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Nice ’85 Westy Camper – 112k – Auto Trans – Everything Works – Auction in Turlock , CA

As some of my regular readers know, I've got a soft spot for '85 campers as that's what I've been rolling for the past 3 years or so.  While it's not the same color, and this one is an automatic, still would make a great last minute Holiday Gift for that special someone 🙂  This great looking specimen is a 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 121k miles, stock rebuilt 1.9L engine with 8k miles and stock automatic transmission.  It's up for grabs near Modesto, CA with a relatively low starting bid of $11,800, and not too high Buy It Now of $14,500.  The seller specifically states "This is a no reserve auction.", So maybe they're really willing to let it go for $12k?  eBay Link - Auction ends Thursday December 24th at 1:38pm PST (Christmas Eve)


Potential Awesome

  • According to the free eBay Auto Check report, the 121k miles might be accurate.  There's a ton of mileage stamps on this one.  You could double check the VIN WV2ZB0258FH038257 at Car Fax too.
  • The seller states they spent $5k on rebuilding the engine only 12k miles ago, with receipts of all work.
  • The sink, stove and fridge are all said to work.  There's no picture of the propane tank, so you'll want to factor that as well.  The original tanks on these are now 30 years old.
  • Fresh 3 window tent canvas and associated seals. Always a major plus, and $1,000 in labor and parts easy.
  • It's been worked on by Mahoney Motors in Modesto, CA, which by all accounts seems like a reputable VW shop.
  • It's got some extra electronic bells and whistles like a fresh battery w/ cut out switch, remote alarm, Kenwood 6 disc changer, Rockford Fosgate rear speakers.
  • This looks mostly original and would be a great blank unmolested canvas for a new owner.  The chrome on the drivers side rain gutter even shines, as these usually fade and fall off by now.

I'm not really sure what else I'd ask the owner.  Make sure to drive it around and see if it shifts smoothly.  Check out the propane tank and valves, look at the undercarriage. Otherwise, especially considering the engine rebuild, this could be a nice find for the right person looking for a potentially reliable automatic camper for under $15k.

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Never Buy A Vanagon Without The In Person Perspective

I've been keeping a close watch on the Vanagon and Westfalia market for a few years now, and though I still consider myself a novice in this universe, I've been quick to absorb, watch, listen and learn from all the awesome online communities, especially the Vanagon Owners Facebook group (not to be confused with "the cult").  Gather some passionate folks into an online discussion and it's inevitable there will be disagreement, chest pounding and animosity, but I've yet to witness something like the sh!t storm yesterday regarding a deal that went sour.

The conversation, names and details here are all public record in the Vanagon Owners Facebook group, even non members can read/view everything that has transpired.

Vik Viktor (aka Vinnie), owner of Access Classics,  known as Star Studded Seller on eBay, and capricessnj on The Samba, has been importing various hard to find German cars into New Jersey, cleaning them up, titling them in the US, then flipping them on eBay and craigslist. Great business model if you've got the capital, connections and know how.  I've posted about his offerings in the past, like this diesel syncro high top and this diesel synrco camper. His vans have even caught the attention of the folks at Bring A Trailer. Most of the rides he's imported are highly sought after, due to the models never being offered in the United States. I've been warned by more than a couple of friends that his practices were in question, however he's had some really awesome, hard to find, good looking Vanagons for sale, no doubt about it. I've reached out to him every time when posting a vehicle to ask for more info, though I've not once heard back. Recently a buyer decided to purchase this Diesel Vanagon Doka from Vinnie, sight unseen (except for eBay photos and description), and to put it mildly, it didn't work out so well. Here's just a snippet of what the buyer had to say.

" A ton of Electrical issues, no headliner and missing door panels, Shifter linkage shot, Tires are worn out NOT new as stated etc etc. No sliding side windows like the ad stated.Headlamps flopping around under the grill. We all know what seam rust is, this truck has it "  

While the rust might not look like much to those inexperienced in this realm, this Doka has been repainted, and these bubbles are the kiss of death, implying there's much more rust underneath what is likely a poor quality paint job. Now, let's review some of the details from the original eBay auction.

