pump, and 2-way electric fridge that also can run on propane although we have never tried.

    Have all receipts for last 4 years and many from previous owner. All original manuals, shop manual, skeleton keys. Has 2.3 GoWesty engine with oversize radiator and clutch. This is a fabulous engine, strong and peppy, climbs our local mountain pass easily at 55 mph. We get 17.5-20+ m.p.g. driving at around 3500 r.p.m. 15″ South African classic wheels with VW hubcaps and chrome rings. Larger wheels and new truck tires provide great stability and cornering. New spare tire mount accommodates larger wheel and spare tire. South African headlights with awesome high beams light up the desert roads for a long distance ahead. All original upholstery and curtains in great shape. SONY digital stereo. Detachable 3-way awning (freestanding, attached with poles, attach with no poles to jack mounts). Under seat safe. Yakima roof rack mounts.Tow hitch used once to haul small motorcycle on trailer from Santa Cruz to SW Oregon. New paint (white) and window seals, window tinting. Cold AC with service and new compressor in June 2016. Short shifter with leather Wolfsburg knob. Smoky front turns signals, with LEDs all around and extra LED bulbs.

    Other repairs and upgrades:
    ~ July 2019 @ 193819: Replace power steering line, inner tie rod end, steering rack bushing, sway bar link bushing, sway bar end-link bushing, front wheel bearings.
    ~ Sept. 2018 @ 192386: New drive axles, valve cover gasket, rear hatch door struts, expansion tank cap, temperature sending unit, propane tank fill valve.
    ~ Oct. 2017 @ 178493: New rear wheel cylinders.
    ~ Aug. 2017 @ 176779: New fuel hoses to #1 and #2 fuel rods and hoses to #1 and #2 fuel injectors.
    ~ Feb. 2017 @ 169995: New auxiliary battery.
    ~ June 2016: New detachable and/or free-standing awning, zippered screen for sliding door, new 3 window polyester tent.
    Other misc.: Heavy duty spider woven rubber bungee custom made for roof carrier. Nifty heater hose valve (behind glove box) to close hot coolant hose to front heater core and spare the cab from heat blasting in hot weather!

    This beautiful Westy is ready to roll. If she doesn’t sell, we’ll pack her up and drive her back to our winter digs in southern Baja.

    Here’s the link to my Westy ad on Samba:

    and Craigslist:

  9. 1975 VW Bus Westfalia Camper Type 2 – clear title -turn key -ready to drive home or start your road trip!

    Meticulously restored over the past 10 years. Fully gutted and serious attention to detail has been given to this rare condition and configured Westy. Hard to find a late bay camper in such good shape. She has been an amazing project and its time to let her go to some new folks looking for an adventure and will enjoy her as much as I did.

    Restoration Specs:

    Years of professional VW service and tune-ups from Veedub in Austin,TX with receipts. Rebuilt well running 2.0L fuel-injected engine was swapped out from the original 1800cc long block.The larger more powerful 2.0L features hydraulic valve lifters, eliminating the need to periodically adjust the valve clearances as on earlier models.

    The original 1975 interior layout was removed and I started with sound deadning and thermal shield to the entire shell. Makes the bus a lot quieter and on the road and a nice thud when shutting the doors instead of the tin can close.

    Perfect condition cabinets and z-bed were pulled and installed from a 1979 Westfalia and relaminated giving a better late bay interior lay out. Ice box was removed and converted into custom storage and extra seating making it a one of a kind layout and the best use of space for the interior in my humble opinion. Plastic interior paneling was replace with wood on the whole bus including ceiling and kick plates.

    ZERO RUST/ and Brand new paint. (original orange to original VW Sage green (L63H) match
    Brand New Pop -Top canvas just installed (with option to fully unzip front section mesh, which is nice )
    New seat fabric and seat cushions
    Bluetooth stereo with 10”JL audio sub , 6×9 s, and side door 5 1/2(sound is amazing)
    Stack of original and 3rd party manuals books- I read every page 🙂
    New bosch fule pump
    Always changed fuel filter
    Replaced Bosch ignition coil
    New air-cooled engine seal
    New deep cycle battery
    Vanagon seats installed with option to rear face passenger front seat on swivel
    New tail lights
    New Spedo cable
    New turn signal lights
    New Westfalia decals
    New pop top seals
    Wood Flooring
    Replaced OEM cabinet holds
    Replaced OEM snaps, door vent cover, door handles
    New step mats
    New head lights
    New break pads
    Change break fluid
    New side mirrors
    New side running lights
    Full OEM curtains intact in good shape (including front snap on curtain)
    New painted wheels and handcook tire in good shape
    Custom wooden glove box
    New front floor mat
    New wheel well carpet under front seats
    Interior pop top spotless and clean ( you will see mold in other buses in that area)
    Brooks leather wrapped over steering wheel
    Lockable yakama roof rack with bolted high clearance base and wind shield
    Rare VW OEM square removable camping seat included

    List goes on.. Spent so much time combing ole VW part logs and yards to piece together OEM parts to bring her to the current state.

    More pictures / videos and all paperwork (original owner’s manual with years of restoration records) available for serious buyers to view.

    All old classics have some imperfections: drivers side window regulator needs adjusting but rolls up and down fully, change lock cylinders to match key, interior has two colors original orange , some new sage green. needs new fuel sender,small paint spill on back cushion (have new original VW plaid cloth for recover) Could use new CV boots/back window seal. Passenger side window needs rubber window channel replaced ($30 bus depot)

    Thanks for looking ! Will ship and let a mechanic or whom ever inspect!

    Video Tour:

    Contact : Beaux (owner) Call /Text 512-803-3003

  10. nick tortajada

    1988 Volkswagen Vanagon (White)
    Asking $29,500

    Total miles put on new Subaru 2.2L EJ22 engine: 20k
    Total miles on vehicle: 154k

    I travel for work – more time out of town than in. When I am gone, the van is stored in my carport. When I am home, I take the van all around AZ and southern Utah for camping. After every single trip, I thoroughly clean the van from top to toe. You might say obsessively. It has it’s quirks like all of these vans, but nothing at all serious. Runs great. Seriously, if you haven’t experienced the difference between a VW engine and the Subaru conversion, you can’t imagine the power difference.

    I will only consider serious buyers – definitely no tire kickers, or lookey-loos.

    Previous owner purchased in March 2013 and has had $28k work done since then, including a new Subaru engine installed by the BusLab and a new transmission from a reputable VW shop in Marin, CA (all other work also done by the BusLab, with detailed invoices on what was fixed or replaced).

    Some highlights:

    New Subaru 2.2 conversion done by BusLab in Berkeley (May 2013)
    – Less than 9k miles on EJ22 engine
    – Read more about BusLab Subaru conversions:
    -A/C conversion done March 2017
    -Radiator Hoses replaced March 2017

    Full tuneup done by BusLab in Berkeley (May 2013)
    – About ~$7k work done (parts+labor), including new brake hoses, fuel tank, front and rear wipers, side mirrors and more

    New transmission

    New tires with less than 2k miles on them (Sept 2013)
    – Eurolook Wheel and Nokian 15″ Tire package from Van Cafe (205/70/15 Entyre) ($1000):

    GoWesty Rubber Mat Set (front, middle, rear; ~$350) (Sept 2013)

    A few more details on the condition:

    == Aesthetics ==
    Overall very clean interior. No tears/rips in pop-top. CD/iPhone player. Stove/Sink clean (though I never use them). Fridge is clean but I don’t rely on it to keep things cold. Floors are clean thanks to the GoWesty rubber mats I put in.

    A couple things to note about the exterior:
    – Dent on the sliding passenger door
    – Crack on the roof window/plastic opening; functionally okay so I haven’t replaced

    == Mechanics ==
    There have only been a few issues I’ve encountered since I’ve owned it, all of which have been fixed. Otherwise, this van has been a pleasure to drive.

    – Right after the engine conversion, the engine would sometimes stall. The BusLab said this was normal after the conversion and would eventually go away. So far, that’s been true — haven’t had any issues since about a month after the conversion, in 2013.

    – Transmission fluid was leaking so I resealed that in March 2014, and then replaced the transmission a few months later.

    – Cracked fuel fitting; replaced in May 2015

    I can send more photos/videos to serious buyers.

