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So you've finally decided to upgrade, downgrade or get out of the Westy life, well I'd be happy to provide my thoughts.  Drop me a note at and tell me about your Westfalia, or head over to the User Submissions page and leave the details in a comment. If you've already got it listed somewhere, share the links of where it is listed. If we feel it's worthy of posting, we'll get it up within 48 hours, and likely much sooner than that.  We don't usually post air cooleds or Eurovans, however if it is special enough, we'll post it.  We are very busy with our normal gigs and it might take up to a week to respond.

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  1. I have a 1985 Volkswagon Westfalia Gl that is in pristine condition. It has 52,000 original miles. The interior is immaculate. The refrigerator, stove and sink have never been used. The seats are like new, no tears, dirt or signs of wear. The van runs perfectly and cruises well at 70mph. This camper is unusual in that it’s like it came out of a time capsule.

    • Paula Mitchell

      Sounds like a perfect fit for touring around the country! I am interested in more information along with pictures
      This sounds like a 6 cylinder which I am looking to purchase.
      I live in Rogersville TN.
      Please contact me when ready.

    • Paula Mitchell

      looking forward to information and pictures.
      I have been looking for a 6 cylinder.
      I live in Rogersville Tn.

  2. I have posted my Syncro Westy on the Samba site. It is a 61K-miler, one owner (before me) that lived its life in the shade in CA. The paint is perfect, 100% rust-free the body is perfect and the interior is perfect, as well. I put a Subuaru 2.5 in it (by a local guy here) and also had the transmission rebuilt. The front diff also got a new ring and pinion, as well as a new viscous coupling. Everything mechanical has been brought up to “new” specification, and the interior has been detailed out by me. It seems all I did was work on it! There is too much to list here – see the Samba ad:

  3. 82 westfalia,diesel,112,000miles,clean and in good shape.former ASE mechanic. I tore it down &redid it.list too long to list.does need new propane tank.Original canvas top good condition.mechanically good, just off 600mile trip. just don’t use it enough anymore.want $9800/obo. vehicle in petosky, mi. area

  4. Hi everyone. I relisted my Westy on Ebay as an auction. I have lowered the “Buy It Now” price and reserve. The reserve price is a steal for this vehicle. I started at 50K on the Samba and have lowered the price drastically for a sale on Bay. Please contact me through Ebay for further details. I would be happy to share the spreadsheets of the restoration work with you and actual value of the vehicle. It is mechanically pristine. I drove from CA to Baja, through all of Mexico and to Belize with no mechanical issues.

  5. 1984 Westy, 91K Original miles, original engine, original paint in great shape, original stripes, original upholstery and NO RUST…THIS IS A MUST SEE RIG … THIS IS A NON-SMOKING VEHICLE… $15,500 …YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! METICULOUS OWNER…IF I THOUGHT IT NEEDED FIXING, I HAD IT FIXED…
    New Parts:
    Original auto trans just overhauled 6K ago
    Axles pulled and serviced and greased
    New wheel bearings and cv boots
    New front rotors and pads
    New power brake booster
    New brake master cylinder and fluid
    New Bosch alternator
    New catalytic converter
    New muffler
    New tune up 6k ago…rotor cap, rotor, coil, plugs & wires
    New starter
    New battery
    New pcv valve & hoses
    New compressor in overhead air conditioner
    New stereo with Bluetooth with hands free speaker
    New floor mats
    New hub caps & tires 6K ago
    New bumpers
    Some new decals
    New heated seat covers
    All three mirrors new
    New interior bug screens

    These rigs has NEVER been cooked in, refer like new and used very little, includes a 25’ HD 110v power cord…AGAIN THIS IS A MUST SEE RIG!!!

    CONTACT: Duane 530-862-5003 …… Downieville, Ca

  6. I have a 1986 Westy Wolfsburg. it is a beautiful platform for a restore. it’s in good shape except for a problem with an engine compartment fire. A rubber fuel line developed a crack and started spraying fuel on the distributor cap. I got the fire out within a minute or two with a garden hose. Damage is mostly plastic and rubber. I have photos of the damage. give me a call if interested. I just don’t have the time to repair.

  7. 1985 VW Westfalia Wolfsburg Camper, 2nd Owner, Documents and service records back to and including the original window sticker, Never driven in Ohio winters

    130 K original miles. Price: $19,500

    This 1985 VW Westfalia Camper is all original with original paint. The first owner lived in Florida, and I purchased the vehicle in Florida in 1993. I drove the vehicle for two years in England, and then I moved to Japan.

