Up, Up And Away!!!! Thanks For All The Love!

Hey Westfalia hunters, I wanted to take a minute this morning to thank all of our fans and users that have helped make this site what it is today.  All of the comments, love, hate, banter and everything in between is much appreciated. Here’s a quick snapshot of how much this website has grown over the past couple of years, as we are now approaching 1,000 visitors a day.
I’ve got more ideas, features, pieces and other fun things in store when I get the time to work on them.  Currently the website is making about $400/mo between eBay, Google and other random affiliate ads.  Keep in mind when you use many of the links on this site, the merchants will pay me a cut of any purchases you make after clicking through the links.  Even if you click through an eBay ad to a van,  and then decide to buy a toaster, that counts too. Every little bit helps, and all of the $$ ends up going back into Juanita, my ’85 Camper.

  1. I was testing a plugin/application for a future project I have in mind and it made a “black hole” (on accident) that google’s crawler followed for a very long ways, and ended up indexing all kinds of pages that didn’t actually exist. In fact, Google actually gave me a bit of an algorithmic penalty shortly afterwards (see the dip), as they thought I was spamming or doing black hat stuff. The other big drops or empty days are when the site was hacked or crashed on it’s own. I’ve learned from all of this and it’s much more bullet proof now.

    • I figured it had something to do with that. My other thought is that someone put a $5,000 Synchro for sale on here…

  2. To what do you attribute the spike in March of 2014?


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