1990 Westy Camper w/ Rebuilt Engine & 164k Miles – Auction In Sacramento, CA

Every now and again there's a reasonable looking auction that pops up on eBay, here's a fresh one just listed 4 hours ago. This 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper features a recently rebuilt stock 2.1 L engine, automatic transmission and a great Auto Check score.  The original silver paint appears to be quite oxidized, however there doesn't seem to be any noticeable rust in the pictures.  The Auto Check store (VIN WV2ZB0257LH053473) is very high, and the title records come through with flying colors and what appear to be accurate mileage, currently sitting at 164k.

It does have a trailer hitch, and no note about what it was used to tow, hopefully just a bike rack or occasional light trailer. While the tent appears to be in OK shape, the inner picture of the pop top shows that it likely had a mildew issue at some point. The pictures show this van came equipped with factory AC, but no word from the seller if it works or not.  The photos of the kitchen appliances and cabinets look good, but no statement with regards to the working order of the stove, sink, fridge or propane tank. Definitely inquire with the seller about these items before taking the time to see it. Lastly, has some odd center console in the front I've never seen before, almost looks like a middle seat, thought I doubt it is. Auction Ends Wednesday February 14th at 12:24pm PST. Happy Valentine's Day!  eBay LinkRead More About This Westy


1983 Westfalia Camper w/ Subaru SVX 3.3L Engine $26k in Ann Arbor, Michigan

It takes an interesting specimen to catch my eye these days, and this 1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper powered by a 3.3L Subaru SVX engine, loaded with all kinds of desirable upgrades, is what brings us here today. It's up for grabs in Ann Arbor Michigan for $26k.

It's pretty hard to find a nice SVX camper for under $30k these days. The SVX engine is great because it's reliable (they are sometimes used in airplanes!), it fits nicely in the vanagon engine bay, and it produces north of a whopping 200 horsepower. The seller says they purchased it in California, and I'm wondering if it has a CARB sticker and has passed smog in CA before?  I'd almost consider buying this van if I knew for sure. The weak link in the chain here is the stock transmission, which isn't the best solution for this much horsepower or torque. Plan on saving up an extra $3k - $4k for when it goes, or a little more coin to do a Subaru Gears 5 speed swap.

Mechanically it is said to be well cared for, with a variety of new parts and service over the past couple of years including steering rack and pinion, clutch and slave master cylinders, timing belt, machined heads, instrument cluster circuit foil, Go Westy 1.5 lift springs, Bilstein shocks, propane tank and a variety of other odds and ends.

  • The pop top was professionally refurbished last year and looks great, all that fuzzy mold prone fabric is gone and it's got a new tent! Not an easy job.
  • Van Cafe tube bumpers with the roo bar style grill guard and rear hitch receiver.
  • Truck mirrors, awesome from personal experience, and usually at least $300 a pair, if you can find them.
  • House battery set up with isolator and all the fixins to power a Truck Fridge and an inverter.
  • Yakima towers, bars and box. Custom ladder that mounts to the jack spot underneath.
  • Chrysler stow and go fabric seats. Though not original VW seats, these are are widely known upgrade and it appears they were installed with the correct mounting brackets so they can still swivel, and they fold down. I'm personally considering these same seats for my van someday as they're a relatively inexpensive option at about $150 each (w/o mounting hardware or install).
  • It sits nicely on 16" allow wheels and tires less than 2,000 miles old, but I can't seem to tell which kind in the photos.

I love when the seller goes the extra mile to describe and document the details. In fact, if more sellers did this, there'd really be no reason for this website. At any rate, you can read the full scoop here on the seller's own … Read More About This Westy


’82 Westy Camper w/ Fresh 1.9L Turbo Diesel – $20k in Oakland, CA

Locating a good condition 1.9L turbo diesel Westfalia for sale, at a reasonable price, is becoming more of a challenge every day (especially this time of year), and even more so in California. Browse through the diesel Vanagon listings on the The Samba HERE and notice the current general availability is either kinda beat and rusting, or super expensive. Not much of a middle ground these days. That's where I feel this Westy comes in, though up front I will disclose a slight bias, the sellers are friends of mine. With that being said, I've obviously seen this van in person many times, and it's a winner at their current asking price of $20k. The beautiful original assuan brown paint speaks for itself, and most notably, the new engine and rebuilt transmission have less than 5,000 miles on them. This work (along with other maintenance) was done by the well respected Karmakanix in Berkeley, CA.  The engine installed was a brand new AAZ long block, with a mechanical injection pump, so no complex wiring harness, a very simple design. The transmission has a taller ratio ring and pinion, which means it might actually be new (vs. rebuilt).