    Since the summer of 1995, I have only driven the vehicle for two or six weeks during the summer months. From August 1995 until now the vehicle has been garaged in Ohio.

    This Westy has only been adult used and is in excellent all around condition: No off road use; No extended camping; the stove has only been used to boil water to make tea and coffee.

    The exterior is completely original, with original paint. There are two minor dings in the back from two separate backing accidents. These have not been repaired as I wanted to keep it original until a repaint becomes necessary. The canvas pop top is original and has two very small holes in the front panel. The interior/seats and carpet are near perfect, like new condition.

    During storage, mice got in the vehicle, but no visible damage to any upholstery, carpet or wiring. I have just taken the vehicle back out of storage and there is mouse smell in the vehicle. That is the only negative I can say.

    Mechanically this Westy is very sound. Tires are 80,000 mile warranty Pirelli P-400 Aquamiles with only about 5,000 miles on them. The battery is four years old, but was disconnected during storage. A fifteen-minute charge each time I take it out of storage and it is full up. Oil and filters have been changed regularly at 3,000 mile intervals.

    Phone or text: 901-246-1992

    Asking $19,500 obo

  8. Hi Mike,
    I have a beloved 71 Camper bus with the pop-top. Northern California girl. Red. She has a newer engine, wheels, and the original furnishings, but needs a new pop-up canvas, and could use a spiff-up restoration. Drives nicely. I see fully restored buses at 22-25K, so what would be a decent price for one that needs some restoration? I’m thinking 12-15?
    Appreciate your thoughts.

  9. Hey all! I have sort of inherited an 84 Westy with about 85K for mileage. I really do not know much about these vehicles at all. It has a 4 speed shift and diesel – I was told this is very rare, but again have no clue.
    The driver side middle section was damaged when it met with a half cut tree trunk. Ugly, but no frame damage. The rest is pretty nice. She runs and drives, but I have zero interest in this type of vehicle. Clean MA title.
    Have no idea what this is worth or what someone would pay for it. Any help or offers would be great!

    • Nice looking rig. Has the transmission ever been rebuilt? They notoriously go out at 150k (mine at 142k). Rebuilt Engine? Rust Underneath? Kitchen all works? Looks like it’s very well taken care of. If I was you, I’d put it on eBay and use the VIN to get the free title report to show, then also provide videos of the engine running, appliances working, etc. Then you’ll likely get the attention of buyers outside of Boise which could drive up the final price for you. As far as price, you’re approaching the high end, though if it’s all legit and everything works flawlessly, you’d likely be able to get $15k on the West Coast, like SF, Seattle, etc. Not sure what the Boise market it like, but I know the SLC market south of you is pretty good. A title report, some videos, etc might get some folks to commit to the 4hr trek. Good luck!

      • Hello,

        I follow your site and thought you might have the knowledge/experience to answer my question. Do you feel Syncro Westfalia’s will go up in value in the next 3-5 years and to be a good investment? I’m considering a fully restored one with an Audi 1.8t engine swap. Seller claims it has had over $100k invested. I’d be offering $65k but just wanted to know what demand you see for a restored Sycnro Westy at such a high price point.

        I’ve seen some priced between $65-85k not as nice as the one I’m looking at but I don’t see much movement on people buying them.

        Thanks in advance for your advice,

        • The main worry I have with any over powered vanagon is the transmission. The 1.8T is one of the best engine swaps you can do with a vanagon, but it’s hell on the transmission. Syncro trans cases are getting rare. Call German Transaxle, AA transaxle, etc and price out what a new syncro transmission would be out right, without a core. I have a friend with a 1.8T syncro and he blew a hole in his trans case recently. I think a new core alone, not rebuilt, was $2,500. Syncro’s will always be going up in price. If you don’t necessarily need a camper, check out THIS Subaru H6 Syncro for sale in SF for $32k, just needs a new trans ($4k-$7k?). Not sure if it is CA smog legal though.

  10. Hi a Mike! As much as it breaks my heart to do this, I’m biting the bullet and selling my beloved Zeke. He is an ’88 full camper Westy, blue/grey. I’ve owned and loved him since 2003. He only has 97k and has been worked on exclusively by a VW expert he in Dayton, OH. Small amount of rust on the body, and I’ve had a few small body repairs done due to rust in the typical Westy places but otherwise he looks great. All equipment is original. I’m offering him at 18k. Wouldn’t be selling at all but I’ve moved to Costa Rica and the van needs to be loved by someone else now. Does the price seem right to you? Thanks for any guidance you might have. Ali

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