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1987 VW Vanagon Synrco Westfalia w/ SVX Engine – $42,000 in Portland, OR

I haven't seen one of these newly listed in a while, and I really like this sellers choice in surfboards. I believe that's a Santa Cruz pumpkin seed sitting under the van in that photo, a Swiss Army Knife of surfboards, I've had three of them, but only have one now that I've found the right length for me. This van is a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper with a 3.3L Subaru SVX engine, manual transmission (taller 4th gear) and all kinds of nicely done upgrades.  There's no mention of the actual mileage on the chassis, but but there are minimal miles on the transmission(1k) and engine rebuilt (15k).  The syncro comes with front and rear lockers with a decoupler, which basically means you can run it in a variety of set ups, and also just 2wd so you get better gas mileage and don't wear out the 4wd. The van also features big van cafe bumpers, the South African Grill, solar panel, inverter, truck fridge, sound deadening all around, nice awning, rear ladder and tons of other extras.  No mention if it's got bigger brakes though, which would be nice when you're working with this kind of weight and horsepower (230hp). The videos below do show some seam rust, but it doesn't look un manageable, but I'd take care of it quick. Find it for sale in Portland, Oregon with an asking price of $42k. The Samba classifieds (link) - YouTube Walk Around (link) - YouTube Engine (link) - YouTube Top View (link)… Read More About This Westy