2004 VW Eurovan Rialta Gold Edition w/ 10k Original Miles – $43,500 in Antioch, CA

2004 VW Eurovan Rialta Camper - $43,500 in Antioch, CA

2004 VW Eurovan Rialta Camper – $43,500 in Antioch, CA

Every now and again I’ll post about a Eurovan, and today will be one of those days. Posted up on The Samba classifieds around lunch time today is this 2004 VW Eurovan Rialta Gold Edition with only 10k original miles with an asking price of $43,500.(link)  Now I realize there are millions of reasons someone looking for a Vanagon Westfalia wouldn’t want one of these, but if you’ve got a larger family and want the comforts of something a little bit larger, these rare Rialtas are a good option, especially low mileage ones like this.  I’m sure which specific model this is (there are 3 that year), but the spec sheet for 2004 can be found here (link). Something unique I noticed about these that I didn’t know until today, the last year of the Eurovan or Eurovan Winnebago in the US was 2003.  However it appears Rialta got to use the Eurovan’s from 2004 and 2005 to make these campers?  Maybe I’m incorrect here?  At any rate, people pay upwards of $40k for 2003 Eurovan Campers, and this is obviously much more of a rig, if that’s your thing. Check it out for sale in Antioch, CA over at The Samba. The Samba Link

  1. You would need one 😉 Then there is all the leak issues.. get this thing a very thorough look over by an RV retailer. Still, a 10 yr old RV or 40k seems excessive. Seals are likely dried up too from not driving it, gas tank, etc.

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    What is the price and your phone number

    • Already sold. I saw another for sale in the same area recently though. I think it was this one.

      • if you want some reliability in a motor home, I would pay 7k for a 60k 1992 Toyota Motor home. Otherwise, the standard Eurovan or Vanagon just seems to make more sense. You are losing the point behind the VW rigs, being able to turn easily, nto deal with major plumbing, leaks, etc. I have heard less than great things about the Rialta build quality and that they tend to need a lot of servicing, are a money pit. Being an RV, there will be many things to come up. 40 grand? No way. Maybe 20k.

        • I would never by a Rialta, but I have some friends with 3 kids, who would love something like this. I think they might be good a option in the right circumstances, especially if you have an in with a good VW mechanic 🙂

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