1992 5 Speed Diesel Eurovan $12,000 in Canada

1992 5 speed diesel eurovan in canada

1992 5 speed diesel Eurovan in Canada

Ok, I realize this isn’t a Westy, and that it could come with complications trying to import it into the US, however I feel it is very worthy of mentioning.  This is a rare 5 speed manual 2.4L diesel Eurovan that was imported to Canada from Germany.  Only 112,000 miles! (180k KM).  According to the seller, they’re getting 30mpg on the highway and they’ve invested quite a bit in cosmetic and mechanical maintenance to keep her happy and in good condition. These are super duper rare in North America, wonder how hard it would be to import to the US, or California for the matter.  Does anyone know?  According to this thread, these motors have 74 HP and 149 ft LBS of torque.  Likely very slow off the line, but a good cruiser in 5th gear. $12,000 seems like quite a deal for this rare find.  Check it out over at The Samba.

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