  11. For Sale:
    1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender – Wolfsburg edition
    We are selling our beloved Vanagon. We purchased it in 2003 from the son of the original owner who lived in California. It had no rust when we got it, and because we’ve kept it garaged and only driven it for fun trips in the summer/fall, it still has no rust. It’s in excellent shape for a 1987 Vanagon!
    A little Vanagon history: From 1985-1987 VW made a special edition of the Vanagon called the Wolfsburg Weekender. Of course, as a Camper, it has a pop-top and upstairs bed. And back in the cabin, the backseat converts to another bed for two. Instead of taking up space with the fridge, stove, sink, or cabinet assembly the rear seat is full width to accommodate three adults (rather than the shorter seat in full campers that only accommodates two). Behind the driver’s seat, the Wolfsburg Weekender has a rear facing seat with storage underneath. It can hold 6 people driving, 4 people sleeping, and 3-4 eating at the pop up table. No pets have ever been in it. No smoking has ever occurred in it either. Just pleasant memories.
    Clean CarFax report available upon request.

    • Garaged entire life, excellent condition. Drove as a leisure vehicle, never drove in winter – not a bit of rust. All the paint is still shiny and in excellent shape (a few tiny chips here and there and I counted three small dings) -the paint not faded at all, all window rubber trim is in excellent condition. One headlight has a crack and the front screen has some holes in it, but it’s really, really clean and runs great!
    • Original engine. This is the 2.1 liter, water cooled engine. Better power than the 1.9 liter engines.
    • 130,700 Miles
    • VIN: WV2ZB025XHH054088
    • Second owner
    • Original interior NO RIPS (the seats have had seat covers protecting them)
    • 4 speed manual
    • Power steering
    • A/C
    • Cruise control
    • External temp sensor
    • AM/FM Cassette radio
    • Rear wiper/defrost
    • intermittent wipers
    • Curtains are all in excellent shape
    • Includes the original front window curtain

    Here’s a list of all I’ve done to improve it:
    • New alternator (GoWesty)
    • New oxygen sensor (GoWesty)
    • New rear axles
    • Alloy mag wheels from GoWesty
    • New tires
    • K&N cleanable air filter
    • 2” receiver hitch, with trailer light wiring kit (we used hitch for a bike rack)
    • Fuel tank seals recently replaced
    • Flushed cooling system several times
    • Changed oil regularly (Mobile 1, 0-W40, European Blend)
    • Locking fuel cap
    • Very creative tube storage under the body (must see to understand)
    • Bilstein shocks
    • GoWesty headlight upgrade kit (SO much brighter!)
    • 12v power ports
    • GoWesty Auxiliary battery charging relay (it has two batteries)
    • Insulation to quiet the ride
    • Spare gas can (stored in external luggage tray)
    This is a super clean, excellent condition Vanagon! It is 100% ready to hit the road on a multi-month trip!

  12. For Sale:
    1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender – Wolfsburg edition
    We are selling our beloved Vanagon. We purchased it in 2003 from the son of the original owner who lived in California. It had no rust when we got it, and because we’ve kept it garaged and only driven it for fun trips in the summer/fall, it still has no rust. It’s in excellent shape for a 1987 Vanagon!
    A little Vanagon history: From 1985-1987 VW made a special edition of the Vanagon called the Wolfsburg Weekender. Of course, as a Camper, it has a pop-top and upstairs bed. And back in the cabin, the backseat converts to another bed for two. Instead of taking up space with the fridge, stove, sink, or cabinet assembly the rear seat is full width to accommodate three adults (rather than the shorter seat in full campers that only accommodates two). Behind the driver’s seat, the Wolfsburg Weekender has a rear facing seat with storage underneath. It can hold 6 people driving, 4 people sleeping, and 3-4 eating at the pop up table. No pets have ever been in it. No smoking has ever occurred in it either. Just pleasant memories.
    Clean CarFax report available upon request.

    • Garaged entire life, excellent condition. Drove as a leisure vehicle, never drove in winter – not a bit of rust. All the paint is still shiny and in excellent shape (a few tiny chips here and there and I counted three small dings) -the paint not faded at all, all window rubber trim is in excellent condition. One headlight has a crack and the front screen has some holes in it, but it’s really, really clean and runs great!
    • Original engine. This is the 2.1 liter, water cooled engine. Better power than the 1.9 liter engines.
    • 130,700 Miles
    • VIN: WV2ZB025XHH054088
    • Second owner
    • Original interior NO RIPS (the seats have had seat covers protecting them)
    • 4 speed manual
    • Power steering
    • A/C
    • Cruise control
    • External temp sensor
    • AM/FM Cassette radio
    • Rear wiper/defrost
    • intermittent wipers
    • Curtains are all in excellent shape
    • Includes the original front window curtain

    Here’s a list of all I’ve done to improve it:
    • New alternator (GoWesty)
    • New oxygen sensor (GoWesty)
    • New rear axles
    • Alloy mag wheels from GoWesty
    • New tires
    • K&N cleanable air filter
    • 2” receiver hitch, with trailer light wiring kit (we used hitch for a bike rack)
    • Fuel tank seals recently replaced
    • Flushed cooling system several times
    • Changed oil regularly (Mobile 1, 0-W40, European Blend)
    • Locking fuel cap
    • Very creative tube storage under the body (must see to understand)
    • Bilstein shocks
    • GoWesty headlight upgrade kit (SO much brighter!)
    • 12v power ports
    • GoWesty Auxiliary battery charging relay (it has two batteries)
    • Insulation to quiet the ride
    • Spare gas can (stored in external luggage tray)
    This is a super clean, excellent condition Vanagon! It is 100% ready to hit the road on a multi-month trip!
    Listed at:

  13. I have a 1990 Westy that was recently in an accident. Unfortunately, it appears my insurance company is going to total it. It has all original interior in excellent condition. Two years ago I had a GW 2.3 Waterboxer long block installed by Peace Vans in Seattle. That engine has 18,000 miles on it. It also got new 3 window canvas installed, auxillary battery system and new exhaust system. It also has a propex heater and blazecut. The front passenger door, slider door and, from what the body shop reports, probably suspension damage but doesn’t appear to have any problem with the frame. I will learn on Monday (June 17) what my buy back amount will be. You would be buying a vehicle with a salvaged title. If interested, email me. I can supply pictures and give you as much information as I can. I just hate to see this beauty go to auction. The van is located in the Portland Oregon area.

  14. 1985 Vanagon Westfalia Wolfburg Weekender
    – New 1.9L 2200cc GoWesty Rebuilt Engine (~7000 miles on it) with the GoWesty ROAD Warrior Warrantly
    – New Exhaust System with Cat
    – New Fuel Tank
    – New Starter
    – New Throttle linkage and cable
    – ARB Awning and More!

    Currently runs fine, but should have fuel pump and/or filter replaced prior to a weekend adventure. Would recommend trailer to pick-up instead of drive away as condition is worse in heat. I am moving and have too many cars and need to sell my Westy with no time to do repairs. Over $8000 in upgrades, listed for $11k on Ebay, $19k buy it now. Ebay link below along with additional photos and video of engine running

  15. The Green Machine!

    1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia
    2.0 liter engine air cooled
    4 speed manual transmission

    Engine less than 5K. Adventure ready!

    Lots of work has been done during the past 5 years:
    New engine, clutch, oil cooler, engine mounts, belts, filters, battery, fuel lines, brakes, tank resealed, and tons more!

    Mechanically it’s in tip-top condition!
    Tires have plenty life left.

    It has a functioning original Dometic fridge, a propane stove, running water, operational sink and LED lights. There are curtains throughout, including one that snaps-on in front of the windshield.

    Paint is not original and overall it shows wear, bumps, nicks and scratches, as expected for a 37 year old van. The pop top canvas has no rips but does show a little weather and has a broken front zipper.

    The Green Machine is ready for summer!

    It’s a blast to drive, she puts a smile on your face. We’ve taken her to the Redwoods, San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, Olympic Park… all throughout the Cascades up and down the West Coast.

    Overall clean and mechanically sound!

    Asking $10,000

    Campervan, Camper Van, Adventure Rig, Volkswagen, Bus, Westfalia, Westy, Transporter, Vanagon, VW



    watch the video here

    Please read the entire ad before responding, if the ad is up its still available. Please do not call or text me asking if the bus is still available. If you see the ad, its still available!! Purchased from second owner.

    If you are looking for the ultimate California surf bus, you have found it. She has just over 1500 miles on brand new engine and transmission.

    I have over $18,000 in receipts that the new owner will be taking with her. Just about everything has been replaced on this bus. New engine, transmission, upholstery and panels, gas gauge sender, tires, brakes, clutch, carb, battery, too much too list.

    No need to get a tow truck to pick her up. Come and drive her and you will be pleasantly surprised of how smooth she drives, steers and brakes. 1971 has disc brakes so she stops easily on a dime. Then you can drive her home with no problems, even if its cross country.

    Sink works, all the westfalia camping gear is there including upper cot, childs cot and the bug net for the rear hatch.

