Burning Van This Saturday Jan 24th @ Ocean Beach, SF

Burning Van 2015

Parking is VERY limited, so if you really want a spot, get here before 11am, even though it “technically” doesn’t start until noon.

Burning Van (def 1):  “an unorganized bunch of Vanagon Westfalia lovers hanging out at the beach, talking, grilling food, drinking beer, playing music, selling, trading, surfing and other things containing ing“. Last year was a blast (see header image on top of this website), and the weather was epic. While El Nino has brought the fury down upon us this season, the forecast for Sunday the 24th looks promising according to gypsie fortune weather tellers.  The unofficial gathering will be held here, at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  The unofficial start time is noon, and with a dry day in the works, and Sunday in SF, if you want a primo parking spot next to other Westys, be sure to get here early, before 11am, if not 10 or 9.  For those not familiar with this location, the parking is free all day, even on weekends, though it’s not a “camp out” event and I believe the lot shuts down a couple few hours after dark.

This is a GREAT event for newbies to the Westfalia addiction, whether you’re looking to purchase your first, or have recently become an owner and enthusiast yourself.  In fact, I recall at least five Westys with for sale signs in them last year. There’s more info on this thread on The Samba, this post on VW Camper Family and this post on the Vanagon Owners Facebook group.

Alas, due to being 300 miles away and stacked with work, I don’t think I can make it this time around. However I still feel like there’s a chance I’ll wake up at 3am on Sunday and just drive.

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