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  1. Hello,A newbee.I am on the hunt for a Westfalia. I have looked at your for sale ones.But, I notice you only use a date with no year? So I wonder how long the Westy has been on the market. Thx,in advance,theduck

  2. Christopher Wallace

    Hello Westy Owners!

    I have an 1987 RHD VW T25 Westfalia Joker, which has been off the road for 14 years and 6 months and I have a question which I’m hoping someone out there can answer for me.

    I have just bought a “German quality” heated rear screen and the necessary roll of wire & dash switch and I’m looking for advice on where to fit the wire?
    I’ve been told that there is some sort of channel underneath the bus, which the wire can be fed through and up to the dash (somewhere? possibly behind the offside headlight? to the dash.)
    Does this channel underneath my bus exist?
    I don’t even know if this is the correct place to ask a question on your site. Apologies, if it’s not!
    I hope someone out there with T25 Westfalia knowledge, will come to my rescue and help me get my “Wagen” safely on the road, as winter is almost upon us here in Britain and a HRW is something I’ve dreamt of having on him for …well, 14 years and 6 months!

    Over to you!

  3. Good evening, Was hoping someone could point me in a direction to find a vw bus for around 5-10k needing one for a build for a customer. We are going to put new engine, paint, and modify for customer. If anyone has one let me know.


  4. How can one be sure about the quality of a Westy if it’s sold in an auction? How can one first get a mechanic to validate the condition of engine, brakes, fridge, pop-up, etc., before committing?

  5. I have been educating myself about Westy’s over the past couple of years, with a view to buying one in my retirement. I retire in June 2017 so it now seems so much more real that I will actually own one, one day.

    I am live in Toronto and have looked at a few Westy’s this way…most are needing a lot of work. I have a mechanic lined up but am thinking I’d rather pay more and get a vehicle in working condition. I am now thinking that I should just get myself to the US and find one that works for me and drive it home!

    I saw an email newsletter referenced on your site and wonder if it is still available?

    Thanks for the time and energy you put into your website.

    • Hello,
      My dad lives in Winnipeg and has his original westie for sale. It’s in mint condition and has lived in a garage all its life. If you would like to give me a call I can be reached at 403-613-5306
      Gita Varma

  6. I have a 1990 Westalia that i am gong to sell.
    I am the second owner and she has about 76,000 original miles.
    Wonderful original condition.
    I do not sell on ebay. What is the best way for me to sell her?
    Is their someone who specializes in this in the Portland Oregon area?

    Thank you,
    Steve Micek

    • Hey Steve,

      If you want the most money, eBay is the best route. In my estimate, you’ll sell a Westy on eBay for 10%-20% more than you would via craigslist or The Samba, etc. Portland is a hot market, so you’ll have no problem finding a buyer either way. The more transparent you are when listing, the more interested parties you’ll get. If it a manual trans and in absolute mint condition with 76k verifiable miles, someone in your area will pay $19k – $26k for something like that. Good luck! – Mike

  7. Hi Mike,

    I was hoping you could help me figure out if this is a good deal. I found a 1985 Vanagon with a Country Homes camper for sale on a street near my home in Southern California. I haven’t seen it posted anywhere online so I only have this bit of information on it currently:

    -Original Condition
    -New alternator
    -New power steering pump
    -New battery with backup
    -New rack
    -175,000 miles

    It is for sale at $8,900. I know that isn’t a lot of information but I’m assuming it hasn’t had any major replacements or changes done. The exterior looks great and from what I could tell the interior is in good condition as well. Please let me know if this is enough info to get an idea of wether or not this might be a good deal. Thank you!

  8. Hi Mike,

    I’ve got an 86 syncro Westy w/ a 1.8t conversion (awesome), and quite a few more mechanical upgrades. Frankly, I’d like a van a little lower to the ground ;)… Does anyone ever contact you about trading?


    • Yes, email is Thanks for the kind words. That looks like a great east coast find. Run a VIN check to try and verify ownership and mileage, check for seam rust, rust underneath, check for cracks in the pop top near the rack mounts, hit some speed bumps on a test drive, make sure the kitchen works, etc. Make sure you have at least $5k backup cash/credit in case of random issues (example, most manual trans fail around 150k if it hasn’t been rebuilt/replaced). Otherwise, if it all checks out, that’s a nice find at a reasonable price. Good luck!

  9. Mike
    I am from from Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

    I was hoping you might shed some light on import issues,.
    I am looking at possible purchase of 88 Diesel Turbo Syncro imported from
    Local guy rebuilt the engine added conversion to Bio Fuel which is not that
    attractive but information to consider.
    Vehicle is ex German military bare shell.
    no extra seats no roof rack gun rests in front seat,
    place (hooks) to hang camo curtains outside front windshield.

    Condition of body is VERY good.
    I had crawl around and find very little rust. My seller offers
    to add roof conversion and westy cabinet kit. all for $20,000 CAN.

    I talked with my trusted local westy repair experts Bavarian Motors in
    Nanaimo BC
    and they warn me against buying an import as spare parts are VERY hard
    to come by. Klynt suggests if I broke down in strange community I
    could wait for a month for special parts. Can you advise me on this
    issue! Are import parts hard to come by?

    • Thanks for the question Doug. Your best bet here would be to post on The Samba, as this type of scenario is something I’m not confident in providing advice on.

  10. Thank you for building this site! I’ve caught the fever and now am going through Westys like its a sickness. Almost bought a $1,500 project van. But it occurred to me the more expensive ones in the $20s+ may actually be a better value? What do you think of one like this?

    Personally I think the Blue Subaru Conversion in LA looks even better. Would love to hear your opinion on this. Personally a Subaru engine to me seems worth every penny! Thanks

    • With the project vans, it depends on the access you have to resources, and the mechanical knowledge. If you are new at this, not a mechanic or welder, and don’t have any close friends that are either, you are much better off buying a well sorted and maintained Westy for $20k, than you are buying a shell to rebuilt yourself. With that ’87 you listed, that engine is 10 years old and honestly isn’t know for it’s reliability. If you don’t mind driving automatics, that Blue Subaru might be a good deal for a “buy it and go” kind of situation.

      • I like the Blue one…not really looking for an automatic. Very interested in a Subaru conversion. In the process of looking at the $1,500 one I did find a good mechanic. Felipe at 523Rods in Richmond is a former lead mechanic at the BusLab and offered to do a Subaru conversion for $11k. Even so, I’m still thinking one like the blue one at $2Xish is probably a better deal. I am building a kit car so I can’t personally take on another project but want something reliable and fun for the family to go around this Spring. Thanks again!


  11. Howdy.
    I am looking to find a Westfalia somewhere between 1974 – 1979. Is there any system you have to alert people when a new Westy is available in this range or is there a way for you to contact me before posting a listing live. I would love first dibs on a Westy in my category.



  12. I have found two westfalias for sale in Austin, TX on craigslist. Care to offer your expertise on them on your site here. One is cream or white called “creme puff” and the other one is a blue one. Interested in one for our family and we live in the area. I found your site doing some research as this would be a new adventure (owning a westfalia) for us.

    Thanks for your time.

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