This 1982 VW Vanagon Diesel Westfalia Camper comes with a working Dometic fridge, working propane tank, working 2 burner stove, working water faucet & tank, auxiliary battery & inverter and upgraded later model front seats(with arm rests!). Icing on the cake is the highly sought after South African grill and headlight kit. This is the only '82 diesel I've seen that has A/C, even though it's described as sub par. It's currently located in the East Bay / Oakland, CA area with an asking price of $20k, boasting a original 139k original miles. Find it on craigslist here.  Check out what others are saying about this Westy on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest & Twitter.… Read More About This Westy


1990 Westy Camper w/ Subaru WRX Turbo & Transmission – $34k in AZ

Sorry for the severe lack of posts over the past year or so, life is crazy.  At any rate, this particular van is what brought me out of hibernation. It's a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper is powered by Subaru 2.0L Turbo linked to a FIVE speed Subaru Gears transmission and features good looks and many other highly desirable upgrades.

The Engine.  Not only does it produce 225 horsepower, it's a Subaru boxer style, very similar to the stock engine proportions, which means it might be the best fitting engine swap that produces over 200hp.  The work was performed by a shop in Phoenix, AZ called Montz Auto Renditions at least 7 years ago.

The Transmission.  A fresh Subaru gears flipped 5 speed transmission, with an OBX limited slip differential. I don't know much about the OBX, but adding and LSD or TBD to a vanagon is an AWESOME upgrade. On the performance side, it will move at 75 mph (with cruise control) at only 3100 rpm, having similar MPGs compared to a stock 2.1 VW Engine.

Plenty of other reasons to own the van include....

  • Propex HS2000 heater - Installed under the fridge and connected to a fresh and legal propane tank.
  • Truckfridge TF49 refrigerator - Likely the most common fridge upgrade out there. Electric only.
  • Dual Zone Working A/C - This is usually stupid expensive to add, but it's here, and sounds like an amazing set up.
  • Big Brake Kit - Installed up front, helps you slow and stop those 225 ponies a bit ("a bit") better than stock brakes.

I don't usually see 2wd Westys above $30k that I'd be interested in,, but this one could definitely be an exception. It's a southwest desert van, likely no rust. Paint looks original and shines like it's well cared for. Wheels, tries, suspension, upgraded sway bar, extra large intercooler, house battery set up, newer tent, all of these are desirable and come with high price tags. All of this on a chassis with a reportedly low 135k miles.

The seller provided the VIN ( WV2ZB0256LH028595 ), which you could do a Car Fax or similar report with. In these types of transparent sales with lots of detail, the title report is usually clean and the mileage might even check out too.  Personally I'm a bit weary of power windows and locks in Vanagons. Those familiar with the switches and actuators work in Vanagons will usually have a kit with the parts and tools necessary to address them on the road.   On a sad note for California buyers, you probably can't pass smog with this engine setup. sad face.

Find it for sale listed on The Samba, residing in Tuscon Arizona with an asking price of $34,500.  Got thoughts on … Read More About This Westy


Beastly! ’91 Syncro 16″ Camper w/ Triple Knobs & AAZ Diesel Engine – $45k in SLO, CA

1991 VW Vanagon Syncro 16" Westfalia Camper Diesel Triple Knob $45k in San Louis Obispo, CA

1991 VW Vanagon Syncro 16" Westfalia Camper Diesel Triple Knob $45k in San Louis Obispo, CA

I pretty much dropped everything this morning to post about this awesome rig up for grabs in San Louis Obispo, CA. This beast is a 1991 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper with a 1.9L AAZ Diesel engine, manual transmission with taller 3rd and 4th gears, front locker, rear locker and decoupler. Known as the "Syncro 16", this is a special breed of 4wd Vanagon that comes beefed up and reinforced straight from the factory. You can read the full story on the Syncro 16 history over on Vanagon.com. Of the 44,000 Syncros made, only 2,100 of them are Syncro 16"s.

Drivetrain - The engine is a 1.9L mTDI (AAZ code) with a stated 87k miles on it. It was recently given oil service, fuel filter, fuel lines, and injectors along with timing adjustment. While the seller doesn't state their MPGs, my estimate is probably up to 26 HWY with the 4wd disengaged. The transmission has taller 3rd and 4th gear, which given the van already has 16" wheels on it, it probably cruises very nice on the highway. A huge bonus for the aficionados, is this is a true "triple knob", meaning you can easily lock the front and/or rear differential, and also disengage the front wheel drive for regular driving or cruising.

Extras - Two spare tires and carriers on the rear bumper, crucial for those long Baja tours. A Fiamma 45s awning in good shape is also icing on the cake for those adventures in the hot sun. It sounds like the fridge and stove are stock, but with updated piping for the propane set up, all implied to be working. An added uninstalled bonus is a Webasto propane heater, though the thermostat is already installed.

Conclusion - Yes, it's $45k, that's some serious coin to drop on a 30 year old van. However, if you've been watching the price of syncro campers over the past couple of years, you know that a diesel triple knob in good shape will go for at least this, if not more.  My guess is it will sell in the next week or two, for no less than $40k, especially in this region. The seller didn't provide the VIN, so of course you'll want to get that and run a CarFax report or similar to get the history.  What do you think it's worth?  Let us know in the comments below, or head on over to the individual conversations about this Westy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and share your wisdom there.

Sources : The Samba Link - Craigslist Link - Picasa Photo Album

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