Great Westy Safe! – 68% Off Mini Fingerprint Lock Box – Only $95

Mini Fingerprint Safe Lock Box - Great for Vehicles and Homes

Mini Fingerprint Safe Lock Box – $95 at

So every now and again I’m going to post reviews and rants about things I’ve accessorized my Westy with, and today is one of those days.  A while back I saw this portable mini fingerprint lock box (link) for sale on Woot for only $95.  Well, they’re back again, and after my purchase I’d highly recommend picking up one, or even two.  Openly disclosing where I’ve concealed it in my Westy wouldn’t be the best idea, however with a little imagination there are plenty of places it will fit; cabinets, under the seats, etc.  There’s already a couple of holes in the back, and I even drilled a couple more myself.  It does come with a steel cable to tether it to things, but it’s flimsy and I could probably cut it with a pair of pliers.  If someone really wanted to get into it, and had a crow bar, they probably could.  To be honest, I would have been disappointed had I paid the retail price of $300 for this, however at only $95, it’s a steal.  It’s super easy to set up the fingerprint system, just have it open, press the button, hold your finger to it, done.  It opens just as easy as well. If the batteries die, it will open with one of the provided keys. It’s big enough for a small firearm, or could also hold at least a few wallets and phones. Gives me piece of mind when I want to leave small valuables in my Westy when I park it places (who wants to carry a wallet when you’re hiking?). $95 at Woot till February 22nd.

Do you have a safe or lock box in your Westy?  Care to share some tips? Tell us what you think of this deal or your own set up in the comments below, or head on over to discuss this deal on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

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