Mid June 2014 eBay Auction Follow Ups

Westys Sold On eBay In June 2014We’ve seen quite a few Westy’s sell on eBay in the past week or so, thought I’d do a follow up post to share some of the final winning bids.

This 1984 Westy(link) in Stuart, Florida has an auction ending around midnight EST tonight(6/23), strange end time, maybe someone will snag a deal! Current high bid is $9,500. Sold for $9,850 after 3 bids from 2 bidder. Good deal!

This 1991 Syncro Westy(link) in Provo, Utah just sold for $13,500. Quite a deal if it’s reliable and the paint job isn’t too concealing.

This low miles(39k!) 1984 Westy camper (link) in Maine just sold for $16,100.  Great price for that kind of condition and mileage.

This 1986 Syncro Westy (link) in Oklahoma just sold for only $13,601!  Great deal, now you just have to find a way to get it out of the Oklahoma, in case you live there, which is cool too.

This awesome 1984 Westy (link) in Tennessee just sold for $18,900.  Quite a deal considering all the work and precision that supposedly went into this van.



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