Jussi Oksanen’s 1997 Westfalia For Sale – Encinitas, CA

Pro Snowboarder Jussi Oksanen's Red Westfalia Weekender For Sale In Encinitas, CA $19,995

Pro Snowboarder Jussi Oksanen’s Red Westfalia Weekender For Sale In Encinitas, CA $19,995 – TheSamba.com

Longtime master of backcountry kickers Jussi Oksanen has put his red 1987 Wolfsburg Weekender Westfalia up for sale in Enciniats, CA for a cool $19,995. The van shows nicely and appears to be very clean and well taken care of, no dents, no rust, almost looks new. Even what appears to be the original tent canvas is in good shape.  No mention of actual mileage on the body, but the 2.1L engine is stated to only have 60k miles on it and there are $7k in maintenance receipts from the past two years, exclusively from European Automotive in Solana Beach, CA.  It’s manual as well, lots of automatics out there for sale right now, I’m personally just not into them.  Would be interesting to do a VIN check and see how long Jussi owned this van, and what other owners in may have had as well. Such a sweet looking rig.  I also found some videos and stories about Jussi and his van from a couple of years ago here and here.


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