    Tagged until may 2020, she is current on registration and insured with classic car insurance. Clean California title in my name.

    No lowballers, as I said I have 18K in receipts I will give to the new owner documenting every single part that was replaced.

    Call or text if I have not answered your questions. Serious inquiries only, no tire kickers. Video can be sent upon request.

    vw bus, vw bug, volkswagen, vw ghia, split window bus, bay window bus

  17. 1990 Westfalia Full Camper ($28,000 OBO). Very clean, very straight, no rust, runs great. Manual transmission, air conditioning in good working order. New pop-top fabric, ARB awning, tires, aux battery, speedometer, and computer control for fuel control. Most engine components replaced; alternator, voltage regulator, Hall distributor, belts, plugs, temp sensor, fuel filter and new heater core.

    Text only: 425-750-9863

  18. I have a 1987 Westfalia full camper for sale in Silverthorne, Co. A great deal of time and money have been put in the van to make it road worthy. We have it listed at $23k or best offer. It is listed on high rockies Craigslist and the Samba. Motivated to sell. Power steering issue is resolved. It was a loose fitting on a hose causing the leak. No biggie.

  19. Selling my 1982 Westfalia.

    Soild Westy, with a 1.8L JH gas engine out of a Jetta or Rabbit. Everything in the camper portion works great as well (even the fridge!). Rebuilt the transmission 1500 miles ago due to reverse being out. New starter about 500 miles ago and the alternator looks like it was replace a couple years ago.

  20. I’m selling my 1985 Vanagon Wolfsburg Westfalia with Subaru 2.2, Sewfine interior, rebuilt transmission, Propex heater, Mefro wheels, and every record of parts purchases and one comprehensive trip to Rocky Mountain Westy a few years back.

    I’m the second owner and have had it for almost 14 years. Every system has been gone through and I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere.

    I have it offered for $20k but am definitely up for negotiation. I love this Vanagon but have a new project and don’t have time for two.

    Lots of info and pictures on this site:

    …and Craigslist:

    …and TheSamba:

  21. i have a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia for sale. It has 161,000 miles on the original engine. It runs great! It is in good condition, no rust, clean. The air conditioner runs, and heater. Everything works on it, except the fridge. Nice pop top, no holes, upgraded stereo with incredible subwoofer. I have photos too. I live in Long Beach, California. We are asking $20,500. We have whatever it is missing – a arm for the armchair, a new LCD clock, stickers, and covers for some of the levers. We just have not yet put them on. We have replaced many items like the door handle as well. It is burgundy. I have some pictures pictures available, but I am not sure how to post them.

    • 1990 VW Vanagon Syncro w/ 2005 Audi 1.8L Turbo Gas Engine Conversion 

      Helping my brother sell his 1990 Syncro with a 2005 Audi 1.8T Conversion with only 80k miles on the conversion. This rebuilt transmission has the taller 4th gear for higher top speeds while cruising. The complete front end rebuild with new upper and lower ball joints, wheel bearings, and brakes (both rotors and pads) provides a smooth ride and feels great. Much more listed on the link below.

      Internal cab with pop top is in great shape and includes a Propex Rv Heater with Thermostat, 2 aux deep cycle marine batteries with 1100 watt power inverter. The “Truck Fridge” 12v Rv refrigerator and 2 LPG tanks (3 gal each) powering the stove allow for complete camp meal prep. Cabinetry is in great shape and the cd/mp3 player with Bluetooth keeps everyone entertained.

      Clean title and consistently maintained at revered Stefan’s Auto Haus in Sacramento, and all maintenance records and VIN available upon request.

      More details provided at the following link:

      Thanks for taking a look.

  22. Hello!

    Restored 1984 Westfalia Vanagon available in Austin, TX






    We absolutely love this van. It’s been our project to restore it. All updates have been made by a licensed mechanic with original parts. We’re moving to France, so, unfortunately, getting rid of all of our cars 🙁 hoping Hans der Vanagon goes to a good home.

    Serious inquiries only, please!


    For sale is a running 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Westfalia camper van. Manual transmission, rear wheel drive, odometer is broken but I’d estimate it has 210,000 miles on the stock 2.1L 4-cylinder engine. Definitely a project van, and I’ll go over it in detail in person, but here’s a brief overview.

    The good:
    -Frame is still intact, no rust affecting structural integrity.
    -Interior is in good condition in terms of cleanliness and functionality, some of it needs to be worked on but it was well maintained. New wood flooring was installed as well.
    -Tent is in perfect condition.
    -Swivel seats.
    -Comes with an AC/DC converter. Perfect if you’re planning a solar hookup.
    -Tires are not necessarily new anymore, but they still have A LOT of tread left.
    -Starter replaced a while back.
    -New battery.
    -New front break pads and disks.
    -New rear hatch struts and new front wiper blades.
    -Fuel lines have been replaced with GoWesty’s fuel line replacement kit.
    -Purchase of the van includes a BlazeCut automatic fire suppression system automotive extinguisher (6′) and a front windshield rubber seal (both have not yet been installed).
    -Thermal windows (gets toasty inside in the winter).
    -New engine compartment lid seal.
    -Rebuilt steering (power steering).
    -New steering joints and terminals.
    -Engine has been tuned up (new fuel filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor, rotor, air filter).
    -New alternator.
    -New fuel pump.
    -New water pump.
    -Fuel injectors cleaned and seals have been replaced.
    -AC works great but…

    The bad:
    -AC won’t shut off when the car is on. Faulty wire? Not sure, haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet.
    -Headlights won’t turn on but high beams work.
    -Oil leak (but what old VW doesn’t leak oil?).
    -Fridge & stove do not work.
    -The plastic cover for the fuse panel and underside of the steering column is missing from when steering was rebuilt.
    -Speedometer does not work.
    -Hand break does not engage.
    -Driver side mirror is broken.
    -Exhaust system will need to be replaced.
    -Temperamental when turning on. Sometimes it won’t start right away.

    Asking $6,500, but open to negotiate. Title in hand, sold as is. Trades will be considered.

    She is road worthy but still needs work to be road-trip worthy, but she’s an excellent candidate if you’re interested in the van life, road trips, or recreational camping.


    1985 Volkswagen Vanagon with H2o Vanagon 1.8T Conversion


  25. Hi – we’ve posted our 2003 Eurovan Weekender (Westfalia poptop) on Craigslist, The Samba, Facebook and eBay. Here’s the info in case you would like to post it here. (only 85K miles)

    We bought it fall 2003 with 14,000 miles on it – it had been used by a VW exec for 1 year. We’ve had it since. Took a long trip around USA when kids were small, and loved it! After that, used for camping trips, lots of sports tournaments, and picking up furniture from Craigslist.

    M/V Weekender model with pop-up Westfalia pop-top sleeping tent. Not a “camper” model in that it doesn’t have stove, water etc. It does have a small electric cooler under the passenger seat behind driver; this runs off a separate 12V battery under driver’s seat, which is recharged by the engine.

    VERY LOW mileage – only 85,250. Original engine! We repainted it a few years ago to protect the top; same color as original. Windshield replaced in spring 2018 – nice and clear!

    Seats 7 with seat belts. Kids loved using it for team tournaments. Seats face each other with table for playing games, eating, etc.

    With roof popped up, you can comfortably sleep 4 people and can set it up in the rain without going outside.

    Included: full set of curtains, including one that covers windshield, plus cargo net and mosquito net for back hatch so you can sleep with hatch open. Leather steering wheel cover.

    Alpine bluetooth CD/stereo with USB for phones etc. Mic in dash for bluetooth phone calls.

    Includes full set of 4 snow tires plus summer tires. Also has built-in hitch for bike rack or towing.

    Includes a high-quality van cover ordered from a company that makes them specifically for this vehicle.
    We kept it in the garage during winters until last year when we sold the house, so we just bought the cover last winter.

    CARFAX REPORT available upon request.

  26. We are selling Sparkle — our 1978 VW Wesfalia. It’s been a wonderful few years camping on the south coast New England, but it’s time to let it go. It’s in really great condition. Seats have been replaced, but the rest is original. You can check it out at the link below. Price: $20,000

  27. After travelling through the states and Canada with this van for the last 2 months, and now it’s time for us to let it go since we’re moving onto Europe. We are the 3rd owner of this vehicle and it has no history of accidents etc… it has a clean record.
    The van is in perfect shape. We’ve installed a brand new cooling system (new radiator and radiator fan) only 2 weeks ago, and we’ve also installed a new propane tank, extra fog lights (Hella fog lights), new stereo system and bought a new battery.
    The engine is also new and it only has about 9000km on it. The brake was installed by the previous owner around 6 months ago so that’s looking good too.
    Basically the van has new parts from the bottom to the top. If you’re looking for a van to travel around, this is perfect for you.

