NICE 1989 Fully Loaded Upgraded Westfalia Full Camper in Humboldt County

1989 Westy Full Camper w/ New Motor and Transmission

1989 Westy Full Camper w/ New Motor and Transmission – $17k Behind The Redwood Curtain

It’s pretty rare to see a nice Westy for sale up here in Humboldt.  There’s only like 125,000 people in the entire county, and honestly most of the folks here opt for for 4×4 trucks and SUVs, rather than Synrcos, etc. The Toyota pickup and Dodge diesels are pretty much the flagships here.  However, once in a great while, they’ll be a gem pop up on craigslist.  My sweetheart actually told me about this one she came across today, I hadn’t looked in a couple weeks.  New GoWesty 2.2 motor with less than 1,000 miles, new 4 speed manual transmission and clutch 10,000 miles ago.  I’m guessing both of those combined are probably $10k or more with labor.  There’s no body mileage stated and no shot of the odometer, and no VIN provided, so you’re mostly going in blind on the true history. Love that reclining passenger seat.  Maybe someone will ask the seller and post more details here?  Email sent.  All together, this looks like a super nice van for $17k. One of our quintessential local backdrops at Houda point too, always a good choice.

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