1995 Winnebago Eurovan Full Camper $11,000 – Eureka, CA

It's not too often I come across a local VW Van for sale, this one was quite a surprise when this 1995 Eurovan Winnebago Full Camper appeared on craigslist yesterday.  Not much is said in the details, however there are a few pictures from the seller, Eureka Auto Wholesale.  We went and checked it out after I originally posted this and found it had already been sold.  One owner and 144,000 miles, taken as a trade in a Harper Ford.   It smelled like it was probably owned by a smoker.  All in all, a pretty good deal for a fully functional Winnebago Eurovan Full Camper. 1995_vw_eurovan_full_camper_11000_eureka_inside 1995_vw_eurovan_full_camper_11000_eureka_side 1995_vw_eurovan_full_camper_11000_eureka_white

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