88k Original Miles On 1977 Westfalia Bus – Let The Bidding Begin!

1977 Westfalia Camper, Original With Low Miles

1977 Westfalia Camper, Original With Only 88k Miles

While I haven’t posted about too many air cooled westys on here, this eBay auction caught my eye today, dang this thing is pretty.  The seller claims this van was never really ‘restored’ from a lesser state and has always been lightly used and maintained. New paint, new windshield, tiers, muffler, fuel system, new engine wires, plugs, alternator belt, battery, vacuum hoses, restuffed front seats.  Everything sounds good mechanically, but does occasionally leak a little oil. No mention if the whole engine or transmission were ever replaced or rebuilt.  The van is located in Naples, NY and the auction ends August 18th at 8pm PST.  Not sure what the reserve price is, any guesses? Here’s a link to the seller’s photobucket with over 100 pictures.

  1. I don’t these as much as I watch the Vanagons, however I’m thinking you’re in the right ballpark. It even comes with the crib cot thing, if that’s what it really is. I was given one for my vanagon, but I have no idea where it even goes.


    I was going to guess $13k, but it might be worth much more to that to a real VW air cooled enthusiast.

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    Elwood at

    Do the “Price is Right” rules apply? I don’t want to be over, so I will guess $14,500. The “Breast Cancer Awareness” people should be all over this with that pretty Pink color. ; )

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