    For more information email:

  28. 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Hightop Camper – Subaru Motor Conversion

    1986 vanagon camper getaway hightop van (2 beds, sink, fridge, furnace, inverter, etc).
    $28500 CAD
    Located Calgary AB Canada but willing to assist with shipping.
    Selling to upsize to a trailer after getting 2 big dogs.
    -2 full beds. Upper bunk slides out to make second bed or extra storage then slides back on a track when not needed for standing room.
    -5 speed manual, water cooled
    -2.5L ej25 subaru engine from a 2001 outback using SmallCar and Rocky Mountain Westy conversion parts at the beginning of summer. New: head gasket, spark plugs, spark plug wires, rear main seal, 02, intake manifold gaskets, and more.
    -Black leather front seats from mid 2000s Audi A4 (passenger seat retains rotation)
    -CIP bus mirrors
    -Kenwood buetooth hands-free head unit with sony amp, sony speakers and bazooka sub (under rear seat)
    -2 sets of rims and tires with lots of tread: all season and studded winter
    -South Africa front end with LED Hella headlights
    -Interior re-done: sound deadening and insulation throughout
    -Fridge works great
    -Paint isn’t perfect but good for original paint of it’s age. Some blemishes and touch ups throughout. I was planning on having it painted in the next couple years.
    -Passed out of province inspection in Alberta last year (did rotors, calipers, pads, wheel bearings, etc)
    -Carproof: no accidents/claims
    -Saches clutch kit last year done by Tunedub in Calgary.
    -Alignment done last year
    Just detailed and ready for camping this long weekend.
    If this ad is still up, it is still available.

    Tags: Camper, Westfalia, Hightop, VW, westy, bus, transporter, vanagon

  29. 1985 Westfalia Camper. $26000. Well maintained, clean title & CarFax. 2 Owners. 131,000 miles. See craigslist posting below. Link for additional photos on craigslist post.

  30. Jennifer Pauer

    Fully off grid mobile espresso van looking for its next adventure. All equipment for a coffee shop but ready to set up anywhere, anytime. The opportunities are endless! This is the absolute perfect van/business for music festivals, car shows weddings etc! The business can bring you across country making money while you travel. The best part is the people you meet and the stories you collect. This is truly a life changing business. The business comes with a double group head espresso machine which is set up to switch from propane to electric as needed/desired. A commercial grinder, commercial drip coffee maker and every possible accessory you could need/want. The shop has stainless steel and wood counters, nsf sink, cork floors custom/rustic cabinets, sure flow water pump, large batteries for accessories, 14 gallon water reservoir, water filtration system, shore power, cool shelving, lighting and the list goes on.
    The van had a newly rebuilt engine, new radiator, new alternator, gas lines, belts, hoses, off road tires etc.. The Vsn has had most major work done. Rebuilt engine ith less than 5,000 miles, rear shocks, exhaust, gas lines , belts, radiator, master cylinder. I have all of the original camping equipment but of course the van has been completely customized to suit the mobile shop. If you have any questions please let me know!

  31. This Westy Diesel is in great shape and runs well with a 1992 Turbo Jetta engine (1.6 litre) installed by previous owner around 2003. There is approx 275,000 miles on the body but FAR less on ENGINE. 4 sp Manual Transmission. No vehicle accidents (has a parking lot bruise on the back bumper & side which could be fixed). Van has only been used in summer months and stays under cover most winters. I’m selling because my husband is homebody, so after 5 years of adventuring on my own, I’ve done what I wanted to do. Here’s a summary of upgrades in recent years:

    2012 – new rebuilt alternator and new clutch slave cylinder
    2013 – new muffler
    2014 – new tires
    2015 – new coolant tank, cap & thermostat, new starter
    2018 – new air filter, new fuel filter, new valve cover gaskets, new heat shield, new fuel hose

    Camper & components in immaculate condition. Sleeps 4.

    – 3-way fridge (propane/12v/120v)
    – sink/pump/tank
    – 2-burner propane stove with stainless steel lid for counter cutting board
    – 12v heater installed under back sofa
    – original Westy snap-on insect screen for back hatch
    – 360 surround curtains
    – pop-up canvas roof with screen window (zipper on curtain stuck part open, could be fixed w tape or velcro)
    – Roll-up Awning installed on sliding-door side
    – rear hitch for trailer
    – base brackets for roof rack
    – M&S Radial Steel Belted tires + 2 extra tires
    – Kenwood Stero
    – Original Manuals

    send an email to set up appt to view.

  32. Pamela Harris

    I’m selling my 1985 Westfalia in Toronto for Canadian$ 21,000. It’s listed in Canada on Kijiji, autoTrader and eBay (1985 VW Westfalia Camper Van). If you have any suggestions about where else to advertise this vehicle, please let me know. Thanks.

    “1985 VW Westfalia. 150,150 miles. Pristine. Manual transmission; water-cooled engine. No rust. Original paint except for front. Bought in California central valley from original owner. In Canada stored for all but 2 winters. Original engine in excellent condition. 2-burner propane stove, fridge, two swivel tables (removable). Sleeps 4. Screens and privacy curtain in good condition. Swivel seat. Air conditioner (needs filling). New battery. Extras include new splash guards and pop-top seal (not installed). Speakers. All work records available. Has been in storage since November 2011. One of a kind and lovingly cared for.”

  33. Looking for a VW Wekender, prefer a white ’91 but will consider years 87-91. Not looking for a project . . . Anything available??

  34. 1991 Blue VW Westfalia
    ​$45,000 cad.
    Joy 250 344 0557 or Michelle 250 439 9071
    2.1 litre flat 4 water cooled engine, Automatic, Power steering, Power windows, cruise control, Original 25 yr Old Paint rated at excellent! 2129890 km

    First off why are we selling this, having it less then a year! We run a campground so therefore we work during the Summer. We thought we would use it more often and we didn’t. So we figure we can put the money to better use in our life. I took one trip other than bringing it to Golden from Vancouver Island, and that was to Leavenworth WA. and it was fantastic. Since we have had it we have had it serviced for a overflow pipe on the radiator that needed replacing at a Selkirk Automotive that specializes in VW’s here in Golden BC they checked it over.

    Previous owner invested $60,000 Comes with so many extra’s listed below. Appraised June 24 2017 for $54,000 Cad Just has fully detailed inside and out kept in heated Garage by both myself and previous owner during Winter.

  35. Restored 1990 Vanagon GL Westfalia. The van just passed smog(4/28/18) in California and has a clear title ready to take to the DMV. All original paint in shiny polished condition. The van originates from the California Central Valley, so it is a bone dry rust free Vanagon. The van has been within my family for about 15 years, restoration truly started around 2015. My brother and I meticulously sourced the best parts and restored the van to what it is today. The van was never intended to be sold, it was a keeper. However I recently found a Syncro and no one else in our family/friends can buy this one. Everything is in working condition and reliable. I would drive this van on long distance trips without hesitation. Fully detailed inside and out.

    -Receipts dating back to 2001
    -Power Windows, locks and mirrors (All in working condition)
    -Working Cruise Control!
    -All original curtains, including rear hatch screen and front curtain (All in great shape=
    -Factory Owner’s Manual and documents
    -100% oil leak free engine
    -Passed CA smog (4-28-18)
    -Factory keys + spares (Ignition, glove box, and water hook-up lid)
    -Working Dometic Fridge

    Upgrades and Restorations (All within the last 9K miles, engine rebuilt 15K miles)
    -Rebuilt 2.1L engine (15K miles since rebuilt)
    -Fully rebuilt suspension (Powerflex Polyurethane bushings front/rear, new joints, new Koni adjustable gas shocks)
    -Fully rebuilt coolant system (stainless steel coolant pipes, radiator, ALL hoses, manifolds, new expansion tank/sensor)
    -Fully rebuilt fuel system (Fuel tank flushed and re-sealed, vapor tanks re-sealed, new fuel lines)
    -Fully rebuilt brake system (Master cylinder replaced, stainless steel flex lines, front brakes rebuilt, rear brakes rebuilt)
    -Resealed Transmission (Redline oil, all seals replaced, POR-20 exterior coating)
    -CV Joints freshly greased and rebooted
    -Restored Clutch system (master and slave cylinder, clutch, press plate, throw out bearing)
    -Headlight Relay Kit
    -“thatvwbusguy” Deluxe Vanagon Hard Start Relay Kit
    -T3 Technique Shifter Guide Repair
    -Vehicle alignment
    -New oil pressure sensors with redirect
    -3 Window Pop-top Tent
    -16in Mercedes Wheels with new Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S 215/60 R16
    -3 Gauge VDO Cluster
    -New Skylight
    -Battery tender routed to cabinet
    -LED lights throughout interior
    -CD player with AUX connection

