3.3L Subaru SVX – 1984 Westfalia Camper $23,000 in Eugene, OR

3.3L Subaru SVX - 1984 Westfalia Camper $23,000 in Eugene, OR

3.3L Subaru SVX – 1984 Westfalia Camper $23,000 in Eugene, OR

Here’s a hot find that’s going to turn some heads today.  Usually reserved for the “well north of $30k” asking price bunch, this 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper comes with a freshly rebuilt 3.3L Subaru SVX engine (~230 ponies), manual transmission, original two tone paint job, 158k miles on the chassis and a ton of extra goodies and upgrades. It went up for sale on craigslist in Eugene, Oregon last night with an asking price of $23k. Craigslist Link

The Subaru SVX(or other Subaru H-6 engines) are the only naturally aspirated (non-turbo) engine you can put in a Vanagon that will produce over 200 horse power.  The only common engine conversion that competes here is an VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo, but only when it’s heavily modded and tuned. The SVX engine is reportedly so reliable, they’re occasionally used in small aircraft.  The downsides are it’s pretty heavy and reduces rear end clearance by at least a few inches, if not more. Also, if you live in California or a state with strict emissions laws, you may have trouble getting it to pass a smog test if the correct parts are not used. I believe if it’s an older OBDI SVX, it’s much more practical of an application for these states.  There’s no mention of who performed this particular conversion, but it does state it was completed 7,000 miles ago.

According to the seller, this Westy has seen a wide range of upgrades and fixes including:

  • Drivetrain: head gaskets, water pump, idler bearings T-belt, custom exhaust, all seals, vacuum hoses, radiator, coolant hoses, stage 2 clutch, German drive shafts, shift linkages, short shifter kit.
  • Underneath: shocks, upper & lower ball joints, brakes, steel braided brake lines, master cylinder, 16″ wheels and tires.
  • Bonus: South African grill and head light kit w/ high power set up, GoWesty front steel bumper, Fat Matt(sound) and recycled denim(heat) Insulation, new carpet up front, custom front door panels, Go Westy floor mats.

A few more thoughts… The dash appears to be in excellent shape. The original curtains and rear screen seem intact and included. There’s a full length Catalina awning that is shown, but not mentioned. There’s no VIN provided, so there’s no way to do a title history check to review the stated 158k miles, so be sure to check up on those.  The fridge has been removed and it appears the Go Westy fridge delete kit is in it’s place. While there’s a great picture of the stove and sink, there’s no word on how well they work, of if the propane tank is legit.  Any rust underneath?

What do you think it’s worth?  I think they’ll sell it quick at their asking price if it’s all legit(all as stated, not leaking anything, drives & sounds well), especially if it’s California legal. Share your wisdom in the comments below, or head on over to the individual posts about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ and get your banter on there!

  1. Identical wheels. Identical engine transplant. Identical year. Identical color combination and South African Grille. I’m certain it’s the same one.

    • kenny Not identical wheels or van same color and engine tho have owned for 4 years with the papers to prove it.

  2. The ad says the current owners purchased this 4 yrs ago and have driven it all over the U.S.
    And put 7,000 miles on it after the conversion. I would hope no one would lie and create that much back story just to flip it…?

  3. That’s a Flipper. Saw the same one about 4 months ago for sale in PDX for 18k. I wanted to look at it but 18k was little rich for my blood. Even though it’s a cool one likely worth it (pending it was done properly).

    It originally mentioned AC never hooked up. Curious here?

    • Kenny you are mistaken I know the one you are talking about it had different wheels and solar panels on it not any where as clean as this one and higher miles I have owned this for the last 4 years.

      • That one sold for $15800. Granted, the AC was non operational, I’m assuming at over 20 grand everything witja like new?

        Sorry, it looks like the same one. Solar panels.. You are correct.

        It seemed like a good deal. But again, I didn’t have that kind of capital.

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