Imported 1987 Westy Camper Syncro Auction In New Jersey, Again….

1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Turbo Diesel Westfalia Camper - Auction I

1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Turbo Diesel Westfalia Camper – Auction In New Jersey

So they’re back again after no buyers in the past five months (or more).  I originally posted about this Westy back on October 13th (original post), when the eBay auction fetched a high bid of $32,500 (expired auction), after 61 bids from 28 bidders. According to the seller, this is a stock 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia with the European 1.6L Turbo Diesel. The new auction( eBay Link) went up over the weekend and Wednesday March 25th at 5:30 pm PST. While there is a VIN, due to the fact it’s an import it’s going to be hard to get/verify the vehicle’s history.  There’s also a photobucket album (link) with over 40 more photos of this rig, though I don’t think it’s changed since October.  It is also listed on The Samba (link) with an asking price of $45k, along with this diesel high top syncro for $50k (link).  I’d say there’s something fishy about these, and I’d love to hear the thoughts and opinions of other syncro fanatics on this rig, or maybe you’ve even gone to check it out at some point?  Well, leave your words of wisdom below, or head on over to the individual posts about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ to share your opinions there.

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  1. After 60 bids from 20 bidders, this sold for $42,100. I’m wondering if the seller will accept this price? Someone using this website actually won it, as I we got a $60 commission for it. Thanks! However, these do get reversed if the transaction doesn’t get completed. Time will tell!

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