1991 SVX Syncro Westfalia

Front view of this beautiful 1991 VW Westfalia SVXThese guys up at Subagon have been trying to sell this beast for quite a while.  With an asking price of $64,500, it might be a while before someone antes up that kind of a loot, even for this wicked machine.   According to an older the listing on the Subagon site, they originally appear to be asking $72,000, but their recent listing on the Samba and the new page on the Subagon site are down to only $64,500.  This is pretty much one of the most bad ass Westfalias I've ever seen, almost military looking.  With 4 wheel drive and 250+ horsepower, the world is your oyster.… Read More About This Westy


WestfaliasForSale.com, Is For Sale!

Interested in taking the reins of an amazing website and community? WestfaliasForSale.com is up for sale, along with all of the associated social media properties and followers. I am sad to say that as of summer 2019, I'm no longer the owner of a Vanagon or Westfalia. I'm 6'4" 230 lbs and just don't fit too well in the cab. I've spent the last eight years building this website and fan base, and now it can be yours for $9,000.

About eight years ago, I was looking for my 2nd VW Vanagon Westfalia to buy, and I just started blogging about ones I saw for sale. It eventually turned into a massive index of over 600 vans I'd written about. All of these are optimized by type, location, features, colors, VINs, everything point of data I could gather from the listing. I also searched for duplicate listings across multiple platforms. Go ahead and search in google or bing for anything having to do with westfalias for sale, and many other westfalia related searches.  During the summer the site would receive more than 30,000 unique users very month. See the monthly Google analytics users/pageviews view below.

The Facebook page has 6,500 organic followers, all legit and real. Took a long time to build this.

Instagram has a 1,200 followers. I think in my absence from the platform somehow it was hacked and used to follow people. I never followed 7,000 people. Just need to unfollow them, takes a while. PW was changed.

Pinterest has 336 followers and 5k monthly views. I never really touched this other than posting the vans images for sale here.

When I actually spent time publishing and nurturing the site, it has made upwards of $1,000 in commission in a month. Most of this is from eBay's affiliate program. You'd be required to get your own eBay Partner Network account and switch out the affiliate tracking IDs. There's also google adsense and a couple other rental affiliate programs.

The site picked up a lot of natural backlinks over the years, from Popular Mechanics, Bloomberg and variety of other publications, usually in articles about Westfalias or van life.

The main idea I had, was to build an index of every Westfalia as it went up for sale around the US. Then, the next time the van is sold, when people search for the VIN, they'll find this listing. Eventually creating an index history of Vanagon Westfalia's up for sale in the US. I only got to 600 vans, so it's a long ways to go.

I built an XML feed system to parse through every US craigslist region for the word "westfalia", and returns the results on this page. I only ping the craigslist regions once per day, and they don't seem to mind.

The potential for this site is huge, and it's turnkey, ready to roll. It's currently hosted on WP Engine and can be easily transferred to a new host if need … Read More About This Westy