The Most Expensive Westfalia Ever – $125,000 in Riverside, Illinois

The Most Expensive (and most awesome) Westfalia I've Ever Seen - $125,000 in IL

The Most Expensive (and most awesome) Westfalia I’ve Ever Seen – $125,000 in Illinois

While it might not be the most expensive Westy ever, the highest priced Westy I can recall was somewhere near the $80k mark, and I’ve definitely never seen one with a six figure asking price, until today. A few hours ago, a seller on The Samba listed this immaculate dream project van for a cool $125,000 USD.  Not only does the seller provide the full details in the ad, there is a five year running build and comments thread on the The Samba here. A majority of the work was done by Stephens Auto Haus in Sacramento, CA. Their specialty engine swap is the 1.8T, which of course is in this Syncro. I’m not really sure what to cover here in this post, as there is just too much awesome to list.  It comes with every bell and whistle imaginable (shower, back up camera, 2 TVs, keyless entry, etc). I’m just really not sure what to say. The seller says this project cost them about $150k over the course of four years. We’re not even sure which year this van is, or how many miles it’s seen, I guess after all the work it’s pretty much brand new?

After further research, I discovered GoWesty has sold four Syncros for over $100k, but not since 2010, long before my Westy addiction began. Take a look at this list and sort by price descending, the highest priced van came it at $124,293 and the details and build sheet can be found here.

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