1985 White VW Westfalia For Sale In Miami, FL

I've seen this one listed at least once before, can't recall if was on eBay or somewhere else.  Anyhow, 1985 Westfalia full camper for sale in Miami, FL.  Appears to be in decent shape, however the odometer (and possibly speedometer) have stopped working at 150k.   Strong engine, manual trans, doesn't leak, all/most everything works, minimal rust, a few GoWesty parts.  Sounds like the seats are in rough shape, but you can  Buy it now for $4,175.  Might be a pretty good deal, and the reserve price could be much lower than the buy it now price.  However I wonder how this van does in the south Florida heat?  Would be a great beach/surf mobile if you had room to park it at your place.… Read More About This Westy


1985 Westfalia For Sale, Excellent Condition, Lots New, Low Miles

I've been thinking about trying to find a way to purchase this 1985 Westfalia that is for sale near me, but I just can't seem to come up with the money.  I'd have to sell mine first, and I'm in the process of doing some body work on it that would make it a much better resell.  So, if I can't buy it, I guess someone else should because it appears to be quite a find.  It has ~120k original miles, newer rebuilt motor and transmission, newer pop top canvas and sunroof.  According to a title check I did, it is being sold by the 2nd owner.  Most of the mechanical work was done a few years back at J's VW in Reno.  I took this van for test drive a few weeks ago and it's solid, no squeaks, shifts tight, feels powerful.   If you're interested, hit the seller up on craigslist, at $12,000 this is priced pretty fair considering the condition.   I think if this Westfalia was for sale in the Bay Area (5 hours south), it would have sold in a few days.… Read More About This Westy


Westfalia Enterprises Westys For Sale

Every now and again on The Samba, Westfalia-Enterprises.com lists a handful of the fully restored VW Westfalias they've up on the market.  It appears they strip down the entire vehicle, repaint it, and rebuild it from the ground up.  Most of them are in the low to mid 20s, and seem reasonably priced for the amount of work that was put into them.   One example recently posted today is this 1990 silver camper with new everything in mint condition for $22k.  If I didn't live 12 hours from Van Nuys (LA), I'd love to drive by their showroom and have a look.  Their website also states they'll take trade ins too, as long as there's no rust.… Read More About This Westy


1990 VW Westfalia Camper w/ Newer Turbo Diesel Conversion

I've had my eye on this Westy for a some time now, still kicking myself a tiny bit for not checking it out the last time I was in the Bay Area a couple months ago.  I figured the seller would have this unique  TDI Westy pretty quick, but for whatever reason it remains for sale on The Samba where  the asking price has fallen from $22,000 to $19,500 over the past couple of months.  On the surface it appears to be a really good deal, with a newer engine block and rebuilt transmission with taller 3rd and 4th.   I tried to ask the seller a few questions via email a while back and found out the body has 300k+ and the odometer no longer works.    While the trailer hitch is a nice feature, you never really know what someone may have tried to tow with it at one point.   No power steering, no AC, solar panels, clean title, travel ready and in the end, it appears to be in tip top shape .  I love those Go Westy steel plate bumpers and the South African Grill & Headlights.  Another interesting note is that the seller didn't include the acronym "TDI" in their listing, and therefore a search for TDI doesn't surface this listing on The Samba, only using diesel in query will it then appear.   I wonder if any diesel Westy enthusiasts missed this?… Read More About This Westy


Rare “importable”Mercedes Benz Westfalia For Sale in Canada

This thing is awesome.  I know it's not a VW , but I thought it garnished an easy worth mention to our fans.    I'm not sure really what goes into getting these registered, let alone trying to get it past the DMV in California.  This Mercedes Benz Diesel Westfalia up for sale on eBay by a Canadian that states they imported to from Germany two years ago.  It has a 3 liter 5 cylinder diesel with 137,000 miles.  It looks much more robust than the traditional Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter Vans seen here in the US.  More pictures of it on the seller's photobucket.   Only 6 hours left on this and no one has made a bid above the $14,500 reserve price.… Read More About This Westy