Mint 1982 Diesel VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper 48k Miles – $20k

1982 Diesel VW Westfalia Full Camper Low Miles

1982 Diesel VW Westfalia Full Camper Low Miles

This is one of the most original minty early 80s Westy I've seen a while. It has been posted on eBay by a dealer in New Jersey for an asking price of $19,750 or 'make an offer'. The seller doesn't go to any effort describing the vehicle or it's history, however there's plenty of 'Westy porn" in the post, seems like 50+ photos, and they detailed her to the hilt. There is a bit of superficial looking rust underneath, and the interior ceiling of the pop top looks like it was moldy at one point.  Otherwise, the plastic and the interior look really good.  Not sure what else to say about this.  They claim 'miles exempt', not sure exactly what that means, maybe they don't have documentation of the original mileage? This  4 speed manual diesel is a turtle but should get in the higher 20 mpgs on the highway.

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