    What’s left to do:
    -Small/medium dent in rear quarter panel
    -Typical door dings
    -Factory AC, unrestored non working condition

    Asking $24950

  36. I’m selling my clean 85′ Westfalia with a rebuilt engine for 15K

    The good:

    -It’s in really great shape I barely ever drove it. 159K 90% from the previous owner, and their parents.
    -Rebuilt engine. This is a GREAT PERK that sets this VW above others since you’ll have to do this eventually on a Westfalia and it will cost you 5-10K depending on the engine rebuild.
    -It comfortably sleeps 4 two up top in the pop top, two below. I added a custom super comfy bottom bed topper from GoWesty.
    -It has a fridge, a sink, and a gas-powered stove. I installed a brand new custom trucker’s fridge because the ones that come with the 85’ VW are basically useless.
    -It has two foldable tables and a custom removal 3rd seat with a storage compartment.
    -The only miles on the new engine are the one I put on it driving from CA.
    -I had a second battery and an inverter installed which means you can run just about any electrical device directly off of the van. Computer, microwave, etc. (there are some limits to what you could run but… it’s pretty robust.)
    -Like I mentioned it’s in really great shape, with everything in good working order.

    The bad:

    -There is sun damage to the dashboard and various plastic parts in the van.
    -The pop top/tent material is getting old and will need to replaced eventually.
    -I lost a hubcap. 🙂
    -Mudflaps on two front tires have been removed.
    -Minor dent in the back right.
    -Some nicks and other tiny dents.
    -Exterior stickers are sun warn.
    -The battery seems to drain if you don’t drive it for extended periods. I take the battery prongs off when I know it’s going to sit for a week.
    -It’s a VW which means it doesn’t go more than 50mph uphill. 🙂

    -Bottom line It’s not showroom quality but if you just want to enjoy the benefits of having a Westfalia, it’s a great buy.

  37. 1990 Westfalia Vanagon – T3 California Hightop – Diesel – 162.000 miles – $40.000

    My boyfriend and I are selling our best fellow traveller. We bought it in Belgium and shipped it to Canada to start our one year trip. We crossed Canada and the US and we are currently in Mexico. We will be back in California to sell the van in June before heading back to Belgium. We certainly wish we could bring our van back to Belgium with us but the shipping is quite expensive and we are on the road for one year now so you can imagine we are running out of money.

    We are the third owner. The second one was a specialized garage where we bought the van. So we have every bills from the beginning. It is in really good condition. We didn’t have any big problem since we started our trip. Here is what we did on the road : we changed the shoks in September 2017, the tires in December 2017, the vehicle battery in December 2017, the auxiliary battery in March 2018, the diesel filter in April 2018. We also changed the oil every 8.000 km.

    Before leaving we also lifted it up a little bit. We changed the side mirros. We installed a solar pannel system. We put an aditional locker on the side door. And we installed a road shower on the left side. Here is what it looked like in video before leaving Belgium (english subtitles) :

    For the inside we just added a couple of storages (and a wooden box where fits the auxilary battery and the converter), we updated the fridge, we changed the floor and the curtains. Besides that everything is original. There is a big propane tank for cooking. The water tank is 55 liters (14.5 gallons). There is also a tank for dirty water. Everything is working perfectly.

    The van is currently registered and imported in Quebec. The van will be available from around June 15th.

    As we are going back to Belgium by plane we can leave everything in the van if your are interested in (excepted for our clothes. :)) like a good tool box, a jump starter, reflectors for all the windows, spare parts, etc.

    – Turbo Diesel 1.6 (engine was completly reviewed by the specialized garage where we bought the van and has only 50.000 km/31.000 miles since then)
    – 51 Kw 70 PS 5 Speed Gearbox 46,664 DM
    – 55 liters / 14.5 gallons freshwater tank with electric pump and lockable cap
    – 20 liters / 5.3 waste water tank under the vehicle
    – External 8kg LPG tank and 3 tap control
    – 5 tires : 205/75R-15 General Grabber AT 2
    – Truck Fridge 49
    – Road shower (5 gallons of water)
    – New syncro side mirrors
    – Gowesty bumpers front and rear
    – Tool box, diesel tanks and spare tire from Gowesty at the back
    – 2m70/88.5 feet hight
    – Original Westfalia inside
    – Bed unfold 188 cm x 120 cm / 616,8 feet x 39,4 feet
    – 2 double bed
    If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us. You also can follow the rest of our journey on Facebook / YouTube @WildWildWheels.

  38. We are selling our beloved 1987 VW Best Westie

    The time has come to sell our best westie. We love this vehicle and have put a lot of TLC into it. We were planning to drive it from Seattle to Patagonia. But then cancer got in the way, and we have decided its time to find our Best Westie a new home. We have owned it for more than 20 years, and purchased it from our friends who were the second owners.

    Total miles 258,000 about 50,000 on the rebuilt motor. Below is a list of upgrades and replacements we have made (we may be forgetting some):

    Replaced engine with GoWesty 2300 cc
    Upgraded transmission to 5 speed (added low, low and a high four)
    Upgraded exhaust system (stainless steel)
    New seals, pistons, rings, clutch
    Replaced steering rack and pump
    Entire cooling system replaced with stainless (tubing)
    Upgraded headlights
    New pop top fabric
    Interior is in great shape (zero rips or tears in original upholstery)
    Curtains included (original in good shape)
    Extra set of wheels/tires

    The coolest things about this car that you won’t find elsewhere:
    Has a “Truckfridge” that works on and off grid. It even makes ice cubes!
    Can run off-grind (lights and fridge) for 4 days with auxillary deep cycle battery system

    Volkswagen, Vanagon, Westfalia, Camper Van, Van, Camper, VW
    Call or text 206.755.9683

    Listed with photos



  39. I have a 1987 Vanagon Westfalia with 51,000 original miles on the body and the engine. I am the 3rd owner of the van that is in excellent condition. The van is currently listed on The Samba at the link below. I will consider all reasonable offers.

  40. Selling our 1975 VW Bus Westfalia Deluxe in Bali Yellow. $13,500 (open to reasonable offers). We’ve had it for a year and replaced/repaired just about everything. Just drove it from Orlando FL to North Carolina and then down to the Keys with no issues. New rebuilt Porsche 914 1.7 litre engine with 1.8 litre pistons and jugs. Engine has 2,500 miles on it. Almost entirely original interior with working stove, fridge and sink. Original fabric in great shape on z-bed and top bed. Camp ready. Runs and stops great.
    For photos and a list of new parts:

  41. Hello,

    My name is Filip and I come from Poland. I am looking for a project Westfalia Vanagon up to 4500$. Body condition is the most important thing for me plus the interior contdition. Mechanically I can work on it.

    Thank you,

  42. 1986 Westfalia Syncro, reconditioned with new paint, carpet, tires and dozens of other items. Propex heater, Lift Kit, 15″ wheels, 2nd propane tank on passenger side, house battery, marine pump and outside shower (carefully hidden), etc…

    see on desktop. $49K/offer

  43. 2001 VW Eurovan Westfalia Weekender. Asking $25.5k. Currently 153+k miles. Purchased from GoWesty in 2004 with 23k miles and carefully maintained since then by GoWesty, WestyWerks, and Rizzolis. Original engine and transmission, both pulling strong. Clean Carfax report with no accidents. All maintenance records. Timing chain replaced at 100k on schedule. Extra jump seat, pop top, flip-up table, electric cooler, full curtain set, track-mounted Thule rack, tow hitch, snow chains, all the goodies. Selling because we are switching to truck with slide-in camper.

    • Hello Seller,
      I saw your post concerning 2001 VW Eurovan Westfalia Weekender for sale which price is $25,500 and I am so interested in buying it.However,can I have a photo attached and send to my email ? Hope payment with Certified Cashier Check Drawn from US Local Bank is Suitable for the payment
      I await your reply,

  44. 1985 Westy, in good condition. Runs well after having lots of work done!

    -Upgrade to refurbished 2.1L engine- now has approx 1700 miles on it.
    -New clutch assembly (2017)
    -New shifter assembly (2017)
    -GoWesty lifting springs (2016)
    -Bilstein 4600 series Shock Absorbers (2017)
    -GoWesty LED bulb kit for Instrument cluster
    -GoWesty LED Exterior Light Kit
    -Hella Vision Headlights
    -Custom Wiring harness from Kyle Automotive Specialties (2018)
    -Ignition coil, wire set, cap / rotor, hall sender
    -Fuel injection hose
    -Fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, canister and pre-pump fuel filter
    -New battery (2018)
    -Exhaust manifold with new parts, exhaust gaskets
    -Passenger side CV axle replaced
    -Transmission output drive seal replaced
    -airflorw meter replaced, air intake boot replaced.

