Fan Request – 1990 Vanagon Carat – $6,800 in Orange County

1990 VW Vanagon Carat Weekender - $6,800 in So Cal

1990 VW Vanagon Carat Weekender – $6,800 in So Cal –

While I try to keep this blog focused on Westfalias, (vs. other Vanagons), I will provide my thoughts if a fan of the site wants my thoughts on a particular VW van for sale.  Today a request came in for this Vanagon, for sale in So Cal from a user on

First, this van is nice because it is a newer 1990, but it also comes with power locks, power windows and power mirrors.  These often get quirky, and why I personally prefer the earlier years.  I don’t prefer automatic transmissions, but if you live in a hilly city with lots of stop and go traffic, and you get a well taken care of automatic transmission, then it can make sense.  With stock Vanagons being under powered, no one wants to climb steep hills in traffic with a manual.  Keep in mind you’ll wear an automatic transmission out much quicker this way, but you can always get a new one.  There’s a long article over at GoWesty that describes both the manual and automatic in great detail.

On the plus side, in terms mileage (140k), condition(no rust) and asking price($6,800), this looks like a pretty decent deal.  It also comes with 2 jump seats, so it’s really a 7 passenger van.  One advantage to the tin tops vs Westys, is you can attach multiple racks to the gutters and add all kinds of boxes or attachments, they’ll take a lot more weight than a fiberglass pop top.

Things I would ask this seller if I was considering the van?

  • As always, I’d do a VIN check to see if mileage is accurate and for branding / salvage issues.
  • Get pictures of the undercarriage and wheel wells.

Today I also started a Westy Buying Tips page, which I plan to regularly update as I continue with my Westy porn habit. If you’re new to researching and buying Vanagons and Westfalias, it might help you get a jump start on the process.


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