How To Install A New Westfalia Pop Top Tent

How To Install A New Westfalia Pop Top Tent

Installing A New Westfalia Pop Top Tent

The guys at Camper Van culture get down with some nice product reviews and installation videos and this one (below) is fresh as of today. This tent replace is going on Dan Whitaker’s Westy, the van found on

As Westy’s continue to age, one of the main features that folks usually like to replace is the original pop top tent canvas, as while metal can rust and rubber can degrade, the original canvas tents often seem to wear out before any other structural piece of these vans.   There are a wide variety of options to choose from, however this particular example uses a GoWesty tent, although I’m not quite sure which one, as they sell quite a few versions. If you live in Europe or the UK, you should be able to buy these directly from Camper Van culture very soon, however at the time of this post they were not available on their site.

In the video below they don’t quite state how long the whole process takes, however I’ve heard if you’re doing this job on your own, it can take up 8 hours to pull all the old screws out, and mount and re screw the new tent. If you’d like to see how NOT to install the tent, check out this YouTube video. Supposedly the job is much easier if you take the top off first, however that still seems like much more work to me. Thankfully my Westy has a nice fresh 3 window tent that was installed a few years ago before I bought it, so I’m good to go for a while.

The price of a new Westy pop top tent varies by materials and construction, ranging anywhere from $200 to as much as $800.  The material grade starts at basic canvas, then to cotton, synthetic, hemp and so on.  They are also available in plain neutral colors, camouflage and some crazy tie dye patterns as well. Guess it just depends on your personality, or your van’s personality.

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    Heather marie at

    Thanks for the video,

    I am going to attempt to put a new canvas onto my bus, it looks like I just need a screw gun and a socket wrench?
    Also, other videos show that the canvas has to be stretched to get get it on, but there isn’t much video here when you attached the bottom of the canvas. was it as easy as the top, you just screwed it all on with not need for a stretcher tool, it wasn’t to tight?
    I have a 1990, if that makes any difference? Thanks for your help!

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