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This chart represents eBay clicks (blue) and earnings (yellow) since Jan 1st, 2014.

This website started out as a hobby, and by all cases it really still is, just a hobby. There are quite a few other Vanagon and Westfalia resources out there, with contributors a zillion times more knowledgeable and experienced than I. If you’re new at this, you might not know how to sift through posts on TheSamba forum, or even feel overwhelmed at the amount of info there.  When I became addicted to Westfalias a couple of years ago, there wasn’t really an in between resource, for novice folks or beginners, just looking to research or buy their first van. I figured I was looking at these vans for 5 minutes to an hour every day, so why not post about them. Read more about my Westy story here. A while into the process, I decided to add the eBay Partner Network custom banner widget, which is the tall banner in the middle of site that advertises Westys for sale on eBay. If someone clicks on one of these vans, then buys something on eBay within 24 hours of that click, I get a small cut of the revenue.  Back when the cookie window was 7 days, I was approaching $50 a month in earnings, which was kind of neat. Last fall eBay moved to the 24 hr cookie window, and my earnings disappeared. No one buys a vehicle within 24hrs of the click, at least usually not. Up until a few days ago, the site had earned about $20 in 2014.  Well, on the 24th of February, someone clicked through the banner and purchased this 1985 Westfalia, which netted me $270 in commission from eBay(as long as the buyer pays up and the transaction goes smooth). So I’m here to say thank you to all our fans and regular users for helping to support my Westy habit. This is definitely inspiring and will keep me even more enthusiastic about keeping up this project.

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    Acedagger at

    If I decide to buy one from ebay I’ll come over here and click through before I purchase LOL!! thanks for the efforts – I know way more than I should about Westys, and the best porn site on the net…… GOWESTY!!! you can’t afford the girls there but man they’re nice to look at.

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