    Fun Stuff:
    -TruckFridge (2017)
    -16 in Wheels and new tires (January 2018)
    -ARB awning
    -custom floor mats
    -GoWesty aux battery kit
    -ProMariner Sport Duel Power charger
    -New 3 window pop-top tent (2016)
    -Replaced skylight (2016)
    -tinted windows
    -Original jump-seat with lockbox
    -Original rear hatch screen
    -Original snap-on privacy curtain
    -Spice cabinet closet door
    -rear table and leg
    -Rear hatch mounted bike rack- holds two bikes.
    -two sets of keys and original owners manual, Bently manual, and VW repair guide.
    -Window A/C unit included

    The bad:
    -A few spots of rust
    -Crack on windshield approx 4 inches.
    -The Speedometer is temperamental
    -A/C has all parts, but is not currently working.

  45. Dallas Garrison

    Vancouver, Washington

    1987 Westy for sale
    Automatic, Gas
    230,000 on the body.
    Engine rebuild, 57k on rebuild
    All maintenance records from previous owners.
    Everything works, including A/C.
    Wheel bearings in front just replaced.
    Drove from Portland to Atlanta and back this summer with no issue. Wouldn’t hesistate to jump in and drive anywhere.

    Comes with ARB awning and shade room.

    Truckfridge and auxiliary battery for 66aH.

    Rotopax for luggage rack.

  46. 1981 Vanagon Westfalia Garage find.

    Craigslist link below

    Van has been sitting for 10 years or so in a garage.
    It took 4 new tires (old ones would not hold air)
    New Battery
    Fuel Pump
    Clutch Slave cylinder
    Flush tank and fuel lines.
    Plugs, cap and oil change.
    To bring it back to life again– it starts right up and runs However, I would not do any real heavy duty driving until you spend some time checking every thing out and doing some overall mechanical work/light restoration. My mechanic said it needs exhaust work. Original paint and it is generally an honest unmolested and very original example.
    Has some rust on the driver side but the underside is clean and solid in my opinion
    Interior is in great shape
    I have the engine cover and cushion and a few other pieces all original interior.
    Muffler is loud, needs to be replaced and drivers door will not latch, pop up canvas has a big hole, and I cant guarantee any of the lights & gauges are working properly. Last mechanic said it need exhaust work LOW MILES odometer reads 88,000 can’t guarantee that however. For more info call (773) 592-7755 CLEAN TITLE ON HAND

  47. 2002 Eurovan Westfalia Weekender with 142,000 miles on it. We were the 2nd owners. Bought it at 52000 miles. Many a camping and road trip taken and enjoyed, now with the kids grown up the trips are far and few between. With it’s 2.8 L V6 engine and 17/20 miles per gallon it is powerful and yet economical. New shocks and tires. Service records available. Throwing in 3 almost new tires. The craigslist post is here.

  48. I have my 1985 Westfalia Vanagon Automatic, with power steering, AC, cruise control with extra middle bench that slides in and out for sale. Body is in great shape, has previously passed NM and CA emissions test. Looks and runs good and has recently had many upgrades including new:
    GoWesty waterboxer 2300 cc engine with warranty on labor and parts with less than 3,000 miles on it;
    radiator, cooling reservoir tank and cap, heater control valve, hoses and installed a coolant-bleed system;
    larger fuel tank, fuel lines, hoses, fuel sender unit, fuel vacuum lines, fuel pump, oxygen sensor and fuel filter;
    Megatron11 All season battery, starter, alternator, distributor cap and spark plugs;
    idle control unit;
    ignition switch, blower fan switch;
    ECU board;
    temperature control sensor and temperature gauge voltage regulator;
    throttle body gasket, water pipe, water pump, water temp sender, hose
    windshield, windshield wiper washer pump and antenna;
    new LED lights replaced in all running, parking, brake lights, and headlights, new front grill and installed instrument cluster upgrade;
    Front and Rear springs and lift kit;
    New 16″ wheels with spare wheel, off road and swing away spare tire mount;
    Heavy duty Truck mirrors;
    Heavy duty bumpers with rear 2″ receiver hitch;
    seat belts/3 point rear seat belts
    propane tank;
    Pop top tent;
    Pop Top lift assist struts/shocks;
    Luggage rack w/stainless steel cleats and pop top completely refurbished w/new coating and stickers;
    LED lighting on the interior;
    sliding door hinge;
    power steering hose;
    dash cover and middle front seat console
    Has newer HD bilstein shocks, ball joints, CV. JVC radio
    Camper interior with functional propane stove, water tank, pump and sink. Propane electric refrigerator doesn’t cool (will include large YETI cooler and YETI 400 Goal Zero battery/charger). AC blows strong but needs new freon/recharge. Cruise Control works, needs to be refused/wired after rear brake LED installation.

    We have taken this camping off road up steep dirt road mountain passes in rain and snow and to the ocean beach it has been a lot of fun. We have over $30K invested in this. No lowball offers, No trades. Payment in cash or certified check. Clean title in hand after payment clears.

  49. 1981 Vanagon Westfalia Garage find.
    Van has been sitting for 10 years or so in a garage.
    It took 4 new tires (old ones would not hold air)
    New Battery
    Fuel Pump
    Clutch Slave cylinder
    Flush tank and fuel lines.
    Plugs, cap and oil change.
    To bring it back to life again– it starts right up and runs However, I would not do any real heavy duty driving until you spend some time checking every thing out and doing some overall mechanical work/light restoration. My mechanic said it needs exhaust work. Original paint and it is generally an honest unmolested and very original example.
    Has some rust on the driver side but the underside is clean and solid in my opinion
    Interior is in great shape
    I have the engine cover and cushion and a few other pieces all original interior.
    Muffler is loud, needs to be replaced and drivers door will not latch, pop up canvas has a big hole, and I cant guarantee any of the lights & gauges are working properly. Last mechanic said it need exhaust work LOW MILES odometer reads 88,000 can’t guarantee that however. For more info call (773) 592-7755 CLEAN TITLE ON HAND

    craigslist link

  50. Ready to sell and trying to establish value for my 2001 Westfalia weekender.
    123,000 miles, excellent condition.
    auto, heated seats, trailer hitch, upgraded stereo, speakers and XM radio.
    detailed, undercoated, all rust attended to with replacement parts.
    new transmission at 84,000 miles
    timing chain and full top end rebuild at 105,000 miles
    all screens and curtains,
    good tires and brakes.
    dark red with grey cloth interior
    I am the second owner, and purchased it from a local VW dealer with warranty at 29,000 miles in 2004
    garaged and regularly maintained, no accidents.

    Thanks for your help

  51. 1984 Mercedes Benz Westfalia camper for sale or possible trade. Purchased in Seattle about 4 years ago. Clear California title. Bay Area DMV registration is paid through early January 2019. Currently in beautiful Point Richmond quite near the Brickyard Cove sailing community. Not a pop-top. Sleeps 2 adults in current configuration. Both the fiberglass top and cabin sides/doors are well insulated throughout. Google 1984 Mercedes Westfalia for full specs. Only 17 feet long and 7 feet wide, yet has ample room for lounging and lunching at the swiveling Westfalia dining table. Fantastic turning radius and excellent color night vision backup camera allow ease of parking and maneuvering. 5 cylinder OM 617 Mercedes Benz (non-turbo) 3 liter diesel engine with 5 speed manual transmission with 170,000 miles (270,000 kilometers). Runs great. Starts easily. No leaks. Valve adjustment done professionally 1 year ago (about 2500 miles). 2 small trickle charge solar panels keep engine and house batteries charged. Full standing headroom of about 7 feet in the main cabin gives this Westy a very roomy feel. Fully enclosed shower with slide-out portable toilet offers 6 foot standing headroom. Opening Fiamma roof hatches (1 large & 1 small) provide good ventilation … along with two flip up windows (1 large on left side and one small in rear door). Privacy shades and curtains throughout. Snap on cockpit privacy/sun curtain covers all windows forward of the main cabin. (In some 1980s versions, a kids bed frame and small mattress pad could be fitted sideways across the two front seats while camping … not sure what it looks like) A small kids futon can easily be used atop the folding upper folding bunk (above the cockpit). Sliding privacy curtains hang between cockpit and main cabin. Insect screens mostly do some good on hatches and large left side flip up window. Front driver and passenger seats recline and both have twin folding adjustable lightly padded armrests.

