Mint 1986 Westy w/ New Motor – $13,500 – Whidbey Island, WA

1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper - $13,500 in Langely - New Motor!

1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper – $13,500 in Langely, WA – New Motor!

When sellers don’t take the time to fully detail what they’ve got for sale, you can sometimes get a better deal by doing extra homework.  This 1986 Westfalia with a 4 speed manual and brand new engine was listed for sale on craigslist in Langley, WA for $13,500. However, there’s no mention of the word “westfalia” in the ad, just Vanagon, while it happens to actually be a Westy full camper. While most Vanagon hunters might have seen this, the Westy fanatics might not have come across it yet.  No mention of which new motor was installed, not sure why sellers don’t proivde the details here.  It could be a rebuilt stock 2.1L, a GoWesty or new TDI, installed by either Joe Schmoe down the road, or a shop like Small Car Performance in nearby Tacoma, WA. While the seller doesn’t provide specific details, depending on who installed what engine in this van, it  could be a really sweet deal at only $13,500.  It looks to be relatively rust free, and by the dashboard pics appears to have been kept out of the sun much of it’s life. Granted you’ll have to ferry it off the Island, hopefully that doesn’t cost too much. We’ll see if the seller wants to provide more details .

  1. The seller told me it sold right away. Super good deal in my opinion.

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    Has this Westy sold on Whidbey Island?

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