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1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction In Washington Ends 8/27

This clean and nice looking Westy appeared on eBay a couple of days ago and looks like a well cared for rig with a relatively fresh engine rebuild.  This van is a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with 200k miles on the body and 12k miles on the engine.  It comes with the stock 2.1L engine, stock 4 speed manual transmission, the kitchen equipment works and best of all the seller posted two YouTube videos (walk around) (test drive) with some decent detail, including kitchen operations.  This is quite a nice looking and running Westy and I think it will fetch anywhere between $15k and their Buy It Now price of $18,500. eBay LinkRead More About This Westy


36k Miles – 1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $17,500 in Texas

One of the lowest mile mid 80's Westy's I've seen in a while, this 1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper went up on the San Antonio, Texas craigslist (link) yesterday with an asking price of $17,500.  While that's on the high side for a stock '86 Westy, this beauty only has 35k original miles!  This is an all stock '86 with the first year of the 2.1L engine coupled with the standard 4 speed manual transmission. Everything (including kitchen appliances) is said to be in perfect working order and it even comes with a new set of shoes.  It pretty much looks showroom.… Read More About This Westy


1.8T VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $18,000 in Ft. Collins, CO

Just another manic Monday... So taking a break from working on client reports and updates from July (eCommerce Consulting pays my regular bills), I came across this nice looking 1.8T Westy with what appears to be a reasonable asking price.  This van is a 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with unstated mileage, however it does come with the highly sought after 1.8T engine conversion boasting 200 ponies.  The seller says the van started out a tin top 7 passenger van, but then was fully converted into a pop top camper.  While not many other details are provided, it does come with a Truck Fridge (nice! but doesn't run on propane), Alpine stereo, some type of hot shower (propane?)  and proper gauges in the dash for the upgraded engine.  It doesn't look like there is a stove or water tank/sink, however there is a weekender table still attached to the drive side middle section.  It's hard to find a nice 1.8T conversion for under $20k, as the conversion itself usually costs upwards of $17k.  If the van has less than 200k miles and the engine less than 100k miles, this is a pretty decent asking price. Find it in Ft. Collins, Colorado for $18,000. Craigslist LinkRead More About This Westy


1986 VW Vanagon Adventure Wagon High Top – $18,500 In Ballard, WA

While not a Westy, I love these things and they're obviously worthy of mentioning here.  This van is a 1986 VW Vanagon Adventure Wagon with 116k miles on the chassis, 70k on new stock 2.1L engine, automatic transmission, new complete exhaust system, new radiator, new heater core, new blower fan, new front brakes, new stereo and new trailer hitch rack.  It appears to also have a nice custom adventure wagon kitchen set up as well. Find it on craigslist in Ballard, Washington with an asking price of $18,500. craigslist linkRead More About This Westy


1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auction In Los Angeles, CA

This van up for auction in Los Angeles is a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with 32k miles on a  rebuilt 2.1L engine, 229k miles on the body, stock 4 speed manual transmission and comes with a new LP tank, awning, all curtains and screens and working kitchen appliances.  It also features manual locks and windows, which of course are less likely to fail.  The paint looks pretty rough, but if the reserve price is lower than $15k it might be a good deal. It comes with a buy it now price of $17,900 and the actual auction ends June 12th. eBay LinkRead More About This Westy