Barnish Find? 1985 Westfalia Weekender- $6,900 – Humboldt, CA

Barnish Find? 1985 Westfalia Weekender- $6,900 - Humboldt, CA

Barnish Find? 1985 Westfalia Weekender- $6,900 - Humboldt, CA

Out in the sticks in Humboldt County is this 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender with a reported 150k miles, manual transmission and a non-op registration. The owner says they got it on a trade from someone who had it in storage the past few years, though it recently went for a 100 miles drive and ran great.   The photos are aren't the best, though it looks relatively clean and intact, which there were photos of the seams and undercarridge. There's no VIN or addtional details provided, other than a possibly reasonable asking price of $6,900.  You may have to go way out to Whitethorn to look at it, my word of advice, don't ask the locals too many questions. However if you've never been that way, you can check out the Lost Coast, Shelter Cove and Briceland Vineyards to make a trip of out it.  If it's got a CA title, legally they'll have to get it smogged before buying, or maybe not because it's a non op?  If I had some extra coin right now this could be a great project, sans any crazy rust or title issues. Craigslist Link

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Updated: I've got the VIN for this vehicle now as well. WV2xb0259fh100398

2 thoughts on “Barnish Find? 1985 Westfalia Weekender- $6,900 – Humboldt, CA

    • Confirmed, this is the Westy from Mendo. No you know the current seller likely got it for $3k or less. I was also provided with the VIN. WV2xb0259fh100398

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