1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – 104k miles – $22,500 in ???

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - 104k miles - $22,500 in ???

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – 104k miles – $22,500 in ???

Updated 4/25 at 1:48 pm – See seller comments below the post...

Happy Friday Westy hunters!  If you haven’t seen this odd listing that popped up late last night on eBay, here’s the scoop.  1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with stock 2.1L engine, stock manual transmission and 104k miles.  According to the free Auto Check report on eBay, it was the victim of a minor accident in 2006 in Glendale, CA, but not details were provided.  The seller states it’s the original paint, but if the accident was enough to land on the title history report, it’s likely got some fresh paint somewhere. The VIN is ( WV2ZB0256LG122868 ) in case you want to do a Car Fax or similar title report to back in up.

Where is the Westy located?  It appears this seller wen to great lengths to hide their actual location, though it does state they will deliver it on the West Coast.  The title history shows it’s lived in Southern California most of it’s life. But come on, who does this? Not even a “available for pick up in Los Angeles area”.  Maybe it belongs to Burt Reynolds or something… eBay Link

While this does look like a well cared for low mileage Westy Camper of final US vintage, you gotta chuckle at some of these quotes…

“You are VIEWING THE BEST 1991 Westfalia CAMPER selling here or anywhere”

Well, where in fact is “here”?

“Manual / (4) speed Manual / Hardest to find!!!”

ummm. I’d say more than half of the Westys I see for sale are manual.

“as it was the last year they were made”

They were made well after this, just not brought to the United States

It appears this is the fully loaded version with A/C, cruise, power locks, power mirrors, power windows.  While power stuff is nice, the windows and locks can be a huge pain if they break when you’re on a trip in the middle of nowhere. The seller shares that it’s received brake work, new tint, newer Bluetooth/CD player, keyless alarm/remote and the fridge & stove have been serviced and are functional. There’s also a recent receipt from Hi Tec in LA that shows some common vanagon front end and muffler work performed to the tune of $3,500 just last year, fresh ball joints and bushings are a nice bonus.  Some other things I noticed…

  • Big speakers under the rear bench seat, my Westy has some nice 6x9s and an amp here, but they do take up a lot of space.
  • There appear to be a repaired crack in the middle of the front bumper, maybe the accident from ’06?
  • The fuse box cover appears to be missing.
  • No mention if the two tables still exist.

If everything in this Westy works flawlessly, it doesn’t leak, doesn’t get too hot and everything stated is legit, they’ll sell this for at least $20k by the time the weekend is though, unless it’s in some desolate remote location no one can get to, or if it’s a Nigerian prince. Though in defense of this, they have had an eBay account since 2002 with 25 feedbacks. Definitely don’t send this guy/girl any money sight unseen.  My suggestion to the seller?  Set up a “showing” somewhere this weekend in a big open parking lot where prospects can come view and test drive, this way you don’t have to disclose the location of what appears to be a very nice residence 🙂

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  1. I am the new owner of this beauty. She really is a very clean, unmolested, beauty. She’s not perfect yet, if she was it would be on gowesty.com for $50k.
    I was ticked off that she leaks fuel when filled up, I got the kit from Gowesty.com to fix the fuel venting issue. It kinda sucked to drive it for 700 miles with fumes coming up from the tank. I kept the windows wide open. I will be replacing all the fuel lines soon along with the reseal of the tank. Its funny, Hitech did all that work but did not do a proper alignment. the fronts wore badly on the inside. They were over 10 years old anyway, tread looked good but it was ancient rubber. She leaks some coolant from the expansion tank, I picked up a new one from Gowesty while I was in Los Osos.

    I think I probably could have paid less had I held out for the auction, but I wanted it now and now she is mine.

    The body is very straight and the interior is like new, except for the hack job that somebody did to the battery compartment. The stereo system is a bit wonky, sounds like channels are missing or like its in an echo chamber. I am an EE, I’ll figure it out…She runs pretty nice, especially with the alignment and new tires done.

    My family will be enjoying this camper for years to come!

    • Congrats Jeff! Always cool to hear follow up from fans. If you can keep it well maintained, it will only go up in value in the coming years, not to mention of course all the adventures you’ll go on. As an EE you’re stoked because some of the power stuff(windows, locks, mirrors, etc) can get wonky in the later models Westys.

  2. According to eBay this van sold for the asking price of $22k. Wonder who the lucky new owner is?

  3. Reply
    mathias at

    I am the seller, and am happy to fill you in on this Vanagon fellow bus lovers. This van was in fact owned by someone before me who’s identity I agreed I would not share.
    The van is located in Los Angeles. I did not want to disclose that info as it is very difficult to find these vans here or anywhere, and I guess being the pragmatic person I am, I didn’t think that info was necessary.
    The accident on Carfax I checked on throughly, and apparently the hit came to the rear bumper, which was replaced, according to some sharp eyes of a body shop. The paint does not seem repainted on the back, or anywhere, but I am not a car repainting expert. The body shop however did not see any damage whatsoever to the engine compartment nor the lines of the van below.
    My mechanics at Hi-Tech explained that this van was the best example of the vanagon with the lowest miles they had ever worked on, and I’m still very happy with it on all fronts. My only problem is, my work is taking me out of the country for the next two years which is why I’m reluctantly selling.
    I will place the van at my mechanic for the next week so anyone interested in viewing it can feel free to drop by. If you want to test drive it, I think my mechanic will drive it around for you around the block but I’m not a dealership nor want to run the risk of an accident. If my mechanic taking it for a spin is enough for you, and you want to talk turkey, feel free to write me via the ebay link.
    As for the rest, the tables were not included, I did not use them, and they can be purchased for less than $200 each on gowesty and ebay. There are small scuffs here and there, but absolutely nothing structurally wrong or damaged anywhere on the van. I’m guessing for less than $1k, you could make this museum quality if you wish. I just preferred to take my van camping, and it is really the best thing to do that with out there!!!

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