Sell Your Westy

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade, downgrade or get out of the Westy life. I’d be happy to help you find your way down whichever path you are choosing.  As of October 2020, I’m considering a pay for post model. For $100, I will write about your Vanagon Westfalia for sale.  The starting price is $100 (via pay pal). For $100, you will receive….

  • I’ll create an SEO optimized post that will be the TOP post on the website homepage for at least five days.
  • Because this website ranks near the top of Google search results for many Westfalia search queries, it will be seen by thousands of qualified potential buyers searching for “westfalias for sale“, “westfalia + your state“, etc. Try google searches and see. It’s probably how you got here in the first place.
  • It can contain up to five photos and 1 video (YouTube or other streaming embed that you create).
  • It will get posted to our Facebook page which has nearly 7k legitimate followers.

Drop me a note at and tell me about your Westfalia, or head over to the User Submissions page and leave the details in a comment. If you’ve already got it listed somewhere, share the links of where it is listed. If we feel it’s worthy of posting, we’ll get it up within 48 hours, and likely much sooner than that.  We don’t usually post air cooleds or Eurovans, however if it is special enough, we’ll post it.