TDI Syncro In Missoula, MT $19,500

1989 Vanagon Synrco TDI For Only $19,500 1989 Vanagon Synrco TDI For Only $19,500[/caption]So what’s the catch? This appears to be a killer deal on a 1989 Synrco with a brand new AUH TDI motor and some other nice extras including a skid plate, heater, rear hatch rack, big bumpers w/ hitch, roof rack and a new uninstalled camper tent. The seller stated there’s some seam rust and dents, but otherwise is in good shape. This is one of the only TDI Syncros I’ve seen for under $20k. The only catch is you have to go all the way to Montana to get it. Check it out on The Samba.

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    Don Hanks at

    Nice van, still for sale?

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