1991 Westy Camper – Auto – 99k Miles – $16,500 in Hilo, HI

1991 Westy Camper - Auto - 99k Miles - $16,500 in Hilo, HI

1991 Westy Camper – Auto – 99k Miles – $16,500 in Hilo, HI

Happy Friday Westy hunters!  Today’s user submission from Bob in Hilo, Hawaii who’s got this beautiful 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 99k original miles, stock 2.1L engine and automatic transmission for sale with an asking price of $16,500. Craigslist Link

The van is on it’s 3rd owner who provided the VIN so you can check up on the accuracy of the mileage and history. ( VIN WV2ZB025XMG009121 ). According to the notes, it has seen a new cylinder head (just one?), water pump, brakes, upper control arms & bushings, Bilstein shocks, battery, new utility hookups and rides nicely some fresh General Grabber tires. The fridge isn’t working and the A/C was removed, though the propane tank, stove and sink all function properly.  Best of all it has recently been resprayed in the original, highly sought after, Orly Blue color.  It looks so good in fact you’ll see this van as an extra in this summer’s REI catalog, as it was used for their recent photo shoot.  Shipping to other Hawaii Islands is ~$400, shipping to the mainland is ~$1,100.

If this Westy were for sale in California it would net at least $17,600 (current asking price + shipping). I can’t tell if it has power windows, locks, mirrors, but you’ll definitely want to inquire here and if so, make sure they all work. These features were first to go buggy in these late model Westys.

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    Bhimsen at

    This same van is currently for sale in Seattle for $26k.

  2. When a van has been repainted and the shop leaves all the original body decals still in place, it can only mean 1 thing. It’s a bad paint job. Nothing worse than that.

    • The only original decal left on, the van was the vehicle ID which you see in the close up. All the other decals were removed and new ones from GoWesty were reapplied. Not sure where you are coming from but this is a no excuses repaint.

      • You should have had all the decals removed, especially the ones by the gas cap and passenger door. Those decals means nothing. You never mentioned if all the windows were removed as well as the pop top/luggage rack prior to paint?.

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    Michael at

    This looks to be a sweet deal. The Big Island would be a killer place to own a Westy. We did the tour with Happy Campers last year. There are some County parks where you can camp right on the ocean, and they all have showers of course. Plus Volcanos NP which I believe is the campground in the first CL photo.

    Rust is of course the big issue on Hawaii. Sounds like the rust issue might be at least partly solved with this one.

    If someone on the West Coast had the means, it would be unbelievably sweet to buy this camper, find a way to register it in HI, and stash it in storage for impromptu Big Island circuits a couple times a year. Very cheap entry for a mobile oceanfront condo…

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      Bob Saunders at

      All very good points.
      You are correct about rust in Hawaii. When I bought the van last spring there was some rust in the usual places, i.e. seam below utility hookups,at front bumper/body. Everything was cut out or sanded and repaired by a professional body shop on the island. Bob

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