Rare Imported 1990 VW Vanagon High Top Westy Diesel – $23,500 in Seattle, WA

Rare Imported 1990 VW Vanagon High Top Westy Diesel - $23,500 in

Rare Imported 1990 VW Vanagon High Top Westy Diesel – $23,500 in Seattle, WA

Here’s a sweet imported left hand driver that came from Belgium -> Canada and is now for sale in the US.  This van is a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper High Top with a factory 1.6L Turbo Diesel and five speed manual transmission, WOW!  The engine had a partial rebuild less than 13k miles ago, the stove works and was set up to use Coleman camping cylinders instead of the LPG tank. It does come with a diesel heater, though it has gone untested by the current seller(why?).  Some of the other feature include manual windows (nice for a late model Westy), new tires, reupholstered seats, front door panels replaced, jump seat with 3 point seat belt and it lacks A/C.  The high top is factory, which is a rare find in the sates, and is also insulated which keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The seller states it gets 30 mpg even when fully loaded down, though that does sound a bit of a stretch to me. As an added bonus it comes with a custom toddler/infant hammock bed for the front seat.  Find it for sale in Seattle, Washington with an asking price of $23,500.  Craigslist Link

Some thoughts here.  Ensure you can register this in the US, or in your state.  It “should” pass the 25 year test, though you’ll want to avoid any additional paper work and $$ headaches.  I’m not 100% sure this diesel is legit in California, though it might be.  There is some seam rust, make sure to check underneath (duh) for more. If you do buy it, get on that rust asap with a grinder and some POR15.  Though it’s got quite a tall asking price, a 1990 5 speed diesel high top in the US is going to appreciate quickly.  If I was in the market for a Westy and had a $20k budget, I would jump on this quick.  Also, I’d install an extra tall antenna to remind yourself it’s a high top so you don’t decapitate it in a parking garage.

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    Dawn Mellard at

    Hi there!
    How do I get a hold of the seller?


  2. The seller hit me up with a few more details about this awesome rig.

    -The diesel heater turns on, but does not fire. I’ve spent no time investigating it as we’ve only camped in warm months.

    -The 30+ mpg surprised me. That said, it doesn’t do well beyond 60-65 on the highway. The better mileage may be do to moderate speeds.

    -This van should be fully registerable in all states, with the exception of California.

    • Why won’t a van like this register in CA?

      • It’s likely an engine that wasn’t sold in the US. It might pass depending on how it was gray marketed into the US.

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