Sell Your Westy

Looking to sell your Westfalia? Let feature your Westy to get in front of our highly-targeted audience. More than 10,000 potential buyers visit our site every month through direct, relevant searches.

For $99, reach a wider, motivated audience to sell your Westfalia through a featured post on the front page of And we will post your listing to our Facebook page of more than 7K legitimate followers, and on our Instagram feed.

Send an email to to get the process started.

We recommend first posting your site to one of the major online marketplaces, such as Craigslist, OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace, etc. We can then create a featured post from those details, and we can include any additional information, images or links to YouTube or other hosted media. And we would link out to your marketplace listing for safe communication with prospective buyers.

Optionally, you can provide all information for an exclusive listing on our site. However, we would need to publicly list your contact information (phone and/or email) for buyers to reach out to you directly. We would remove your information upon request. stays out of the negotiation, purchase and delivery process. All arrangements are made strictly between the seller and purchaser.

We are unable to offer advice on pricing, as many variables are involved. We recommend browsing Westfalias on Craigslist to get a gauge on pricing for similar models, features and conditions in your area.

3% of all revenue is donated to remove carbon from the atmosphere.