    Many photos are available upon request. Tire kickers please do your homework online or other research elsewhere. This is known as the Mercedes Benz Westfalia 309D motorhome (likely class B) and comes with a pretty full complement of manuals … all in the original German. This particular chassis (aka T1 and TN) … production run lasted about 6 or 7 years until almost a million of these were built and then superseded by the Sprinter chassis (among others). Don’t confuse this model with the O309 bus … which is a completely different vehicle. Hundreds of photos of other 309D Westfalia campers are available online and in old brochures. Many videos are available online as well. (Note the 207D is very similar but has a smaller less powerful engine I believe)

    Will consider trade for Tesla or late model all wheel drive 4 door sedan (2012 or preferably newer) in good condition. Note that I currently have a lightly used queen sized RV coil spring mattress in the main cabin laid across both the long settee (left side) and across the folding seats on the right side … for more even and comfortable sleeping (and which has a zip-on washable queen mattress cover). This mattress precludes walking in the forward area of the cabin but still allows access to the galley, hanging locker and enclosed shower through the rear door. I also have a big (currently unmounted) luggage rack and a large custom lockable “diamond plate truck box” that fits precisely in the volume allowed by the luggage rack. A folding bicycle rack is custom fabricated to bolt on the rear door and holds two adult bicycles … but interferes somewhat with the use of the rear ladder and access to the truck box. A full lightweight vehicle suncover with shock cord closure at each corner is included and is marked with “Front” and “Rear” sewn in labels for ease of use.

  52. Odometer: 249,162 (Only 25,000mi on rebuild)
    Clean Title
    Watercooled T3, 1.9L Gasoline, Automatic Transmission
    Ivory Beige with Blue, brown, tan striped upholstery

    Second Owner since 1990! Kept maintained regularly and very clean. All original upholstery, carpet, curtains, tables, and accessories. Updated poptop tent and headliner. Starts and runs beautifully like a purring kitten. If you are interested in a campervan that is ready to go hit the road, here it is. You can customize it the way you want or start restoring to original condition. This one has great bones and very healthy for being 33 years old. She drives great even in 100 degree heat with no over heating issues. For the past year, I’ve been using her as a commuter a few days a week. The stove, sink, shore power all work. Upgraded tires to 14″ General Grabber AT, practically brand new. Newly installed Kenwood removable face stereo with CD/ USB port and 4 6″ Alpine Speakers in the front doors and two in the rear. Recently restored the paint with custom 4 step detail. There are minor cosmetic issues like: dent on slider door, dings, minor rust on scratches, front driver seat obviously needs some love, small hole in rear of tent from some past mildew damage, fridge doesn’t work (like most), a few window seals are starting to crack, could probably use a new propane tank… oh and the speedometer is off about 10-12 mph. If you’d like a full history or want more details, please contact Alicia or Darin.

    All regular maintenance performed at Halsey Automotive since 2008 (have most repair and maintenance records) and prior maintenance performed at various other VW specialty shops outside of Oregon. There may be more records, but below are all the receipts I found, Halsey has all records on file.

    Chronological Mechanical Updates/ Repairs:

    June 2017
    -All new brake system front and rear!
    -Idle control valve
    February 2017
    -Transmission Serviced
    Sept 2016
    -New foam for upper beds
    Oct 2016
    -New windshield seal, heater fan replaced, corroded fuses, light bulbs
    July 2016
    -New 27 x 8.50 R14 General Grabber AT2 Tires (4)
    -New coolant hose
    June 2016
    -New Battery
    -Replace oil cooler hose on transmission
    -New ground cables
    April 2014
    -Replaced both right axle boots
    -Replace cross over pipe, hoses
    May 2012
    -New brake pads, rotors, inner/outer bearings
    March 2012
    -All new felt headliner on poptop and new Go-Westy tent, with new skylight and seals.
    Sept 2011
    -Replaced all pop-top seals front and rear
    July 2010
    -New radiator, thermostat, and fan switch
    Jan 2010
    -Replaced both heads, oil switch, push rods, etc… (at 224,343 odometer mi)
    Oct. 2009
    -New starter, drums, shoes,

  53. Our VW Westfalia Vanagon’s name is the “Jerry Van” We bought it from Jerry, so hence the name. It’s a painted a beautiful silver color. It has a new dark grey pop-up tent. It is clean and in excellent condition. We just had the engine tuned up and its ready to go on new adventures with a new VW Westfalia Vanagon camping loving family. We are asking $23,000

  54. Strong running Westy Second owner. 32 years with no smokers or pets. Looks and drives 100 percent. Driven an average 200 miles per day during fair weather months for last four years. Wintered under cover in Louisiana. Has never been exposed to a salt state winter road.
    All the heavy, and expensive, work has been done for you.
    Steering rack and front end overhaul. No loose wandering steering. Runs straight and true, 70 mph no shakes wobles
    Half-shafts and rear wheel bearings.
    GoWesty’s best, heavy canvas with 3 screened windows, four years old.
    GoWesty acrylic skylight cover. No leaks.
    GoWesty hatch-lift struts.
    Has had engine replaced, but I do not know at what mileage. I bought her at 164000 miles and this engine was installed some time before that. I checked compression 3 years running … 150 psi plus or minus 2. Oil consumption is less than a quart in 3500 miles, my change interval.
    Interior is in excellent, mostly original condition with no tears or stains. I had the drivers seat rebuilt and upholstered with over-the-road truck quality material to match the original. Even so I always keep the seats covered.
    Hankook 6-ply, 8-ply rating tires have probably 10,000 miles left. In my (maybe not so humble) opinion these are the best performing tires to run on standard VW wheels. I have had no problems with them.
    Has separate coach batteries and camper lights & equipment will not drain main battery.
    AC blows cold. But be warned, the best Westfalia AC is not over powering…plus its noisy.
    Downsides: Radio is junk and dash is sun cracked as most are on units this old some bumper pitting.
    Any thing else, I’ll be glad to tell you.
    Call or text 337 692 4393 or use the craigslist email answer system.


    Selling my 1984 VW Vanagon Westafalia. 1984 Vanagon Westfalia for sale. The good: No rust issues; Popup in fair/good condition; Interior and headliner fair/good shape. The bad: Not currently running; has ding if front left that requires a hard slam to close driver’s door; cracked windshield; Missing stove/sink cabinet; missing battery. This would make a great project to fix or Subaru upgrade. Was told that the only engine issue is the starter but can’t know for sure.

  56. 1987 One family owned Westfalia Camper. All original. I’ve had this in the family since my parents purchased it new. I’ve kept this van clean and well-cared for over the years but now it needs someone with some time to keep her in good repair. Having some issues with the idle and battery drainage. Make an offer.

  57. The Westy was in storage for many years while we were overseas. It has 140,000 miles on it, although the current engine (a 2.0 liter Jetta model) has 41,000 miles thus far. No rust. The van is stored each winter and driven in summer for camping adventures. Many upgrades and improvements: thorough undercoating; lift kit; larger 16″ rims; new gas tank in 2016; new propane system in 2014; dc to ac converter; installed battery charger; auxiliary battery; high powered headlights; LED lamps throughout; solar panel charger ready; Bosch shocks and front end stabilizers; new water pump and plumbing for sink… (and more). New lift top assist struts and hemp tent installed in 2016. She is road ready with cargo box and kayak rack, stove, and sink. Original refrigeration unit removed in 2014 for more storage. We use a portable ASC DC-powered fridge for outings. New, remote controlled radio/CD/USB-ready audio system installed in 2012. Velcro cover over dash since purchase has kept dashboard in new condition. We are the second owners. We purchased the vehicle in 1991. Back then the camper had only 12,000 miles. Now, our growing family is too large for the camper. If you are already a Westy owner, you know about the Westy tribal rituals – something about roaming in one of these vans creates camaraderie among fellow travelers. If you are new to a Westy, you are about to find out about Westy World. Price: $32,000. See more at:

