53k Mile 1985 Vanagon Westfalia Weekender – Auction in Massachusetts

53k Mile Barn Find! 1985 VW Westy Weekender - Auction In Berkley, Mass

53k Mile Barn Find! 1985 VW Westy Weekender – Auction In Berkley, Mass

Fresh on the eBay auction block a few hours ago is what appears to be a low mile barn find on the East Coast.  This 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender is said to be a 1 owner original with 53k miles and hasn’t been to the DMV in close to 14 years.  It features the stock 1.9L engine and likely the 4 speed manual transmission (they didn’t state, but the photos appear to show the manual).   The seller states…

“I replaced the fuel tank, all fuel lines around tank and expansion tanks, grommets and fuel pump. I flushed the fuel system and the van started right up. I drove it around the block and it seemed to shift great and felt nice and tight”

The seller does provide the VIN Wv2zb0259fh028191 and the free Auto Check score on eBay was a whopping 53 points.  I don’t exactally know how their grading scale works, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything in the 50s before.  The photos show the van will at the very least need a new tent canvas, and it does come with a few scrapes and bruises, though overall it does show very well.  The auction ends next Thursday the 27th at 1pm PST, yes that’s Thanksgiving here in the states.  You’ll definitely want to see this one in person before bidding, so head on up to Berkley, Massachusetts and check it out. eBay Link

A Note For Potential Buyers: I have no idea how to title or register a vehicle without one.  Check your state laws, there may be fines, dues, etc to take care of.  I think it’s a safe bet (and in most cases) to come see a rig like this before making a bid.  I think it will fetch at least $12k, if not closer to $18k if it really does prove to be immaculate. 

A Note For The Seller: Nice find, wish you had more details to share. Would be great to get a video of the engine running, and the van driving.  You’d likely get a lot more people to come up and see it this coming weekend.  Did you realize you set the auction to end on Thanksgiving day?

  1. After 14 bids from 9 bidders, this ends at $5,100, with of course the reserve not being met. Wonder where it’s off to now?

  2. I was looking at the FL one too. The Rust (rusted “through” too boot), lack of proper mile documentation, ripped top, amongst a few other things.. Sink doesn’t work, etc. it’s $5000 value range, at best.

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