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1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $29,500 in Sacramento, CA

While I personally wouldn't pay $30k for a stock 1987 Westy, there are those that might, especially considering the looks and reported upgrades and servicing this van has received.   This 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper comes with 80k original miles and a list of recent upgrades including; fresh paint, engine reseal, new manual transmission, clutch, steering rack brakes, tires, fuel lines, bumpers and pop seals & tent canvas.  It looks to be almost showroom condition, though there's no VIN or other functionality details provided, like kitchen appliance functionality, propane tank condition, etc.  It's definitely worth $20k by the looks of it, but $30k could be a stretch.  Find it for sale in San Francisco, California. Craigslist Link

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1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia w/ 2.2L Subaru – $30k in Chico, CA

As someone who's only owned 2wd Westys, like many I've often yearned for a syncro, however with generally astronomical prices, they're kind of out of reach for most of us.  At any rate, this nice looking rig popped up on The Samba yesterday and looks to be a decent deal, especially for California residents. This van is a 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro (AWD) Westfalia camper with less than 30k miles on a 2.2L Subaru conversion (CA Smog legal).  There's been a wide variety of mechanical and functional upgrades including front and rear Van Cafe bumpers with hitch receivers, new A/C, new Mercedes wheels, new actuator for the rear differential locker(bad ass), new Fiamma awning, new calipers, new brake job all the way around including calipers, rotors, pads and even wheel bearings. It sounds like there's some rust that needs to be dealt with, hence the lower the usual price, but in all it does't look to bad. Keep in mind a stock Syncro can run well north of $25k, and a 2.2L Subaru swap will run you at least $14k, this is kind of a deal if everything is on the table here. To get it perfect you may have to spend a couple grand to get the rust properly addressed and redo the window seals, etc, but overall this is a pretty nice looking deal for a Subaru Syncro Westy in Nor Cal.  Find it for sale in Chico, California with an asking price of $30k. The Samba LinkRead More About This Westy


1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia w/ 2.2L Subaru & Extras – $30k in Folsom, CA

While some will say this van has a high price tag being an '85 and that it's not a Syncro, I actually think it might be a good deal if you're into this particular configuration.  A good 2.2L/EJ22 Subaru swap is at least $14k, and the rest of what it listed in the details is going to run at least another $8k, if not considerably more than that(depends on quality of paint job).  If the van was all stock with it's current 150k miles, it would sell for roughly $11k, so altogether the buyer is likely getting a pretty good deal here.  I personally wouldn't buy this van because it's an automatic, but some people really like them, and it's much easier to let family/friends/etc take the wheel when you know they don't have to figure out the subtleties of driving a vanagon manual transmission.  Some of the many upgrades I like on this one are the properly rear mounted Yakima wide body tabs, towers and bars, the LineX on the rocker panels and lower seams, new paint, new suspension, new brakes, GoWesty bumpers and the fact they'll even though in the rack mounted shower kit.  If you're looking for a long lasting, reliable, fast, easy to drive Westy that is ready to go around the world, this might be it.  Check it out for sale in Folsom, California with an asking price of $30k. The Samba Link | Craigslist Link

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