  58. 1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper, 140K miles. SWEET CAMPER VAN! Original exterior, interior, and engine. It is heartbreaking for us to give up our beloved camper, but after 18 years of fabulous memories we’ve decided we really need something a little bit bigger. The van has been lovingly maintained and enjoyed by us for the past 18 years. New within the past couple of years are the entire exhaust system, front brake pads, clutch, bra to protect front (we’ve always used one), belts, and tires (less than 5000 miles on tires). Lots of upgrades including 3-window canvas tent in pop-top (some cosmetic discoloration in places but very sound – see photos), screens all around (including zipping screen for sliding side door), removable Yakima roof racks, custom cover for when not in use (see photo), extra 12-volt power ports, earphone jack, driving lights, fan installed in original Dometic 3-way fridge (which works great), upgraded on-off switch on water pump for sink. Includes original owner’s manuals, Bentley shop manual, miscellaneous spare parts (belts, accelerator cable, distributor cap, plugs, etc.) The van shows minor normal wear and tear (see photos) but is basically in great shape. Although in Vermont, we’ve never driven it in the winter and have always bundled it up well in winter months to protect it from the elements, so body is sound (a little rust on bottom of rear lift-gate that we discovered and treated, which put a stop to it – see photos). Clean title (carfax report available). The only known problems are as follows: (1) the AC hasn’t worked for several years. (2) When the gas tank was reinstalled at one point many many years ago one of the compression fittings didn’t get properly seated or something, so if you fill the tank all the way to 13 gallons it will leak a little gas from the top of the tank. We just always fill it to 12 gallons or less and it’s not a problem. This could be fixed by someone with a lift, we just haven’t bothered. (3) The water level gauge on the fresh-water tank is unreliable. Cash or wire transfer only, local pickup or arrangements for shipping are buyer’s responsibility. See it on Craigslist here:

  59. 1994 DIESEL Eurovan (Canadian Import). Full camper, pop top, no rust, completely up to date on repairs & maintenance including new cylinder, timing belt, water pump. Road ready!

    Asking $27,500 OBO

  60. Westy for sale – Photos on Craigslist
    1987 Vanagon GL Westfalia Full Camper – 106K miles! $29,995

    Exterior Color: Silver
    Title: Clear
    Mileage: 106,523
    Engine: 2.1 gas with 2.2 cam
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Oregon DEQ: Tags valid until 2/28/18
    3rd Owners – Private Seller in Oregon – NE Portland, Alameda area

    Selling our beautiful Westy after 15 years of fun. This van turns heads wherever it goes. We’re the 3rd owners and bought it with 65K miles. Driven almost exclusively for road trips & camping. Excellent service provided by Westfalia experts, Halsey Automotive, in NE Portland. We are using this camper less than it deserves & want to pass it on to someone ready to take her on her next adventure. Come check it out in NE Portland!

    Key Features:
    -Air Conditioning, Moonroof, Power Locks w/Keyless Entry/Alarm, Rear Wiper
    -Professionally installed new tent, upgraded propane tank
    -Professionally installed Fiamma F45 crankout awning – 10′
    -GoWesty screens for front windows, sliding door entry and back hatch
    -Premium 16″ tires with Mercedes alloy wheels
    -Premium stereo with USB capability and 4 custom speakers
    -Exterior in very good shape – Beautiful original paint – a few minor flaws
    -Interior newly detailed – original upholstery, full curtains, rugs all good
    -Original promo booklet and owners manuals
    -Extensive engine work, new clutch and muffler within the last 1,000 miles
    Complete service records from the day it was purchased

    Minor Flaws: Very few issues for a 30 year old vehicle. A very few minor exterior flaws. Light road stripe paint “spray” on lower panel of rear passenger side. Inactive mildew stains on popup ceiling, Paint missing on face plate under sink. Refrigerator does not work, but seals for cold storage.

    This van, with its low mileage, original paint, and tasteful upgrades will only continue to appreciate in value. You are going to love this Westy!

  61. I have posted my Syncro Westy on the Samba site. It is a 61K- miler, one owner (before me) that lived its life in the shade in CA. The paint is perfect, 100% rust-free the body is perfect and the interior is perfect, as well. I put a Subuaru 2.5 in it ( by a local guy here) and also had the transmission rebuilt. The front diff also got a new ring and pinion, as well as a new viscous coupling. Everything mechanical has been brought up to “new” specification, and the interior has been detailed out by me. It seems all I did was work on it! There is too much to list here – see the Samba ad:

    • I recently posted my one-owner (before me) ’90 Syncro on the Samba. It has lived its whole life in the shade. 62K miles, perfect original paint, perfect interior, 1500 miles on Subaru 2.5 swap (I had this done locally), front diff rebuilt with new viscous coupling, all mechanical systems worked over to perfection by myself. All I did was work on the Van! I am losing money at the posted price – my loss may be your gain! See here:

  62. Description:
    2002 VW Eurovan Weekender
    157,846 miles
    Clean title

    2002 VW Eurovan with pop top. Has 7 seats with 2 removable seats. The seats lay down to make a queen size bed. Exterior and interior are clean. The top can comfortably sleep 2 adults. It is a double mattress on top.

    No engine problems. The transmission is original but has had no issues. New battery and auxiliary battery too. Has been stored in a garage.

    Known issues: The passenger seat heater does not work. There is a small hole in the seat. It was there when we purchased it. There are a few dents and dings.

    Home is where you park it!

    Very fun to camp with. Get this now so you can start camping this summer!

    All curtains included
    Trailer hitch receiver (although we’ve never towed anything with it)
    Front end bra (not pictured)
    Rear hatch bug screen

  63. Collin Suttles

    Selling our 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon GL full camper. It is finished in tan on brown. Body has 196,371 miles but the 1.9L engine was rebuilt 15k miles ago, have receipt. It also had a new clutch at the time of engine rebuild, and a new starter in 2016. Manual transmission.

    We just put on a brand new pop-top tent (three window variety) that has better air flow, leak free pop top!

    It runs, drives and shifts good. The body is fantastic…new paint and bodywork in 2015, absolutely no rust on this van! The interior is clean and smoke free. All the camping equipment is present and accounted for…everything works as it should. All curtains and screens present and accounted for.

    Clean title in hand!

    I bought the van from California a while back with the intention of fixing it up a bit and travelling around the country in it with my girlfriend and dogs, and as it turns out she hates the van…heartbreaking! She wants something newer and fancier, go figure. I really want to keep it but just can’t justify it. Here is your chance to snatch up a super nice Westy!

    $15,000 cash…SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!

  64. I am selling my 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia.
    1.9L Automatic. 187,033mi
    $11,500 OBO- I would like to sell by the end of the month. Offers welcome
    No trades, first with cash in hand drives it away. Van is located in San Francisco, Glen Park Neighborhood. About 10 min walk form the Glen Park Bart Station
    I can show it 6-9pm on most weekdays and on the weekend. Email to check it out

    The Van and I have had a good run. I have had the van for the past 5 years. Over the years I have had an amazing time traveling around, camping, and taking in the sights. Alas I have no more time or space to utilize the brilliant machine. Van starts, runs, and drives great. Clean title and current registration. I have put in a list of repairs over the years, i can provide a list in asked. Feel like it is in decent mechanical shape. It’s not perfect, take it to a shop and they will say it needs shocks and a couple of parts to make it perfect. This is a great van that you can jump in and jam out for the weekend, week, or month and not break the bank. The body is a cool lime green. The camper set up is in good shape. The original 3 gallon propane tank works and can be filled up at most propane filing stations. The stove and the fridge run on the propane. Fridge can also run on 12v and 110v. The water tank, pump and sink work. The Camper pop top is intact but in poor shape, some small rips and the window zipper is broken. The AC was disconnected at the engine before I got it, doubt it works. The stereo has been upgraded, and it slams! Now has an aux jack to play whatever you like form your phone. Van also comes with all the factory curtains and a rear camper screen.

    Bonus: Included with the van are 4 owners manuals, factory, Haynes, and owners

  65. Well Cared for 1985 Wesfalia

    Spent almost all of its life in colorado, so there is Next to Zero rust. Paint is not the best looking, but its the original mustard color.

    Everything works, Van runs and drives great. 133K original miles with recent tune up. Manual trans with the 1.9L motor. This baby is ready to camp.

    Helping my mother in law sell it, let me know if you would be interested in taking a look. Its also on CL in the Rhode island area.

    Price is negotiable for serious buyers, no tire kickers or dreamers.


    it is a unique special order vanagon camper

    This Vanagon , POP up Top with built in bed area, this vanagon is very clean , inside is almost perfect , its ready for order your own interior camper kit , if you want a stove and sink

    Full leather seats , perfect condition , have custom seat covers

    Zipper windows with screens

    seating capacity is seven
    fold down rear seat bed

    This is a custom built vanagon ordered from Germany , it was bought for a special German tourist

    Temperature gauge on dash

    front and rear air conditioning

    Rebuilt engine with about 40K miles
    Just smogged
    $1450 worth of work just done , redone fuel system and tune up, new ignition , new battery

    Very Nice Driver
    we will consider offers , don’t wait this is a rare find

    FOR SALE $6300 or OBO

    TEXT ONLY !!! , or respond to email reply


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