"No accidents, No Stories. Spotless CARFAX and AUTOCHECK reports." - The seller even goes to share screenshots of the Car Fax and Auto Check reports, knowing full well the only history recorded will be "after" it was imported to the states.

"32,533 documented miles" - First off, any vehicle from Europe (sans the UK) will be in … Read More About This Westy


1982 Westy Camper w/ 1.9L Turbo Diesel – $15k in Austin, Texas

Travolta is his name, and he's even got his own website (link), though I found him posted on The Samba classifieds this morning (link).  This specimen is a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with all kinds of documented love and upgrades including a 1.9L Turbo Diesel (AAZ) engine from a '96 VW Golf, upgraded transmission and is approaching 200k miles.  I love when sellers go to this extent of description and detail when selling their van, and I hope these folks can sell Travolta quickly as a result, and maybe we can help too.   While the seller goes to great lengths to detail the work they've done on this Westy, they do clearly state that it will soon need front end bushings, front brake rotors and some window seals.  The google sites link above tells what is likely the entire story of the work that has been done on this van in the past, and even has a video of the engine starting and running (link). Go check it out in Austin, Texas with an asking price of $15k.

Some features I like in this one; It's insulated, deep cycle batteries w/ solenoid switch, fresh tent canvas, fresh cooing system, exhaust temp sensor and gauge, oil cooler, nice window tint, recentl marine paint on the pop top, updated cabinets, later model vanagon front seats, led dash lights.

I'd love to have an AAZ in my Westy some day, would love to increase my mpg by at least 25%, even with the extra noise.  Got any thoughts or words of wisdom to share?  Leave your banter in the comments below, or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.… Read More About This Westy


NICE! 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $14,900 in Noe Valley, CA

So many nice looking Westys went up on the market over the past few days.  Here's another!  Check out this 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper in original orange (ok, "assuan brown") paint with stock rebuilt 1.9L engine, manual transmission and 244k well cared for miles.  I love when folks go into proper detail when posting their vans, and this is one of those for sure. Just add a VIN, a title report and a video of it running/driving/etc and you've gone the full distance. Here's the short version of the long post.... Clean title, CA smog cert in hand, registration good through Nov 2015, no rust, new pieces in the last while include: clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, brake master cylinder, front/rear brake pads/shoes, head gasket, water pump, cooling fan, distributor, CV joints, battery, ball joints, tie rods and other odds and ends.  The fridge, stove, sink and propane tank all work flawlessly, both original tables, original curtains and screens, and a aux battery to run your toys.  Many will say $14,900 for a 250k mile 1984 mostly stock Westy is a bit high, but the photos show why, and in this region, it will probably sell in less than a week.  Find it for sale in the SF Bay Area (Noe Valley). Craigslist Link

Be sure to ask the owners how much it can tow, if they say anything more than a bike rack, be wary of the engine, as these are not designed to tow much, and this one has a nice looking ball hitch on it.  Also, it comes with 4 Yakima wide body rack tabs on the pop top.  Be sure to check for stress cracks around these, and this can happen if they are not installed perfectly or have been overloaded. Other than that, this looks like a great rig!

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27k Miles – 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Diesel – $14,500 in Corona, CA

Here's an interesting find for your Tuesday morning. This van is a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with the stock 1.6L Diesel (non turbo), stock manual transmission and slow as molasses, but will get you 25+mpg on the highway.  It appears to be all original and unmodified, very clean with the original orange paint fading away.  I've seen people try to slang similar rigs for well north of $20k. There's no VIN or additional details provided, so I'm going to ask the seller to speak up a bit more, if it's not already sold.  Since you'll never have to smog it, that means you could really do any engine swap you wanted and not have to worry in CA, as long as you keep your mouth shut 🙂 Find it for sale in Corona, California with an asking price of $14,500. Craigslist Link

I definitely think this is a fair price considering the advertised condition and appearance.  It is missing the slider door handle, and no word on whether or not the kitchen appliances work. It also looks like it could use a new pop top seal, and likely some other rubber as well.

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