400,000+ Mile 1990 Westfalia Ready For 400,000 More!

1990 Westfalia with new GoWesty 2.4L motor

1990 Westfalia with new GoWesty 2.4L motor

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, sorry for my lack of engagement, been busy having too much fun this summer, oh, and buying my first house too, well, at least my first house that  doesn’t have 4 wheels. I’m not sure what criteria I’ve got for posting about a Westys I find for sale, but this one definitely caught my eye today.  Here we have a 1990 Westy full camper with over 400,000 miles, and it looks great!  It comes with a variety of new upgrades, including a 2400 cc Go Westy motor with only 12,000 miles on it!  The ‘required for warranty’ new coolant system was also installed, stainless steel too. Brakes and alignment have all been done recently, as well as exhaust, alternator, catalytic converter, new bumpers and some other refinements.  The sellers claims there are some very small pea sized rust spots, but other than those and a cracked windshield, this van appears to be in super good shape for 400k miles.  Check it out on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $19,000.  The starting auction price is $15,000, not sure what the reserve is.  Even has one of the cool side ladders to access the roof rack.

  1. Thanks for the tips Elwood! Sounds like it could be a good deal if there wasn’t a reserve price, however since there doesn’t appear to be an existing GoWesty warranty on the new motor, $16k or more might be a pretty tall order. We’ll see!

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    There are a few other minor things on the report that he does not mention in the ad. Small things like Power mirrors inop, Sparkplug gap to large, Rotors are warped. For that price should there be any issues other than age?

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