1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia TDI Camper w/ Peloquin TBD – Auction in Corvallis, OR

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia TDI Camper w/ Peloquin TBD - Auction in Corvallis, OR

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia TDI Camper w/ Peloquin TBD – Auction in Corvallis, OR

Here’s a dream Westy that’s been up for sale for a couple of weeks now, which has now gone to the eBay auction block with a starting bid of $29k. I saw this van for sale on craigslist a while back for $33k, so I’m guessing they’re hoping for at least $30k.  The seller states that due to medical reasons they can no longer drive a stick shift, so with a heavy heart it’s up for sale.  While many will balk at paying more than $30k for a 2wd Westy with 200k+ miles, I guarantee this seller is into this rig well north of $40k. What we’ve got here is a 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with a fresh 1.9L AHU electronic Turbo Diesel engine, regeared manual transmission, Peloquins torque biasing differential and 233k miles on the body. The seller went to the fullest extent to document this specimen, even including a full 14 minute walk though video on You Tube.  The VIN is provided ( WV2ZB0250MH001443 ) and the free eBay Auto Check report shows a clean title and what appear to be accurate odometer readings.

Some of the awesome interior amenities include a T49 Truck Fridge with a Propex H2 2000 profane heater mounted underneath. Noticeable other upgrades include 15″ Carrat wheels w/ Nokian Tires, 2wd lift springs, Koni shocks, 3 window tent, 3 point seat belts on the rear bench seat, Jack Bombay pop top shocks, deep cycle battery & inverter set up, aftermarket power locks with remote and a cornucopia of other custom odds and ends.

eTDIs are a rare breed, when compared to mTDIs or just plain naturally aspirated diesels. When done right (this one was done by the professionals at Grease Works), an AHU TDI is one of the best engine options for a Westy.  You’ll get considerably more horsepower and torque than a stock gas engine, plus you’ll average well north of 25mpg.  The Peloquins is an amazing planetary gear added to the to 2wd that transfers power to the wheel with the most grip, kind of like AWD for 2wd, or the ESP feature on newer VWs.

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