Low Mileage (62k!) 1984 VW Westfalia Full Camper – Chico, CA $13,500

1985_westy_full_camper_67k_miles_chico_ca_13kThis looks like the real deal original Westy at a somewhat reasonable price.  The seller claims it has an original 67,000 miles, but the odometer reads 62k?  Wonder if it’s still working?  It is for sale in Chico, CA, which is far, far away from the salty coastline and therefore probably has minimal rust, if any.  There’s a full photobucket album with dozens of pictures and it looks very clean overall.  We’re wondering if the old school leather luggage comes with it?  Check it out over at The Samba.  Yep, it’s a manual transmission too.  The dash and plastic look shiny and uncracked, and the upholstery looks quite clean.   The Ivory / Beige color doesn’t look too far off from the original according to the 1984 Westfalia specs on this site.   Possibly missing a radio antenna?

  1. hello – is this VW still available …. thx !

    • According to the link on The Samba above, the van is still for sale. Rare find. I’d buy it if I didn’t already have my ’85.

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