All In The Details – 1991 Westfalia w/ TDI & 5 Speed – $25,000

Silver 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia w/ ALH TDI and 200 ft LBS of torque - $25k in Montreal

Silver 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia w/ ALH TDI and 200 ft LBS of torque – $25k in Montreal

While I’m not 100% sure how to import one of these from Canada, I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too hard. I love when a seller really goes the distance to describe every last little details about the who, what, when, where, why, how of their van. This is one of those cases. This 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper was listed on The Samba yesterday for $25,000 and is located in the Montreal area. This was originally just a Vanagon tin top with an automatic transmission, that was full transformed into a Westfalia camper with the desirable (and expensive) ALH turbo diesel motor coupled to TBD limited slip differential with a 5 speed manual transmission. The seller says the can achieve 30mpg on the highway, and with the rare 22.5 gallon South African gas tank, can go 600 miles on one fill up!  Some of the many other highlights include a big brake kit on the front, a trailer hitch, custom shelves in the rear cabinet, rear paulchen rack, Carat body cladding, bigger wattage front bulbs and relays, 16″ wheels and a three window tent. There’s no mention of how many miles are on the body, however in this post, you can see the odometer reads 115k.  There’s way too much to list here, click the link above or the image to the right to be taken to the list on The Samba.

  1. Hi – Thanks for pointing me to Go Westy. Very interesting information but I am still unsure. The lift looks useful. Montreal is only 6 hours away from Toronto. I found a euro in South Carolina and have family in Texas and Arizona. Can’t say I would be excited about buying something on the west coat when the Yukon will cover around 11k km on its own. Anyways, thanks.

  2. Great question. First, Go Westy has a great breakdown on their site, Vanagon vs. Eurovan. If they were the same price for similar mileage and features, I’d maybe choose a Eurovan, but I’m really not sure. Do you want something with a lot of stock power and drives more like a car, has nice safety features like air bags and newer seat belts, is a bit quieter. The Vanagon turning radius, steel, the Westfalia kitchen stuff, etc, all much better than the Eurovan in my opinion. I’m not sure why the above Westy hasn’t sold yet, the ALH TDI is nice when it’s done right, and a 5 speed gearbox with the torque biasing differential. If you take good care of this van, it will only go up in value.

  3. I want to buy either a vanagon or a eurovan to take to the Yukon. My dad worked for vw and brought the former from time to time. I have been thinking about them since. In your view, for the same money would you steer towards a eurovan or this one in Montreal? I appreciate your thoughts.

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